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A little NIL action coming your way

Worth every penny, Cane’s, right?


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TFW the checks bounce

Jesus, Gators, what are y’all doing there?

Florida is on the verge of losing top quarterback recruit Jaden Rashada after a multimillion-dollar name, image and likeness deal with the 19-year-old high schooler collapsed.

… What is clear is that California high school star Rashada had been expected to enroll Monday after coming to Gainesville from Orlando following the Jan. 3 Under Armour Next All-America game at Camping World Stadium.

Instead, Rashada returned home to Pittsburg, a suburb of San Francisco, after a NIL agreement for around $13 million was not honored, a source told The Orlando Sentinel.

The source also said the situation is “beyond repair.”

Looks like they’re gonna need a bigger bagman.  In the meantime, it would seem their NIL credibility is shot, which I guess leaves Napier falling back on his successful track record with quarterbacks in Gainesville as his sales pitch to recruits… oh, wait.

If Rashada never makes it to Gainesville, he would be the fifth quarterback to leave Napier’s program since his December 2021 arrival.

Anthony Richardson left for the NFL Draft following the 2022 season; on Dec. 2 Jalen Kitna was dismissed following his arrest for child pornography; and last spring 2021 starter Emory Jones transferred to Arizona State. Carlos Del-Rio Wilson transferred to Syracuse in May 2022.

Honestly, you can’t make this shit up.  Or at least I can’t.



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It’s a damn conspiracy, PAWWWWLLL!!!


In this day and age, it’s absolutely precious that anyone still cares about the Coaches Poll.

I suspect we’re about to find out if the Vols have an inexhaustible supply of butthurt to deploy this offseason.


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This one’s gonna leave a mark.

Ouchy ouch.


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A challenge the Georgia Way never had to face

From Ari Wasserman’s Mailbag ($$) comes a Q&A that makes me wonder about something.

What do you foresee generating more NIL spending among collectives: a desire to join the elite (Oregon, Miami, Texas A&M, etc.) or a desire to remain among the elite (Alabama, Ohio State, Georgia)? — Eric D. 

… The truth is, Alabama, Georgia and Ohio State have very compelling sales pitches. Not only do they probably participate in the NIL inducement game to some degree, they also have proven track records of competing at the highest level, getting current players on the roster the money they deserve and, of course, developing those players into NFL Draft picks. Nick Saban could look a five-star prospect in the eyes and say that the value of going to Alabama outweighs whatever the NIL collective from a middle-tier program is offering. Saban would be right. There is a reason Alabama and Georgia will finish in the top two of the recruiting rankings this year and have landed 26 (and counting) top-100 players combined.

Georgia certainly does now.  And Kirby did do a good job holding that 2016 class together.  But as a first year head coach, he didn’t have then the track record he’s got now.  So here’s my question:  what do you think Georgia would have done if the NIL rules were the same in 2016 as they are in 2023?  My guess is that Smart would have done what it took and McGarity would have had a conniption fit before being told by the boosters to shut up and go sit in the corner.


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The NCAA just can’t quit you, lawyers.

It’s Wednesday, so it must be time to tweak the transfer rules again.

The Council voted unanimously to update guidelines for the waiver process for undergraduate student-athletes who are transferring for a second time.

Each waiver request will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis, but moving forward, student-athletes must meet one of the following criteria to be granted a waiver to compete immediately:

  • A demonstrated physical injury or illness or mental health condition that necessitated the student’s transfer (supporting documentation, care plans and proximity of the student’s support system will be considered), or
  • Exigent circumstances that clearly necessitate a student-athlete’s immediate departure from the previous school (e.g., physical assault or abuse, sexual assault) unrelated to the student-athlete’s athletics participation.

All other guidelines will no longer be used for waiver requests to compete during championship seasons that first occur in 2023-24.

The Council agreed that athletics reasons (lack of playing time, position presence) and academic preferences should not warrant waiver relief.

I get the frustration, but, simply based on history, does anyone doubt what’s about to happen?  They’ll be flooded with threats/requests from the likes of Tom Mars, who must surely appreciate the new business about to head his way, and they’ll hair split and waste large amounts of time dealing with it.  Those who  cannot remember the past are on the NCAA’s Division I Council.

By the way, “academic preferences should not warrant waiver relief” is not a good look for an organization that supposedly exists to keep “student” in the term student-athletes.


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Erik Evans has a dream.

My man gets the rare twofer today.  This take on the possibility of Jim Harbaugh returning to the NFL  is practically demented.

If you’re Michigan you at least call Jimmy Sexton and make Dabo and Kirby say no, right? They’re both under 55, in their prime coaching years; both have won a pair of titles; both recruit at a high level; both are used to kicking the hell out of bad teams in a soft division to retain national attention. Hell, maybe even Saban for a final jewel in his crown; the vanity project of all vanity projects?

What’s a national title or two, and the prospect of a dynasty, worth to the Wolverines? Twelve million? Fifteen million a year? Complete control over football ops? All of the above?

Dude wants Kirby out of Athens so bad he can taste it.


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Shit’s gettin’ weird, y’all.

Paul Finebaum and Eleven Warriors find common ground:  Ohio State can be the next Georgia.

So, yes, it is correct to ask who the “next Georgia” will be. They are the gold standard for college football as of now. And while Finebaum did not directly say Ohio State will be the “next Georgia,” he did claim the Buckeyes are the best-built team to accomplish that feat, and that’s on the nose.

That, of course, isn’t likely to sit well with our buddy Erik Evans, who is losing no time in anointing next season’s national title winner.  Or 2024’s, for sure:

So, it is sanguine to think with that many questions Alabama will be a natty favorite. 2024 is perhaps the more realistic rebuild window. But we said that about 2021, as well. Alabama will be Alabama.

‘Bama abides.  And Georgia?

UGA is losing at least 8 starters, but could be losing as many as 14…before the Portal. They lost 15 last year, and carried on, but as we’ve seen, it only takes 2-3 years of that attrition to deplete the roster. And that was before the Portal. Will the UGA coaching staff remain intact?

I’m expecting a full offseason of watching this dude’s head explode from all the three-peat talk we’re going to hear from the media.


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And yet another random post-game thought

I’m old enough to remember that TCU’s Garrett Riley beat out Todd Monken to win this year’s Broyles Award.

That certainly worked out well.


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Coach 30 reflects on the national championship game.

It starts with the chicken wings and goes from there…


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