Not so fast, Georgia.

Really, guys?  Color me amused by this:

I hope the Buckeyes get rings and a parade for this.



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  1. southgadawg1


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  2. moe pritchett

    Damn. Too bad actual games are played to determine who’s #1

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  3. What a load of garbage.

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  4. And this is why, for as bad as the committee can be, I don’t ever want to go back to a bunch of pinhead computer rankings. When garbage like this gets spit out, how do you not just go “well, this shit’s broken. Tear it down and let’s start over.”?

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  5. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    And that’s why PFF is absolute, positively USELESS as metrics and analytics for COLLEGE FOOTBALL.

    CFB has so much variety that it is impossible to take an analytics template that works for the mostly homogenous NFL and try to lay it over this game.

    PFF people can go fuck themselves.

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    • miltondawg

      PFF is fine for player grading because it is at least consistent game to game and for the season for a player. I agree though that PFF for team metrics and analytics is basically useless in college. There is far too much disparity in college football between teams for PFF to provide anything meaningful.


  6. While we’re at it, I was the only person in my high school with straight A’s the entire 9th-grade year. I’m guessing they missed that when they picked the valedictorian.

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  7. Speaking of idiots, which 2 coaches didn’t vote for us as #1 (voted for Michigan) in the final poll?

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  8. The Golden Gophers should be enraged they were left out of the CFP!!!!


  9. dman2020

    I have to agree. Actually winning on the field is way overrated.

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  10. Granthams Replacement

    Kinda like getting screwed isn’t special for an old whore……


  11. debbybalcer

    That is just sad.


  12. Granthams Replacement

    These guys lettered in E sports in high school.

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  13. cpark58

    Damn boys, y’all aren’t even gonna make Kirby work for the disrespect angle going into spring camp are you? There are probably 2 staffers already assigned to scour the interwebs to find motivation fodder but here you are, just handing it to them.

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  14. ugafidelis

    And they have five star hearts too!

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  15. 79dawg

    Happy CFP back-to-back day, even to the haters and losers!

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  16. bmacdawg87

    that’s the perfect url for that nonsense… maybe add a few more f’s in there

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  17. Nil Butron is a Pud

    I don’t even know what “PFF” stands for. And I don’t give enough of a shit to find out…


  18. Harold Miller

    What in the name of UCF is this bullshit?


  19. jim1886

    PFF can stick their evaluations up their ass along with the Joe Moore offensive line awards


  20. Opelikadawg

    Sometimes, I wonder if PFF watches the same football games as the rest of us.


  21. 79dawg

    They just put a video of Stephen A. Smith up berating Finebaum (and making a total ass of himself, par for the course from what I understand) on the ESPN homepage – the 2023 disrespect bulletin board is filling up fast folks!


  22. tiredofidsearch

    Om surprised they didn’t name Bama champs. You know they would have counted it…..

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  23. Clayton Joiner

    LOL 🖕🏻


  24. realitycheckhere



  25. Catfish

    It’s like UCF only its not funny.
    I say while Stet and the leavers are still around we go to Ann Arbor and drag those whiny motherfuckers down to that damn horse shoe throw that excellent USC team in there lock the fuckin’ doors and tell em to put the fuck up or JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Nancy. (We say Nancy instead of Karen around here). No refs, backyard blood ball.


  26. I enjoy some of PFF’s position grading stuff because it sounds to be based on film study. However, this smacks of fantasy FB and sounds quite absurd. I doubt it offers much comfort to Buckeye fans given that many of their rank sounds ready to fire Day.


  27. stoopnagle

    Congratulations to the Buckeyes!