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What a long, strange trip it’s been.

The former walk on is going to New York.

Fantastic for Stetson, of course, but what a selling point for Kirby Smart, Todd Monken and Georgia football on the recruiting trail.


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Ball’s dead, man.

I was hoping somebody would post a shot of the LSU team after the field goal was blocked.

Play ’til they blow the whistle!


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Anthony, we hardly knew ye.

Obviously, Anthony Richardson doesn’t lack for self-confidence.

Just as obviously, we in Dawgnation will miss him greatly.


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Nice run, big guy.

Not really much to add to this…

Okay, if you push me, I can think of a couple of things in the next month or so.


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An new era on the Flats

Brent Key had his official intro as Tech’s new head coach today.  He said this at the presser:

Oh, shit.  He’s bringing back the triple option with cut blocking, isn’t he…



Everyone should have a hobby, I guess.



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I know it’s rude to gloat in public…

… but, damn, this is too pathetic not to share.

After weeks of whining about the unfairness of conference title games by the access sports media — desperate to cover new teams in the playoffs rather than good ones — followed by “upsets” abounding over the weekend, those tasked with writing about the sports news rather than attempting to create it finally had their way: The conference title games were rendered absolutely useless. And their pathetic simpering trickled upwards to those who appointed themselves as sole arbiters of postseason fortunes.

It all culminated in a CFP Selection that was more about optics than data; geographic inclusivity than strength of schedule; human interest over quality.

The CFP Committee in essence signaled that quality wins are meaningless, that stepping outside of an average conference to schedule quality games is irrelevant, that not getting the shit kicked of you is unimportant. And, in just a few short weeks of inconsistent talking points and indefensible analysis, the Exalted rendered almost a decade of all prior CFP “rationale” moot.

I’m so glad we destroyed college football for this.

And I shan’t be watching a second of it, despite my disgust, frustration, and even disinterest with this iteration of the Alabama Crimson Tide. It really is about selecting the four best teams; the rightness of the cause. And there is no actuarial or analytical case that can be made for TCU’s inclusion.

They should put “not getting the shit kicked out of you is unimportant” on an Alabama t-shirt, my man.

And you know Kirby is going to be crushed to hear this from Mr. Evans:

Georgia is so bored with this season. And I honestly don’t think anyone in the playoffs will put up enough of a tussle to breakthrough that ennui. Enjoy your second ring, Kirby. I won’t be watching a second of this shit.

We’re all K-State fans now, aren’t we?


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Keeping up with Kirby?

Dan Wolken’s piece illustrates something I expect we’ll see a lot more of this offseason if Georgia actually manages to pull off back-to-back nattys, namely, an evaluation of Kirby Smart’s career trajectory in the context of Nick Saban’s.  Now, Saban’s the GOAT, so it’s not like we’re gonna see the world swoon and proclaim that the pupil has surpassed the master in the grand scheme of things.

But I also read quotes like this and wonder if this is no longer Saban’s time.

“We probably have to do a much better job of making sure you have great relationships with all your players,” Saban said of what he learned this season. “I think it’s more difficult in the landscape of college football to be able to keep people focused because there’s a lot of external factors that can affect them. You want them to be able to stay focused on the task at hand. That’s what they control, and that’s what really builds value for them and their future. I think that’s the No. 1 thing we would like to do a better job of in the future.”

If there’s one thing (besides recruiting, that is) that’s brought Kirby Smart to the pinnacle of the college football mountain, it’s his ability to navigate things like NIL and the transfer portal to build a winning culture in Athens.  If I’m reading that quote correctly, Nick Saban admits he’s got work to do in that area.  Now, this is still Nick Saban, so I wouldn’t discount the possibility that he figures out a way to get that done, but it’s still somewhat remarkable that Mr. Process admits he’s got work to do in an area that ‘Bama stood head and shoulders above everyone else in college football for so long.


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Death Star this, and Death Star that

Dan Wolken is quite enamored of the Georgia Bulldogs.

If Georgia finishes the job, it will become the first team to win back-to-back national titles since Alabama in 2011 and 2012. And that would be fitting, since Georgia hasn’t just copied Alabama’s program, it’s stolen their aura.

What Nick Saban’s Alabama was to college football a decade ago is now what Kirby Smart’s Georgia has become: The program to beat, and also to fear.

The Bulldogs don’t just win games, they suffocate opponents in a way nobody else in the country — even Alabama — does anymore. Not only do you have to play near-perfect football to beat Georgia these days, you have to hope they’ll help you beat them.

And that’s not going to happen very often.

As Georgia enters a semifinal against Ohio State in Atlanta — as if the Bulldogs needed any more advantages — they have won 27 of their last 28 games. Only a handful of those games have even been close. And when Georgia really brings it, there’s just nowhere for opponents to go, no weaknesses to pick on.

At this point, Georgia simply feels inevitable.

One caveat:

The thing Georgia hasn’t attained yet is the inevitable backlash that comes with dominating the sport. Alabama got used to being the Death Star by its second or third title and has remained in that role to this day. The Bulldogs are still new at this. They’re not quite there yet.

Does anybody remember what happened to the Death Star?  Not my favorite analogy, Dan.


UPDATE:  More rat poison from Bill Connelly ($$)

Smart’s current Georgia team is an absolute load to deal with. The Bulldogs have fought attention span issues in 2022, as defending champs are wont to do, and they could certainly use one more consistent/explosive option at wideout. But their offense traps even the most well-prepared defense in a hellscape of leverage, outstanding athletic ability and general meanness. The Georgia defense, meanwhile, somehow lost five starters to the first round of the NFL draft and got better. The Bulldogs hadn’t allowed more than 22 points in a game all season until Saturday’s SEC championship, and of the 30 points LSU scored, 20 came in the second half when the Tigers were down big.

This is the most weakness-free team in the CFP, and it will take an extraordinary effort to keep Georgia from winning a second straight title.


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Today, in alternate bowl names

They ought to call this one the Take The Under Bowl:

It’s gonna be ugly.

And this?

It’s got to be the South Carolina Ruined Our Season Bowl, no?

Got any more suggestions?  Add ’em in the comments.


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Getting to fiddy

Here’s a great look at Saturday’s two-point conversion play.


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