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This Nicole Auerbach apology to Stetson Bennett ($$) — she uses the word “apologize” in the header, so I guess that’s how it’s meant — is just plain weird.

I mean, all “At the time, I didn’t believe that Bennett was even the best player on his own team. I think I still believe that, although I realize now that the thought doesn’t matter” does is remind me of this:

Stetson Bennett doesn’t need to hear her tell him he’s got guts.  He can just point to the scoreboard.  Or this, for that matter.

Nicole is gracious enough to absolve us, as well.

I still fervently believe that there were better individual performances over the course of the 2022-23 season, which is why I personally voted for three non-Bennett players on my Heisman ballot. But I no longer feel the need to criticize anyone who sees what Stetson does and wants to call it exceptional.

Well, thanks for that.  I’ll settle for this as consolation:



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It’s not fake juice if it works.

Anyone for a mulligan?


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Coach to coach


Chaser ($$).

Hours before the game, head coach Kirby Smart texted his predecessor to congratulate him on being selected to the College Football Hall of Fame. Mark Richt immediately texted back: “Kick ass tonight.”

That says so much about both of them, doesn’t it?


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Win one for the Kirbster

Two things about this locker room speech from Smart:  (1) it is most definitely NSFW and (2) it may the best one he’s ever delivered.

If you’re not ready to run through a wall after hearing that, Jack, you dead.


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A bookend season

How it started and how it’s going:

Or, to put it another way ($$)

“It seems like for the past three or four months we’ve been looking to see if somebody could beat us,” said Stetson Bennett, “and we just ran out of games.”


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