TFW you crave a late night snack

Holy crap.  I don’t think I’ve seen an example of in-game ownership that slaps more than this:

Not sure that’s exactly what Kirby meant when he told the team he wanted them to eat, but…



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32 responses to “TFW you crave a late night snack

  1. The full video is hilarious as Kendall Milton walks over to the field level premium crowd and someone hands him the plate of chicken tenders.

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  2. RangerRuss

    Fried chicken? I’d eat that stuff in the middle of clearing a chute malfunction on a free fall. A man’s got to have priorities.

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  3. Biggen

    LOL. Between that, the whipping on the scoreboard, and the two curtain calls in the 4th quarter has there been a more dominant performance of a team over another P5 team this century?

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  4. uga97

    ….with a side of fried Frog legs & hot sauce.

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  5. Dawgfan1995

    Kirby: “We will be the hunter, not the hunted.”

    Offensive linemen: “Hunting? That makes me hungry. Kendall, use your local connections to hunt us some wings.”

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  6. practicaldawg

    Something about entitlement creeping in? Man I feel bad for guys in spring camp.

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  7. Tony BarnFart

    Senator, you’ve probably seen it but in case you haven’t, Andy Staples is here to let us know that the 12 team playoff is going to save us from the horribleness that was last night’s blowout.


  8. The Truth

    It was obviously time — once again — to let the big Dawgs eat!

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  9. voxdawg

    Between that and the 2 TOs for curtain calls….


  10. Caught that it was 59 – 7 with either 5 or 3 minutes left. Kirby had pulled the starters and the celebration was already on, especially for the seniors / NFL draft guys. Not good, but not a discipline problem. They earned it and then some.

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  11. Texas Dawg


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  12. cowetadawg

    And the big Dawg did eat!
    Next time someone needs to bring them greasy greens to go with. If you’re going there, go right!


  13. Catfish

    Did they come in a Chick-fil-A bag?

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  14. Ozam

    There’s an NIL opportunity in their somewhere!


  15. pansythedawg

    Looking back on it, Alabama should have to vacate some of the championships for having Saban and Smart on the same coaching staff. That’s basically cheating.

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