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TFW you’ve never been in the arena

Bowl games aren’t meaningless if you were coached by Coach 404.



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Romance is dead.

Sam Pittman explains.

The wife portal?  Nobody tell my spouse about that… 😉


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“I don’t know what else to call it other than an obsession.”

Says the guy who has tracked ESPN’s GameDay pickers since 2009 ($$).

He ain’t wrong, in other words.  And not a healthy one, either.


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The Pac-12 still can’t get its broadcast contract shit together.

Boy, if anything screams for a “Bold strategy, Cotton” reaction, it’s this prediction from SBJ’s John Ourand.

ESPN will be prepared to split the Pac-12’s media rights with Amazon, but will not offer the conference significantly more than it pays for the Big 12. That will lead the Pac-12 to sell almost its entire media package to Amazon for a price that is slightly higher than what the Big 12 gets from ESPN and Fox. The Pac-12 will carve out a handful of prime-time football games that it then will sell to CBS.

Almost the entire package on a streaming service and no ESPN?  Jeebus.  And the kicker is that “slightly higher”.  I’m sure his ADs are gonna be thrilled with that deal.


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I hesitate to presume I understand the mind of Tommy Tuberville, but if I read this article correctly, there’s no antitrust exemption soup for you, NCAA.

Former college football coach and current U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Ala.) told Sportico Monday that he does not foresee a federal bill passing the next Congress that would include an antitrust exemption for the NCAA.

Tuberville and Sen. Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) have been working since the summer on crafting narrow legislation that would try to create and regulate a national standard for college athlete NIL rights.

“We’ve got to take care of all these recruiting possibilities first, and once we get through this we would like to stay out of it,” Tuberville said in a telephone interview. “If you get (Congress) involved, it is not a rule, it is a law. We don’t want to jump in this with all four feet and say this is how it is going to be with every situation.”

“All four feet”?  Eh, forget it.

Part of me wonders if the former head coach realizes that if schools are granted an antitrust exemption, it would have the potential to impact his former colleagues as much as college athletes.


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Your Daily Buckeye is convincing.

Uhhh… anybody wanna tell him?


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Next level holiday lights display


Wonder what the neighbors think of that…


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