An early semi-final preview

If you’re looking for some Ohio State intel, I can recommend this series of tweets from Michael Elkon, along with the MGoBlog post he links to that puts up an in depth dive into the Buckeyes before their game with Michigan.


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5 responses to “An early semi-final preview

  1. Derek

    No real surprises. Have to limit the downfield passing game. Don’t let stroud get comfy in the pocket. Carter getting a push and the back 7 are key.

    If our OT’s can handle their rush ends, we’ll be fine.

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  2. aim260

    Hope we find out that Jalon Walker is a setting-the-edge master.

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  3. The Kirby formula is getting simple. See if the front 4 can hold the LOS. If so, we stuff the run, chase down perimeter plays and keep everything in front of us. If they start beating us middle to deep we then start blitzing. Meanwhile, we just scored again on a 7 minute drive.

    Kirby wants that BigX championship for recruiting purposes!


  4. ugafidelis

    Tl:Dr Does Ohio State run em one of those high flying offenses like we saw in the second half?