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Survey of SEC coaches says…

Must have been the locker room talk that sold ’em.  Congrats!


UPDATE:  These guys are turning into a parody account of themselves.

Kind of makes the award even sweeter.  I’d love to hear Saban admit he voted for Kirby, too.



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Moar Searels

Somebody thinks he’s done a good job.


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First one in

… and not really a surprise.


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The best thing about NIL

Unequivocally, is this:

From a college football fan’s perspective, there is no downside to providing a financial incentive for kids who are marginal NFL prospects to stay in school for another year.  It’s good for the college athlete (get that degree, young man!) and good for the sport.  It’s good for us, too.


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2022 Mumme Poll, Week 14

Screenshot_2019-09-30 (1) Senator Blutarsky ( MummePoll) Twitter

Well, this is it, the last MP vote of the season.  No doubt the suspense is killing y’all.

Turnout, not unexpectedly, dropped like a stone this week. We had 211 people cast their votes.  The typical ballot had 3.1 teams on it.  Only 23 teams received votes.

Here’s our final top 23.

No team appeared on every ballot.  Georgia was the only Tier One (90+%) team.  And only four teams appeared on more than a third — hell, more than a tenth — of the ballots.  I guess we’re not feeling that 12-team CFP vibe this year.

Speaking of which, here’s what the selection committee came up with.

Pretty similar lists, other than our Michigan State jollies.  And of course, our top four match exactly.  Speaking of which, we once again managed to get our business done efficiently

One week, instead of asking why this team if ranked such instead of that team, I wish the media would ask Boo Corrigan why there’s a need for an expensive, time-wasting junket for the selection committee’s vote.

The Big Ten finished in the lead for conference affiliation.

And participation by Georgia voters jumped to 66.4%, which probably explains some of this result:

I voted for Judkins, for what it’s worth.

Anyway, that’s it for 2022, other than thanking my Mumme Poll partner in crime, Peyton, without whom there’s no way I could have pulled the balloting off week by week.  Peyton, you ‘da man!


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An elite communicator

A shot.

And a very NSFW chaser.

Hey, as long as the message gets through, amirite?  LOL.


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Two guys talking (over each other)

The presentation gets a little annoying, but the content is enjoyable.


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The best laid plans of mice and transfer portals

If you can’t appreciate the rich irony of Ladd McConkey making the coaches’ all-SEC second team and Jermaine Burton’s name being nowhere in sight, I don’t know what to tell you.  No doubt the boys at Roll Bama Roll will demand an investigation of the vote.


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Nicole and the First Rule of Holes


I guess nobody at The Athletic told her.

And, yes, “obvious” is doing a shit ton of heavy lifting there.


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