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Youth will be served.

The flip side of all that “15 players left for the NFL” talk:

We tend to forget how many young pups got snaps this season.  Understandable, given the level of success, but still… what does that say about next season?



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“Profile of a winning playoff team”

This is a really good overview from Ian Boyd.

College football conferences are pretty regional and the winners of different conferences tend to win by marshaling resources to build teams who stand out over their regional peers with their athletes at the space force positions (left tackle, deep threat receiver, island cornerback, Edge rusher) and perhaps more consistently their superior size and cohesion in the trenches.

In the trenches in particular, the blue blood programs of college football tend to be able to stand out. It takes some serious scratch to field a team with NFL-caliber athletes across the offensive and defensive lines. Big kids who are athletic AND 250+ pounds are rare and thus a precious commodity. To assemble the numbers of them needed to truly dominate the trenches is very difficult and smaller programs rarely even try.

Blue blood strategy tends to revolve around maximizing that advantage. IE, power run game or D-line driven defensive strategy. Georgia is a great example of this, they play a style of defense designed to defer stress to their front while keeping their secondary back and their offense is built around double-tight end sets and inside zone runs…

And herein lies the rub:

So what happens when the heavyweights meet in the playoffs? After a month of preparation and scouting for each other? It’s harder to win with what brought you there.

This is exactly what I wonder about with Ohio State.

Ian sees two paths to a natty.

A great, pro-style passing game can win the championship. Otherwise, you have to be better at a more traditional formula than everyone else, which generally means mastering the traditional triumvirate of…


Power run game

Deep threat passing

Sure would be nice to have a functional AD Mitchell in a couple of Saturdays.

Anyway, read the whole thing.


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New kicker in town

In case you’re wondering what kind of leg Georgia signed in this year’s class, here’s something.

I’m not sure if that was off a tee or not, but even if it was, that’s still pretty impressive.


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Friday morning buffet, film study edition

Just thought it might be easier to put the latest stuff I’ve seen together in one post.


UPDATE:  Be careful what you wish for, Ohio State offensive linemen.


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Age ain’t nothin’ but a number.

Whiny ass college football fans:  Stetson Bennett’s 25, so of course he’s excelling playing teenagers!

Austin Aune:  Hold my beer, fools.


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