Beat the spread!

Looking for a muscular take on Georgia’s next game?  Let Brad Edwards fill the bill for you.

However, Smart’s team has showed up with authority in all of its big games. Before Oregon went on an eight-game winning streak with seven victories by double-digit margins, the Ducks took a backyard assbeating from Georgia by a 49-3 score in the season opener.

When the Bulldogs went to Columbia to face South Carolina in front of a raucous crowd at Williams-Brice Stadium on Sept. 17, they absolutely bludgeoned the Gamecocks in a 48-7 pimpslap. In mid-October, Georgia trounced Auburn 42-10 and blasted Vanderbilt, 55-0.

In its annual showdown with Florida in Jacksonville on Oct. 29, UGA raced out to a 21-0 lead it was 28-3 at halftime. Although the Gators fought back and made it a one-possession game with 17 unanswered points in the first 12 minutes of the third quarter, the Bulldogs responded with back-to-back touchdown drives to pull away for a 42-20 win.

In a vintage letdown scenario after the win over Tennessee (and two weeks after beating arch-rival UF), Georgia went into Starkville and collected a 45-19 win. Then at the SEC Championship Game in Atlanta last week, the Bulldogs took a 35-7 lead on LSU late in the second quarter en route to a 50-30 win.

“Assbeating”.  “Pimpslap.”  I detect no falsehoods there.

Meanwhile, Ohio State’s track record in the postseason against SEC teams is mixed, at best.

However, Ohio St. has lost 11 of 13 games against SEC opponents in the postseason. We aren’t counting 1986 and 1998 bowl wins over Texas A&M because the Aggies didn’t join the SEC until 2012, but we are counting the win over the Razorbacks 12 years ago even though that victory was vacated by the NCAA.

In Ohio St.’s 11 losses to SEC foes in bowl games, six of the defeats have been by margins of 14 points or more. When the Buckeyes faced Florida in the 2006 BCS Championship Game, they were limited to 82 yards of total offense and lost 41-14.

One year later at the BCS Championship Game in New Orleans, OSU lost 38-24 to LSU. Just two years ago, Alabama trounced the Buckeyes by a 52-24 count in the CFP finals.

Before that win by ‘Bama in blowout fashion, I went on more than a half-dozen radio shows and said that the Crimson Tide would absolutely destroy the Buckeyes. Over the next three weeks, I’ll be doing to the exact same thing in discussing the looming beatdown Ohio St. fans know they’re going to take from Georgia.

He’s putting his money where his mouth is, too.

This single-digit number that’s somehow less than seven is an absolute gift. The moment I saw the number, I immediately placed my largest wager of the season on the Bulldogs.

When the adjusted numbers — such as UGA -14.5 for a +220-ish payout and/or UGA -17.5 for a +300 return, etc. — come out later this month, I’ll be betting a few of those, too.

This is a complete mismatch, and that would be the case regardless of where the game was played. The fact that it’s in Atlanta, where UGA has already beaten Oregon and LSU by a combined score of 99-33 this year, isn’t even really a part of our equation here, but it sure as hell doesn’t hurt our cause.

If you haven’t made it to the window yet, what are you waiting for? Georgia is going to win by at least three TDs and probably more.

From his lips… er, wallet to Gawd’s ears.



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39 responses to “Beat the spread!

  1. DawgStats

    Georgia has played in 4 one-score games since 2020.
    Lay the points or ML OSU are your options.

    But I suck at betting

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  2. ugafidelis

    “Scared money don’t make money.” It don’t lose it either. 😉

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  3. spur21

    I hope Kirby keeps the team from reading that. Then again Kirby seems to know WTF he is doing.

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    • Down Island Way

      What, just cause he’s encouraging chopping of the wood, that he endorses taking the oppositions mother fuckin’ heart out and beating them with it, beating those fuckers over there, till they know they’ve fucking been beaten and they don’t fuckin’ want any more in the 4th quarter, Fucking A Right CKS knows WTF he’ doin”…GO DAWGS! (Always Be Kirbin’)

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  4. I gotta admit, Kirby ain’t the best at covering the spread, but that’s also because the spread is usually north of 20…I’m taking 6.5

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    • PTC DAWG

      That’s a loss…The Dawgs against the spread this year are winners…at least just off the top of my head. Especially in the “big” games as referenced above.

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      • You’re right about this year, but I was referencing Kirby’s aggregate seasons and how he historically didn’t sweat the spread…this year…I thought LSU was 21 for some reason but it was 17.5, TN came in better too…Mizzou, GA Tech, Kent State, UK may have been the outliers for this season…those are good odds though to think they cover TOS


    • RangerRuss

      You degenerate gambler you.


  5. mommanevernamedme

    I’m sick of the hype. Maybe it’s because of years of letdowns, but I don’t like it one bit. No, bulletin board material may not win a game, but damn if I don’t want to give them any ammo. Geez.

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  6. kjackson1961

    I hate to read stuff like this.

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    • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

      I liked your comment, but the guy makes a lot of sense. I just don’t feel comfortable counting on it. Hopefully, Kirby doesn’t feel comfortable, either.

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      • southgadawg1

        I guarantee the team is getting the opposite of this all day long from the coaches.

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      • kjackson1961

        I hear ya. I’m confident but I still possess some Munson in me. Getting better though. Never in my wildest dreams did I think the hiring of Kirby would get us to where we are today. My first year in Athens was fall of 1980. Been a long time coming.

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  7. akascuba

    My first thought was everyone said we were going to win the SEC last December. Second thought it’s tOSU a b10 team lay the points.

    With his QB’s ego swelling and off to New York City awards show there’s rat poison filling the air everywhere. Kirby’s got his hands full keeping his team focused.

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  8. bmacdawg87


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  9. charlottedawg

    Yeah except if we wanna talk OSU’s record against sec teams in postseason how is them just running the ball down Alabamas throat in 2014 en route to their last national championship not mentioned? I mean I think we’re the better team but a W isn’t automatic especially against the only team in the playoff with as much talent as we have.

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  10. moe pritchett

    I’ve got $100 on Stet so o win the Heisman at +3000
    I’ll revisit these odds after Saturday.

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  11. stoopnagle

    I’m going to go take a smoke.

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  12. PTC DAWG

    You are either Elite, or not.

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  13. David D

    I don’t think there’s a team in America that is as ‘united’ as Georgia. The experiences of last year and what they’ve just accomplished this year will serve them well. Hell, I wouldn’t want to play us. No sir.

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  14. godawgs1701

    Do not worry about the team, guys. We are playing freaking Ohio State in a national semifinal for the right to play for a second straight national title. Ohio State is the team they’ve been told all year long would be the final boss and the team to knock them off. They’re not going to have any false sense of security of anything of the sort, they’re going to come out ready to mash the Buckeyes if they can. If a gambling website says the Dawgs should be a heavy favorite I don’t think it’s going to matter.

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    • Every year, Kirby has thrown a game to get his team’s attention. This year, despite the flat quarters of play a few times, he challenged them at the half to win and they did. They’re ready. The suckeyes bring nothing we haven’t seen or beaten. They haven’t faced anything close to us. The axiom will hold true again…SEC Speed Kills. This is going to be fun. Enjoy it.

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  15. uga97

    ….add “Curbstomp” to our repertoire of verbs what we will do to Preposition U.

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  16. Derek

    I don’t bet, but I been thinking the same thing….

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  17. Russ

    Dammit. Just read we have to listen to Herbstreit’s verbal diarrhea during the Peach Bowl. I’m sure watching us kick aOSU in their bucknuts will give Herbie some bad flashbacks.

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