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Death, taxes…

… and Lincoln Riley’s teams in the playoffs postseason.


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Your non-Dawg game day post

Bowl season comes to an end (sniff!) with this slate of games today:

  • It’ll be interesting to see how MSU responds in the wake of Leach’s death.
  • Boy, would I love to see Tulane pull off the upset.  (Kinda wonder how much the Trojans want to be there, right?)
  • LSU-Purdue, who’s feeling cheeziest?
  • The Rose Bowl might surprise us with a competitive game, but Utah’s been pretty stout when it counted this season.

And your thoughts as the season winds down?



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Quintessential Tech

This is what you’re left to resort to when you realize your team will never, ever be in position to play for a national title.

I’d call it sad, except I’m enjoying their misery too much.


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TFW you refuse to accept that the ship has already sailed

C’mon, Nick.

Alabama coach Nick Saban: “I think we had a little bit of a taste in our mouth that if we had a dominant performance, it would show people that we probably did deserve to do a little better than we did in terms of the Playoff picture.”

You know what would have shown people more?  Doing that against Tennessee or LSU.


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In fond remembrace of…

This is one helluva tribute.

Well played, Bulldogs.


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Envy and jealousy, season summary edition

A perfect two sentences from Mr. Bill Connelly ($$):

Georgia always rises to the occasion. It just takes a while sometimes.

The rest of his piece — which is excellent, by the way — is simply commentary.


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Today, in point to the scoreboard

I have way too much respect and appreciation for the game Ohio State played Saturday night to mock their fans, even the few that felt the need to shit post.  But Tennessee fans?  Fuck that noise.

Man, them sour grapes must be awfully tasty to keep swallowing them like that.


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“How does it get better than this?”

A steady grumbling about blowout semi-final games has been one of the more prominent rationales for playoff expansion.  So, now that we get an epic pair, anyone feeling remorse?

Surely you jest.

The four-team playoff will give way to a four-round, 12-team format in 2024. I’ve applauded the change, and as good as Saturday’s semifinals were, I still welcome the evolution.

I relish the 12-team format’s annual opportunity for a Group of Five qualifier to upset a big fish in a playoff game.

And sign me up for first-round playoff games on campus sites. Remember when Tennessee fans tore down the goal posts and baptized them in the Tennessee River after an October upset of Alabama? Now imagine if the Vols won a playoff game at Neyland Stadium. Big Orange fans might march the goal posts all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.

Bryce Young treated us to one final magic act in Alabama’s Sugar Bowl triumph, but can’t you envision Young jousting with Caleb Williams in a playoff matchup featuring the past two Heisman Trophy winners? Alabama and Southern Cal would have been a first-round playoff matchup in a 12-team playoff.

So, yes, bring on the expanded playoff, and don’t let Saturday cloud its benefits.

These semifinal games were like a day of amicable laughter between partners near the end of a relationship that has run its course. And you wonder, maybe this could work? But no, as good as this day was, something better awaits.

Yeah, like this year’s Clemson team clinching a top-four spot and a first-week bye for winning the ACC.  Now that’s progress!

Oh, he tries to pretend…

And yet, if we had more semifinal doubleheaders like Saturday, I wonder if we ever would have thought we needed this evolution. The playoff always was bound for expansion, because more playoff games means more revenue, and college sports are a business. But we probably would not have gotten here so quickly in a sport in which change often comes at glacial speed.

If we had more of Stroud and Bennett trading blows like the Heisman Trophy finalists they were, would we have felt a need to add seats at the playoff table for Tulane, Kansas State and Utah?

Sure you would, bucko.  It’s better, remember?

The great thing about being a proponent of CFP expansion is that if the first round of additions doesn’t get you the answer you seek, there’s always another chance to add on.


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Our quarterback

Pretty, pretty good.

It’s pretty funny to think that in a week our fan base will formally complete the transition from “why isn’t JT playing?” to “who’s gonna be capable of stepping into Stetson’s shoes next season?”.


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Hold on, they’re coming.

I have a rule about not discussing the officiating in Observations posts, so I’m going to do it here.

I was absolutely staggered by the amount of holding the refs allowed both teams in the Peach Bowl.  This may have been the most egregious non-call…

… but there was plenty allowed all night.  I’d love to see a conference by conference comparison of holding calls this season, because if this was typical of Pac-12 crews, they’ve got to have the fewest in the country.

By the way, that’s not a reflection on either o-line.  If the refs are letting you get away with holding, hells, yeah, hold like a mother.


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