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Final CFP rankings

Here they are:

Brings to mind something I posted yesterday.

I’m sure the selection committee will deny they wanted to avoid a rematch in the semis and I’m just as sure they’re full of shit about that.



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Of course he did.

I really did laugh out loud at this.

Remind me again why people take him seriously as a tout…


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Week 14 Mumme Poll ballot link

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

It’s the Mumme Poll’s last dance for the 2022 season, so if you’re jonesing to indulge your inner Erik Evans by including ‘Bama in the final four, now’s your chance.

Here’s the link.


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One thing we learned yesterday

Yep, Todd Monken was holding back the playbook the last quarter of the season.  Guess the game in which Stetson Bennett turned in his best passer rating performance of the season.

By the way, I think Smart totally nailed this:

In Smart’s estimation, the special teams touchdown by Smith was not the biggest play in the game. For him, it was Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint’s 18-yard reception on a tunnel screen midway through the third quarter.

At that point, the Bulldogs were ahead 35-17 and had just stopped LSU on fourth-and-1 at the 5-yard line. After taking over there, Georgia faced third-and-6 at the 9. That’s when Rosemy-Jacksaint, in tight coverage, was able to haul in Bennett’s hard-thrown pass that resulted in a first down at the Georgia 27. The Bulldogs would score on a 2-yard run by Kenny McIntosh five players later. That capped an 8-play, 95-yard drive.

“I thought the play of the game,” Smart said. “Third-and-six, backed up, Stet hits him on a screen. Marcus sticks it in there, two great blocks. Without that conversion we’re punting the ball back to them.”

It’s not that Georgia was reeling at that point, with an 18-point lead, but it was a time when the Dawgs wanted to show LSU they were keeping a foot on their throats.  A punt would definitely not have been what the doctor ordered there.  It was a great call by Monken in the face of LSU selling out to stop the run.

And then, almost as if to rub it in, every other call on that touchdown drive was a run play.


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Why they sweat the small stuff

This is something ($$).

First, the bizarre: the blocked field goal that was turned into a 95-yard touchdown return by Christopher Smith, who alertly picked up the ball while LSU’s players walked off the field, assuming the play would be or already had been whistled dead. But that was more than just one team slacking off. It was headlined by Smith, a fifth-year senior, and preparation.

Every three weeks, the Bulldogs go over the plan for that exact scenario. They’ve used a play from last season’s national championship, when Georgia blocked a field goal and almost picked it up but didn’t, as an example of what not to do. Hence Smith’s reluctance.

To elaborate

CHRISTOPHER SMITH: Like Coach said, that’s a scenario we go over a lot. We know the ball past the line of scrimmage, we had an opportunity to be able to pick it up. I was waiting for the go to get it from the sideline.

Smith knew and also had the training in him to check with the sideline first.  That preparation was good for seven points in a conference championship game.  Holy crap.


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The postseason road not taken

Saw this yesterday and can’t begin to tell you how much it resonates with me:

Exactly!  Why the suits running college football didn’t just lean into what makes the sport unique and go full balls out with it I’ll never understand.  And don’t tell me it’s just about the money.  They could have put the bowl games up for auction, taken the highest bidder for each and still raked in big money for a plus-one title game.  Of course, it wouldn’t be as efficient for Mickey, so there’s that.

The talking heads at ESPN may get all moist speculating about what the selection committee is up to with the CFP rankings, but, damn, the arguments about the bowl matchups would have been spectacular.  And the debate over the plus-one finalists would be just as heated as what we’ll hear today about four vs. five — except, to borrow a phrase, they would just mean more.



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TFW you put up fiddy

From last night’s presser, this is hilarious.

Q. Kirby, did you call the two-point conversion so y’all could use that play? Stetson, your view on that play?

KIRBY SMART: We went with it because it was by the book. We felt that differential made it right. I think it was 25 to go to 27, is that right? It was just by the book.

The book said if they were able to score, their analytics were to go for two. We might as well save that play. It’s one we’ve worked on for a long time. In football you don’t save plays. You run ’em when you need ’em. We didn’t know what was going to happen the next three to four series, so we executed it.

STETSON BENNETT: I liked it. It was fun to just see it. I talked to A.D. in the huddle, because he hadn’t played that much. I was like, All right, this is you, brother.

I sprinted left, tossed it to him. We actually threw a spiral I think. I don’t think he’s thrown one of those in practice. I don’t think he’s repped that play.


STETSON BENNETT: Somebody else did.

KIRBY SMART: Me and A.D. have something that you’ll never have.


KIRBY SMART: We’re both career passing record at UGA is one for one. Two-point conversions, dropped the snap, one for one. You and Bobo are behind me. It’s me and A.D. (smiling).

If there’s pressure on this team, it’s hard to see it.


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It’s nausea time.

Yep, it’s time for the selection committee to struggle with bullshit ($$).

How No. 3 TCU lost Saturday in the Big 12 championship game — by a field goal in overtime to No. 10 Kansas State after being stuffed on fourth down just inches from the goal line — matters to the College Football Playoff selection committee. While the early inclination is to assume one-loss TCU remains in the top four, the committee will at least discuss No. 6 Alabama, leaving open the possibility — however slight it might be — that TCU could be left out because of the very conference championship game it was a catalyst for implementing.

Nick Saban is reduced to pleading.

Which isn’t to say it won’t necessarily be falling on deaf ears.

Erik Evans channels his inner Stingtalk poster to make the case for ‘Bama making the cut, and throws in a little passive-aggressiveness:  ” If that’s what this entire cash grab is about, the four best, then do your damn job, Committee.”  Yeah!  That’ll shame ’em Erik.

Meanwhile, Danny Kanell once again proves the truth of the old adage about a stopped clock with this:

There is no shame in lobbying for the CFP, Danny.


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Change of heart

Gotta admit, quotes like this make it harder for me to dislike Michigan.



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Inverse ratio

Need an easy way to tell if Stetson Bennett’s playing well?   Just check Stingtalk.  Bless their hearts.


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