Of course he did.

I really did laugh out loud at this.

Remind me again why people take him seriously as a tout…


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19 responses to “Of course he did.

  1. RangerRuss

    I’ve been known to slap the hell out of some the boys for saying stupid shit such as that.
    They had it coming for a long time just like this shit-for-brains Travis.

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  2. whybotherdude

    If I were a gambler I would wait until after he made his picks and take the opposite every time. Dude couldn’t pick his nose.

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  3. ben

    I can’t remind you without getting political, so I’m gonna keep my mouth shut.

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  4. DawgStats

    You should see his legal takes….

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  5. TEXBaller

    Red HATERS always gonna hate.
    I’m sure had he gone 5-0, crickets.
    Keep on hatin’…..I CHOOSE LOVE.

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  6. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    What people take him seriously as a tout?

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  7. uga97

    Travis a “CFB Pundit” with some serious street cred.


  8. 35Salty

    Someone sounds a little jealous of the attention a non woke pundit gets. You sure it’s just his picks you don’t like? Seems like you’re getting a tingly feeling.


    • Gosh, it appears I’ve triggered a Travis fanboy.

      I know research is anathema to someone with your intellectual heft, but a quick check of the archives here would show that I’ve been mocking Clay long before he turned his grifting in the direction of folks like yourself.

      Have a nice day, brother.


      • 35Salty

        Dang you shore do know lots of big werds, is we required to reed everthang you ever rote to comment here abouts? Sounds like ye might be a Senator Blutarsky fanboy. I’ll be shore to go thru them thar archives next time.