Ohio State survey sez…

Land Grant Holy Land polled its readers on what worries them the most about their team facing Georgia.  Results:

We have seen that Stroud has been fairly adept this season at escaping pressure and moving the pocket, but he has struggled when he has had rushers in his face, often defaultign to throwing off of his back foot. Of course, this is also partially the same as the third most popular pick for this question. No matter what Todd McShay thinks about his character, Jalen Carter is an absolute beast, and the OSU offensive line will need to figure out a way to keep him at bay on NYE.

Who am I to argue?



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20 responses to “Ohio State survey sez…

  1. Good pick bucknut fans, but it’s our TEs who will do the scoring.


  2. charlottedawg

    I hope jalen carter unleashes some “character issues” on Ohio State’s oline too

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  3. practicaldawg

    UGA’s offense room thanks them for the wall art


  4. fisheriesdawg

    Tight end should be plural.


  5. Stet at 10% makes me grin. Hope he tosses 400.


    • Yea that and 300 on the ground. Kinda a blueprint to attack them where they least expect it (or in the case of the D-line-right where they are worried).


    • Down Island Way

      From that UGA football “D-line” response, they are admitting tosu o line sucks, plus your 10% grin usually means SBIV is doing some damage with those feets of his…GO DAWGS!


  6. moe pritchett

    OSU is still a good football team.
    We need to play with attitude and intensity.

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  7. Russ

    Dammit, I need some irrational takes from the Buckeyes to properly get my hate on. Where is the condescending view that they are going to light us up?

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  8. If Kirby is game planning, he likely is devoting a healthy amount of time planning for OSU because you know what you get with Michigan and TCU. I’m sure he’s planning for “balls out” offensive plan from Day and Stroud, and I’m sure he has a solution for that as well.

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    • Meaning, if the same guy who saw fit to practice what to do in a blocked field goal situation that lead to an easy first score in the SECCG, I’m fairly certain he won’t make the assumption the opponent will be “business as usual”. This could the the Rose Bowl all over again, with the focus being solidly on the OSU O vs UGA D, but don’t sleep on Monken and Co. I’ve had the feeling all season that we’ve been a “we could score a hundred, but we don’t wanna”.


  9. 81Dog

    Didn’t Carter almost decapitate the Michigan center on a play where the C tried to pull as a lead blocker for one of the RBs? After bludgeoning the C into a heap, Carter inhaled the ball carrier. No wonder they’re worried.


  10. gafdawg

    After the game that answer is gonna change to That Cat From Blackshear.


  11. gafdawg

    After this game they are gonna say #13