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“But it’s Alabama,” they said. “You’ll be working with Saban!”

Apparently that’s not enough of a charm now.

I don’t know what’s going on in Tuscaloosa, but I’m beginning to understand why Todd Grantham is still in the picture as a coordinator hire.



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Junior’s all hat and no cattle act

Really, this is a pathetic track record for a guy who’s currently pulling down $9 mil a year.

… Kiffin is entering Year 12 as an FBS head coach — 1 with Tennessee, 4 with USC, 3 with FAU, now 4 with Ole Miss — and his wins have aged worse than an avocado. The only time in which Kiffin beat a Power 5 team that went on to win 9 regular-season games was when he led USC to an upset of No. 4 Oregon in 2011.

Overall, that translates into a truly awful 1-19 mark against Power 5 teams that went on to win at least 9 regular-season games.


For comparison’s sake, Billy Napier (vs. Utah) and Jimbo Fisher (vs. LSU) got 1 such victory amidst losing seasons this past year. Even Shane Beamer (Tennessee and Clemson) and Josh Heupel (LSU, Alabama, Clemson) both got multiple wins against Power 5 teams that won at least 9 games this past year. Mark Stoops has 3 such wins at Kentucky in the past 5 seasons.

And yet, the Laner had two SEC schools fighting over his services this offseason.  Looking at that, it’s a shame Auburn didn’t win out.


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A face in the crowd

Did you go to the national championship game?  Here’s your chance to prove it.


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“If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s a duck.”

Man, I can’t wait to hear the howling from the first school that gets targeted like this:

The NCAA and enforcement staff will no longer be hamstrung by uncooperative witnesses when it comes to potential name, image and likeness (NIL) violations, thanks to a new bylaw that went into effect Jan. 1.

Investigators can now use circumstantial evidence (like a tip or news story) instead of on-record sourcing to presume a school violated NCAA rules. Schools can disprove the allegation or else be potentially charged. The move strengthens the enforcement staff’s ability to charge schools and allows more leeway for investigators.  [Emphasis added.]

Presumed guilty until proven innocent.  Bold strategy, Cotton.


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Keep hope alive!

So you’re saying there’s a chance…

The bonus here is that Saban is having trouble getting his preferred candidate over the finish line.  Third and Grantham would make a terrific consolation prize if he can’t, don’t you think?


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I tell you what — there’s gonna have to be a whole hell of a lot of coaching up those three stars stories to make up for that particular gap.


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Musical palate cleanser, trivia question edition

What was the only number one hit played at Woodstock?

(Answer in the comments.)


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Fan appreciation night in Gainesville

And it sounds like it’s appreciated.

That makes it the second year in a row the Gators are holding their spring game on a Thursday night.  I guess that’s how you roll when your head coach comes from a mid-major program.


UPDATE:  In case you were wondering, G-Day is set for Saturday, April 15, time to be announced.


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That was then, and this is now.

A couple of illuminating quotes from a couple of second timers:

“I remember the time I was the interim head coach here to the six-and-a-half, seven years — whatever it was — difference between when I was the interim over there at Oregon, just how completely different those times were,” McClendon said. “The thing that’s made the difference is just the level that Coach Smart has been able to kind of change with the times and keep everybody working at an elite level within those changes. He’s done nothing short of a phenomenal job right now when it comes to that.

“Right now with the times, he’s just been able to kind of change with it and keep everybody working at an elite level within those changes.”

“Coming back to work for Coach Smart, the years he spent with Coach Saban — I’d experienced that when I was at LSU the first time. To be able to come back and be in this system and be in this structure has been really, really good,” Searels said. “There’s a lot of really good coaches. A lot of these guys I’d worked with before, so the adjustment wasn’t as hard as if I was going to a completely new staff.”

Searels emphasized the biggest difference in Georgia today compared to Georgia in the late 2000s is the facilities, and he was sure to thank athletic director Josh Brooks for his efforts in that area. Searels said Georgia’s indoor practice facility is a huge resource, the weight room is a big help and the team’s BONES dining facility is important.

“Everything’s expanded since I was here before,” Searels said.

Bonus points to Coach Searels for not mentioning Greg McGarity as part of his appreciation.


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Baby don’t go.


Except for four seasons as wide receivers coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars from 2007-10, Monken hasn’t stayed more than three seasons at any stop since 2000 including Louisiana Tech, Oklahoma State, LSU, Oklahoma State again, Southern Miss as head coach and in the NFL with Tampa Bay and Cleveland.


If Monken stays for a fourth season, he will be the longest-tenured SEC offensive coordinator.

That’s some track record to overcome.

“Don’t tell him I said this, but in my opinion … the most intelligent X and O coach I’ve ever been around my entire life,” said Doug Meachem, the TCU inside receivers coach who worked under Monken as an Oklahoma State offensive assistant coach in 2011-12. “He’s a Mensa when it comes to football. I learned so much from him schematically just the nuances of the game. He’s unreal.”

But it’s worth trying, that’s for sure.


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