Musical palate cleanser, different direction edition

Released about a year after “Fairytale of New York”, “Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah” is the most un-Pogues like single they ever cut.  After all, who would have expected them to channel their inner Motown?

But, damn, if it’s not fantastic.



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18 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, different direction edition

  1. This reminds me to schedule my dentist appointment

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  2. originaluglydawg

    That was the finest era in women’s fashion ever!
    Happy to see that it’s back!
    And I love ethe energy from that song!;

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  3. RangerRuss

    Gotdam snaggletooth hippies.

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  4. whb209

    Motown ???

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  5. Great song! Never heard it before.

    That Motown snare on all 4 beats is boss.


  6. cowetadawg

    Love me some Pogues.
    Here’s another fun one they played with the Dubliners back in the day. Classic.