The only thing Mike Leach hated more than Texas Tech…


Craig James told Tech chancellor Kent Hance that Adam had spent three hours in that electrical closet based on instructions from Pincock. That night, Craig called Larry Anders (chairman of the Tech board of regents) and complained that Adam had been forced to practice with a concussion and had been locked in an electrical closet. We’d already held out the starting quarterback for a month that season because he had a concussion — the starting quarterback. Adam was forbidden to practice because he had a concussion. We wanted him away from the field.

According to both his and Anders’s depositions, Craig demanded that I be fired. Hance called me and said that Craig had phoned Anders to complain about his son being forced to play before his concussion was healed, which was simply not true. I explained the situation to Hance, and also told him how often Craig called up the Tech coaches to lobby for more playing time for his son. I told him that Adam had been a constant discipline problem and that I planned on cutting him from the team. Hance told me not to cut Adam.


At least he got a great meme out of the experience.



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  1. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    It’s why I thought the “gesture” by Texas Tech rang hallow yesterday.

    If they actually want to honor Mike Leach, pay his widow Sharon the $2.5M they still owe him for a completed 2009 football season.

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  2. munsoning

    Glad I don’t see Craig’s dumb face on my TV anymore. He and Doug Gottlieb can join Danny K in CFB hell when they all kick the bucket.

    Might be fun for us at GTP to create a Dantean CFB hell, name the nine circles, and assign folks to each circle.

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  3. siskey

    Craig James went from being the number 2 or 3 announcer on ESPN to getting less than 1% of the votes in a primary to now only being known as a villain in the Leach story. Fitting and he deserves worse.

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  4. That’s everlasting trolling right there…it was so ingrained he did it at a book signing…gotta love that

    Most of us like folks with an ax to grind

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  5. Hobnail_Boot

    They both came out of this looking bad.

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  6. RangerRuss

    I’ve had more concussions than I can remember. The Pirate was doing the kid a favor having him sit in a dark, quiet closet for three hours.
    About ten years ago Fat Joe squeezed me into the concussive blast from a precision shot just as I hit the button. Rung my bell. The assholio.
    For therapy I set the hot tub at 98.6 degrees and closed the lid with just enough room for air to circulate. Inflatable donut under my neck. Sort of a makeshift sensory deprivation tank. After an hour or so I was feeling better.
    Craig James is a whiny hooker killing bitch.

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    • David D

      For some reason I just had a vision of William Hurt in the depravation tank in the movie “Altered States.” You weren’t his stunt double were ya, Russ? LoL

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      • RangerRuss

        LOL, DD! I was about to turn into that William Hurt troglodyte is why I got in a dark space. Every little noise was pissing me off. Light hurt my eyes.
        Those concussions are cumulative.


    • Down Island Way

      Just when we think Ranger has reached into his dark side for a blast from the past, you enlighten us with concussion protocol, for fucks sake, getting off the range for an hour or so would have made a difference…thanks for sharing your medical journal, you da man…!


  7. akascuba

    Until today I never knew how far this meme went.

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  8. 123 Fake St

    Legend. 😂🤣😂