Ball’s dead, man.

I was hoping somebody would post a shot of the LSU team after the field goal was blocked.

Play ’til they blow the whistle!


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  1. drunkenmonken

    I swear it looks like Smith is waiting for all the LSU players to turn their backs.

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    • biggusrickus

      It does, then a glance to the Georgia sideline for the go-ahead. Smart doesn’t lack for attention to detail. That he was that prepared for that play speaks volumes, which I think the Senator may have said in another post.

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    • 79dawg

      As I mentioned yesterday, we were sitting behind the end zone, and he absolutely baited them into turning their backs before picking up the ball, and it was six points the second he picked it up. As he was running down the sideline my inner Munson told me the officials will call it back because the ball had been resting too long!

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  2. Dawglicious

    I could hear ol’ Larry commenting afterwards, “We were just standing around dumb. Flat-footed. Like I was.”

    Only two people in the building knew what was going on: Smith and Monken. The side by side shot of the OC booth and Smith picking it up and running is funny stuff. What a heads up play.


  3. gurkhadawg

    That’s so awesome. I couldn’t fricking believe it was happening. Half the GA players were standing around patting each other on the back also. But they were probably coached to do that in order to make LSU think they had stopped playing also. Just another example of Kirby playing 3D chess.

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  4. fisheriesdawg

    Kudos to the two LSU players that quixotically make it back into the frame of that video.

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  5. theotherdoug

    It would be cool to have video of both sidelines. Obviously the UGA coaches were on the mutha, but what were the LSU guys doing?


  6. ugafidelis

    Either the other 10 of our guys are just hellacious salesmen, or Chris just made a really smart play (through coaching or however). Honestly I think it’s the latter.

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  7. The Truth

    I’ve been watching football for 50 years and know the rules pretty well, but I’ve always been a bit confused by the kick rules. Can someone tell me if we would have been able to advance this ball if it hadn’t crossed the line of scrimmage?


    • Dawgfan1995

      Gene Steratore explained during the game (I heard it on a rewatch yesterday): a blocked XP that goes beyond the line of scrimmage is a dead ball. A blocked FG is like a “scrimmage kick” (i.e., a punt) in that as long as the ball is in bounds, it can be advanced by the other team.

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    • Any blocked kick behind the line of scrimmage can be advanced by either team (punt or field goal). The kicking team can pick up a blocked kick and try to get a first down. A blocked FG passing the line of scrimmage is like a punt. A blocked PAT behind the line can be advanced but, beyond the line, can’t.

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    • sundiatagaines

      Yes, absolutely. Alec Ogletree blocked FG v Bama in 2012 SECCG comes to mind. I think even the kicking team can pick it up and advance if it never crosses LOS, but not sure about that.


      • In the 2014 OT game vs Fech, we blocked their first FG attempt on 3rd down. They recovered it behind the line and kicked it again on 4th down (IIRC).


        • olddawg22

          I was sitting next to a tech fan and had to explain to them why tech was kicking on 3rd down (so they get another shot if something goes wrong) then damn it happened! Smartest play I’ve ever seen tech call, well maybe a pouch kickoff we decided not to field.


      • Granthams Replacement

        Yes, the kicking team can advance a blocked kick behind the LOS. If a kick (punt, fg or extra point) is touched by the defense behind the LOS and the ball crosses the LOS the defense can advance. If the kicking team touches the ball it’s dead.

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  8. Got Cowdog

    The sideline shot of Kelly right after was priceless. I had the sound off soo I didn’t hear what GD thought.

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  9. Illini84

    As has been the case for much of the season, Ohio State will not have one of its top receivers when it takes on Georgia in the College Football Playoff. The school announced that wide receiver Jaxon Smith-Njigba will not play in the game as he will begin to prep for the NFL draft.

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    • miltondawg

      His statement said that his doctors informed him also that he wouldn’t be ready for the CFP so he decided to just get ready for the draft. I think that he only played in three games all season (and one of those was against Notre Dame in the first half of the first game) and had just a handful of catches. Good for Georgia though, without question.


  10. wfdawg

    Hang this in the dadgum Louvre.

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  11. Catfish

    Play like your so prepared you’ve even practiced this unlikely scenario in practice regularly.


  12. That is pretty awesome – definitely a 10 point swing in the game’s outcome.

    Chris Smith is a DGD and should be the permanent team captain IMHO.

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  13. Ozam

    The Dawgs may practice missed field goals every 3 weeks but unless the FG unit was working the most incredible ruse ever, only Christopher Smith saw that opportunity.

    The fact that the blocked kick ended up on the Dawgs side of the field made it all possible.

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    • Russ

      I think usually players from both teams are lingering around the ball so the default is to not pick it up since the defense will most likely lose yardage or even a fumble. But with LSU just heading off the field, Smith made a heads up play.

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  14. Catfish

    One thing he learned from the GOAT, if you bring home the hardware they will build you a bigger building to put it in.

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