GTP’s Natty Shopper’s Guide

Thought it might be useful to use a post to sort of centralize tracking this year’s national championship gear.  If you have any suggestions, please list them, along with links, in the comments.  Try to avoid the obvious stuff, like Fanatics or the UGA Bookstore.

I’ll start with a place I just ordered from, johnnie-O, which has a nice selection of Georgia stuff.  My tastes run towards the simpler, so I like your basic natty logo without a lot of clutter.

Anyway, share what you’ve got.



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45 responses to “GTP’s Natty Shopper’s Guide

  1. Morris Day

    I’m wearing my johnnie-O red pocket polo with the old school Dawg stitched on the pocket today. Disappointed they didn’t offer us a similar Natty pocket polo.

    Since I’m always bitching about the lack of pocket shirts, I want to give a shoutout to B-Unlimited, if you want some tasteful pocket tees (including a SBIV Mailman tee!) recognizing the Natty and SEC Championship, check them out:


  2. Onward Reserve seems to have some nice stuff ready. I hope to run by there on Saturday.

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  3. ugafidelis

    The only thing I’ve bought is last year’s Sports Illustrated and Lindy’s magazine UGA champions editions and I’ll do the same this year,. I like to keep my clothing old school and simple.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Everybody sing out if you find any cotton polos or sweat pants.


  5. The Seven Six Apparel Co. has some neat/unique stuff. For both the semi-final and natty:


  6. Uhhhh…. Are those prices in Canadian dollars?

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  7. I doubt I’ve added this photo correctly, but there is a shirt that apparently was only sold in the stadium and surrounding events. If anyone has any leads, let me know. It’s got the palm trees and cool beach-y colors and it’s pre-game so it only had the date (doesn’t say national champs) file:///Users/reggie/Desktop/IMG_9337.PNG


  8. Ran A

    Whoa… Nice stuff senator.

    Was surprised at the range and selection here.


  9. godawgs1701

    Does anyone have the link to the company that makes the souvenir printed tickets? I got one last year for my seats in Indy and I want one for this year.


    • Russ

      Go to the College Football Playoff site. I ordered some tickets yesterday.

      Be forewarned that their site is horrible, though. I eventually ordered tickets and they will invoice me. I think/hope.


    • ncdawg17

      I ordered mine last year from the CFP site.


  10. doubledawg09

    another commenter posted about this a while back, but do check out Buckhead Brim Co. Cool hats for sure


  11. csmoore2021

    I know I already posted this on another thread, but since the Senator started this post I felt it was worth posting again.

    You can get discounted gift cards to Fanatics at

    The deal is you pay $150 for $200 worth of gift cards.

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  12. WON

    What does the semi-literate phrase “game recognize fame” mean?


  13. row105

    Off subject: Is the “Power G ” going the way of the dodo? Don’t see this symbol on any National Championship gear.