TCU, he tried to tell you.

Absolutely coldblooded.

Also, completely accurate.


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  1. timphd

    Mission accomplished.

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  2. They knew. I wish we could get an honest answer on when they realized they were going to dismantle TCU. It had to have been after 3-4 hours of watching tape.

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    • southgadawg1

      I posted this already but I bet it was then or maybe a little sooner. Radi Nabulsi said he knew at NC media day when he looked at TCU’s defensive linemen and saw how small they were. He said he knew then the Dawgs were going to win. I bet Kirby and the coaches pretty much knew immediately. TCU believed all that team of destiny rat poison until they got on the field and saw the difference between them and Georgia. I think once Georgia made it 24-7 TCU lost interest. I remember years ago when Chip Kelly was at Oregon and they played LSU his comment afterwards was “We just don’t see guys like that out here.” They don’t know what they don’t know until they are trying to block Jalen Carter or cover Brock Bowers or trying to keep from being splatterwhacked by Grandaddy Washington. They just don’t see guys like that.

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  3. voxdawg

    That was the moment any butterflies I might’ve had about the game totally vanished.

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  4. BA Baracus

    I was fairly confident coming into this game. When I heard this interview, I knew we had it.

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    • siskey

      I was pretty confident too. I could see TCU winning if we played really sloppy and they got every break but I was not impressed with their defense and thought that even if Kirby devolved to a 2019 “manball” type game that the 3-3-5 would have a difficult time stopping us. But I would be as happy as I am had we won by one point on a bad call.


  5. practicaldawg

    This is truly a team that beats you mentally before the first snap.

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  6. Perused some of our rivals’ message boards yesterday to see what kind of angsty pretzels they were tying themselves into. On the Clemson board there were multiple people clutching their pearls over the f-bombs in Kirby’s pregame speech. Those people are starting to out-Auburn Auburn when it comes to scoldy self-righteousness.

    My take? Kirby’s a poet, whether he uses a bunch of words (the pregame) or as few as possible (the interview above). Couldn’t pay me to trade him for anyone else.

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    • moe pritchett

      Kirby Smart doesn’t curse with hollow words. He merely uses “phrase emphasizes” to make his point.

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    • I imagine Mary Beth winces when she hears these things, but as an athlete herself, she knows the language of coaching.

      For those pearl-clutching, couch-fainting fans of other programs, you would love it if your coach was doing this and producing the results Kirby is.

      To the Clemson people, this is all I leave you with:

      Either you’re elite or you’re not.

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    • coastaldawg

      These are the same Clemson fans that fawn over the false sactimony of Dabo and think Danny Ford was a saint.


  7. When I saw that I immediately dialed up the Mr T ‘pain’ prediction gif for my dawg email thread, but in hindsight, it was worse than what BA Baracus did to Rocky….

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  8. Remember the Quincy

    I have never been as relaxed as I was for a huge game as I was all day on Monday. TCU gave me zero worries. It was a fun story and they did what they had to do to get there, but they pulled rabbits out of their hat so many times all season. Kirby and the boys came to eat.

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    • The Truth

      I had lunch on Monday with a friend who had twisted himself in knots counting all the ways TCU could win. I let him finish his list and just looked up and said, “Dawgs by 20.”

      I am one shitty prognosticator.

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  9. They all knew if we played a clean game we were going to win. I expected an easy win … I didn’t expect a live disembowelment.

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  10. I wish he would have told Holly his pre-game comments to the team.

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  11. classiccitycanine

    I perked up when I heard that comment live. It was absolute music to my ears. That line symbolizes everything about Kirby’s transformation from his play-not-to-lose manball days in 2016-2019 to running a fully armed and operational [football team]! We could’ve manballed TCU but Kirby chose to let Monken empty the clip–and more importantly we wouldn’t have beaten OSU with the manball approach to get here in the first place. If Kirby maintains the aggressive approach and more importantly maintains the ability to adapt, we’re going to have a dynastic run of success!


  12. RangerRuss

    Believe him when he tells you.

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  13. 123 Fake St

    It was over after that. Go ahead another 10 years onto his contract.


  14. Russ

    I saw several TCU fans at the game wearing shirts saying “TCU by 90”. I didn’t realize they meant LOSE by 90.

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  15. My first instinct was this was going to be Hawaii 2.0. But then I let all the pundit noise influence my thinking that Duggan would score some and the Vegas spread was about right. However, when I saw their fat non-athletic OL on the first series and their too big but slow LBs on ours, you knew it was over. Then Monken pulls plays out the playbook with formations and routes we have not seen all season and it was just magical. That seam route to a wide-open McConkey was set-up at the LOS and just blistered that 3 3 5 nonsense. McIntosh outracing everyone to the edge was pure SEC SPEED on display. They had no answer for Brock. How we installed some of that over 9 days with all the other distractions going on is a real insight to how organized and well coached our kids are.

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    • Dawg19

      This. That first McConkey touchdown catch was due to beautiful play design. McIntosh was coming out of the backfield uncovered on what looked like a a wheel route. The defensive back had to decide whether to cover McConkey or McIntosh. He chose McIntosh, leaving McConkey wide open. Either way, he was going to get torched as he had no safety help.


  16. Is this your homework Larry?

    It could only be topped if he was sporting a Mr. T haircut and said “Pain.”

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  17. Ozam

    “We’re Gonna Hunt Tonight” .. waiting for the merchandise!