Erik Evans has a dream.

My man gets the rare twofer today.  This take on the possibility of Jim Harbaugh returning to the NFL  is practically demented.

If you’re Michigan you at least call Jimmy Sexton and make Dabo and Kirby say no, right? They’re both under 55, in their prime coaching years; both have won a pair of titles; both recruit at a high level; both are used to kicking the hell out of bad teams in a soft division to retain national attention. Hell, maybe even Saban for a final jewel in his crown; the vanity project of all vanity projects?

What’s a national title or two, and the prospect of a dynasty, worth to the Wolverines? Twelve million? Fifteen million a year? Complete control over football ops? All of the above?

Dude wants Kirby out of Athens so bad he can taste it.


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  1. I’m not a betting man. But if I was I would bet 500 trillion billion gazillion dollars that CKS will never leave athens.

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  2. JaxDawg

    Tell us you know you’re Georgia’s bitch without saying you’re Georgia’s bitch.

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  3. WH

    Excited to face Bama in the ’23 SECCG… no guarantee both teams make it, but I eagerly anticipate it now.

    No fear anymore. It’s no longer the boss fight Georgia can’t get past. My, how far we’ve come since wishing Saban would “just retire already.”

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  4. If you did enough digging through Erik’s archives, I’m positive you could find a post (probably around 2017–2018 or so) where he makes fun of Georgia fans for praying that Saban would retire. Senator, your last sentence is spot-fucking-on.

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  5. charlottedawg

    I guess Alabama can’t even kick the hell out of bad teams in a soft division huh?


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    • The Truth

      Tell it, charlotte. Didn’t the SECE have a winning record over this SECW this year? Didn’t the SECE Champ blow out the SECW Champ in the SECCG?

      Who cares — we’re the B2B Champs. Screw everything and everybody else!

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  6. Salty Dawg

    I can’t remember when I have rolled my eyes more than I have this morning. Good God Almighty! The jealousy, she burns! HA. FUCKING. HA., all you mo fos that write that dribble. Suck it!

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  7. RangerRuss

    I envision EriK as Homer Simpson lying in a bed, dreaming, slobber running out his wide open mouth with Kirby wearing blue and maize instead of a doughnut in the dream bubble.
    This is one twisted loser with a public platform. I appreciate him for his entertainment value. I wouldn’t turn my back on him in a cutlery store.

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    • WH

      A Simpson’s reference?

      Just take my like. 😀


    • Down Island Way

      Only public platform this ass wipe has access to, is the ladies toilet at the shell station across the street from his mothers basement bunker…you may pray for satan to rise up, you just don’t want any part of UGA football for the foreseeable future, wearing your mothers bloomers isn’t a good look either shithead…


  8. HahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahshshshshshahHhHahHahahah

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  9. redhotchilidawg

    I don’t think Kirby has a desire to coach anywhere else. It’s all been built here and he gets whatever he needs. Going elsewhere would just be a step backwards.

    I do hope Kirby is investing in his relationships with his family and his health during the offseason. Those things can be neglected for a while in pursuit of success and then suddenly they can’t. I don’t have any illusions that he has “balance” in his life like most of us, but I hope he is investing in those enough to sustain the intensity that he brings to the season.

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    • classiccitycanine

      This 1000x. He said before the natty that he hadn’t been the husband and father that he wanted to be because of the demands of football. Much as I appreciate the joy his victories have brought me, I don’t want him to blow up his family for my entertainment like Tom Brady did.


  10. Eric with a K and a smoke shop needs counseling if he thinks Kirby would even take Michigan’s call.


  11. gat damyum Gator tears are the best tears…


  12. D.N. Nation

    I enjoyed his doom predictions for UGA in his final rankings (in which Bama was #2, of course):

    “UGA is losing at least 8 starters, but could be losing as many as 14…before the Portal. They lost 15 last year, and carried on, but as we’ve seen, it only takes 2-3 years of that attrition to deplete the roster. And that was before the Portal. Will the UGA coaching staff remain intact? Continuity — and especially Monken — has saved Kirby’s ass in repeated close games. ”

    that’s right, the offensive coordinator whom Kirby hired has saved Kirby’s ass, as Kirby is Bad, you see

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    • dang that dude is hilarious. Posting that losing starters as if we don’t replenish those starters and didn’t play a shit ton of underclassmen this year. It takes a special form of cognitive dissonance to imply that we are only losing good players and have not created a system to replace them via recruiting and development. Oh and to imply that Monken ‘bailed him out’ well with that logic, how many times did Kirby bail out Saban? Guess we should be claiming some of those Bama nattys…

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  13. godawgs1701

    This is even more funny than the Bammers who think Kirby wants to go to Tuscaloosa after Saban is done there. Give me a break – Kirby Smart is a UGA graduate. His wife is a UGA graduate. He has built a championship monster in Athens. The only reason he would leave is if he wants to coach in the NFL which I’ve never gotten the impression that he does. Michigan? There’s a reason it’s such a tough job – it’s cold, it’s far from the best recruits, and they have academic hurdles that most other schools don’t. Also, they can’t pay him more money than we can.

    Nice little fig leaf at the end there, though, Eric throwing in the “even Saban” bit so we can’t say that you’re just mad and want Kirby gone by any means necessary.


    • Nice little fig leaf at the end there, though, Eric throwing in the “even Saban” bit so we can’t say that you’re just mad and want Kirby gone by any means necessary.

      I think he did that in the hopes that the ‘Bama job would open sooner for Kirby to come back to Tuscaloosa. 😉

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    • Give me a break with “academic hurdles” for football players at Michigan.

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      • godawgs1701

        I mean… it’s a real thing, bud. It isn’t as bad as if he was still coaching Stanford, but Michigan really thinks of itself as Big Ten Harvard and they don’t bend the rules for football player admissions as much as other institutions do.


  14. Gaskilldawg

    LOL about Kirby. Dude already has enough money to ensure his grandkids will never have to work. He is a native Georgian and an UGA alum. Most importantly, Mary Beth would kick his ass if he even hinted he wanted to leave Athens . That extra five million a year to go to Michigan? Kirby knows he would pay taxes on it but never see it because it would ALL go to Mary Beth in the divorce decree!
    Mary Beth is our protection against Kirby making eyes at another program.


    • ugasfavoritetick

      What was it Barbara once said to Vince when he hinted that he might have to kick her to the curb?
      She said, “Hah! You couldn’t afford my buy-out!”


  15. NotMyCrossToBear

    What these idiots don’t understand is Kirby is a fan of and has love for the University of Georgia. He loves the school, not just the football team. He is not going to leave.

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  16. siskey

    Erik needs to lay off the Kratom.

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  17. thenewandimprovedtronan

    Ill-considered shitposting may be the model these days, but smoke shop E really should consider having an editor – or at least an asshole buddy – provide a reality check before his pre-breakfast biscuit thoughts wind up online.


  18. mddawg

    This is just going to make it easier for Sexton to boost his clients’ salaries. Kirby’s stock is through the roof, and if another program even looks in his direction then the UGA boosters will throw another couple of million into the pot for him in a nanosecond.


  19. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    I told the peeps over at On3 that Gumps tell on themselves ALL THE TIME.

    Eric with a K and all the Gumps spend so much time denigrating Kirby, but then he writes something like this which tells on himself for how he actually feels.

    Like clockwork.


  20. cpark58

    If I were him, I’d be much more worried about what the future holds for Alabama than wasting energy wishing Kirby would leave his creation for more money (that UGA would quickly match or surpass anyway). One day in the not so distant future Nick Saban will be gone from Alabama and then what?

    Erik and the rest of Alabamastan caught a glimpse of the abyss and found it to be quietly staring back.

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  21. Salty Dawg

    “Erik and the rest of Alabamastan caught a glimpse of the abyss and found it to be quietly staring back.”

    This ^ all day long.

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  22. Russ

    RBR used to have a guy over there that was sane and posted here on occasion. Whatever happened to him?


  23. charlottedawg

    Let’s just say for shits and giggles, Kirby has no emotional ties to Georgia and only cares about cementing his legacy as a college football coach.

    I’m too lazy to look up the quote but saban himself said during our wandering the wilderness days that Georgia had more inherent advantages than Alabama and he himself would have chosen Georgia due to its natural advantages in the hypothetical scenario where both jobs were open in 2007. He basically said the only thing keeping Georgia from waking up as a sleeping giant was the right people in the right places institutionally, well guess what, we now have the right people… in the right places.

    So yeah I’m sure Kirby is chomping at the bit to follow a legend who himself said that Kirby has the better situation right now.

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    • miltondawg

      I think that it was in an interview with either Barrett Sallee or Tom Luginbill when Saban mentioned that if Georgia could ever hire the right guy with the right administration in place that Georgia would be a monster. I can’t remember which it was but I have heard one of them mention that conversation between Saban and one of them on their Sirius show on Sundays on ESPNU Radio.

      And then in 2016 in an interview with Dennis Dodd, Saban again said that Georgia, to him, was the best job in the conference.

      And the cherry on top was that a few days after Saban’s 2016 comments came out Steve Spurrier was on the Paul Finebaum Show and when asked about Saban’s comments he agreed but hedged a little by saying that Georgia and LSU were the two best jobs in the conference.

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  24. jdawg108

    Both are in much warmer climates.


  25. To quote an esteemed UGA scholar (probably), Michigan hasn’t been relevant since Ben Franklin was President. They have ZERO SEC Championships and no one knows who they are in Montana. They are still financing Harbaugh’s waterbed so he ain’t going anywhere.

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  26. voxdawg

    I believe the phrase is “so mad he doesn’t know whether to shit or go blind,” Senator.


  27. whb209

    Just keep Kirby out of your mouth

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  28. munsoning

    I mean, there’s no way Bama is favored to win the SEC West next season, let alone the natty. Milroe is a great athlete but he turned it over or nearly turned it over a million times vs. TAMU last season. He’ll have to be a different QB to give Bama a chance to win anything that’s worth anything.


  29. both are used to kicking the hell out of bad teams in a soft division to retain national attention.

    CHECKS NOTES – – Bama’s lost to the last two non-Vandy East teams they’ve played.

    carry on though, Erikkk.

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    • Dawgfan Will

      Yeah, someone should let eriK know that the “soft” division went 8-6 against the “hard”(?) division this season.

      Like Kirby says, “This shit’s easy!”

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  30. miltondawg

    Erik will get his wish that UM can call Jimmy soon it sounds like. Just heard that if the Colts offer Harbaugh the job he is going to take it.

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