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Out of the frying pan…



Whaddaya say, football gods?  Works for me.  Still, I suspect Saban is trying to figure a way to bring Pruitt back, potential NCAA sanctions or not.


UPDATE:  On the other hand, this would absolutely suck.



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Quintessential DGD

I’m so happy for this guy.

Could have bagged it after suffering a season ending injury, but chose instead to finish out the commitment he made to the program when he came back for this season.

Helluva ride, Nolan.  Now go succeed on the next level.


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False bravado in Urnge

And then?


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Like rust…

… recruiting at Georgia never sleeps.


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Who are those people, anyway?

Just a couple of Athletic writers shootin’ the breeze about ‘Bama and Georgia ($$):

Emerson: I’ll start things off by asking Aaron two questions: Knowing Saban, what do you think he was truly thinking as he listened to Pollack the other night? And what’s the general feeling in Alabama — from the program and the fan base — watching Georgia become the first back-to-back champion since Alabama did it a decade before?

Suttles: Anyone who has ever listened to Pollack knew what was coming. This is the same analyst who wrote off Alabama after the Jaylen Waddle injury in 2020. He can be a bit hyperbolic sometimes, so Alabama folks took it with a grain of salt. There is some validity in what he said. Georgia has gone back to back. You have to put the proper respect on that. You can’t just pay it lip service. There has to be genuine respect for what it has done the past two years.

So Saban probably internalized it to use it as fuel in preparing for the upcoming season. The UA fan base respects Georgia but doesn’t fear it. Why should it? The Crimson Tide hold a 4-1 advantage over the Bulldogs since Kirby Smart has been the coach. But Alabama respects him and what he has done. I’d say it’s respect, not fear.

Those must be folks who aren’t on social media, because that doesn’t sound anything like the Erik Evans (to use one obvious example) we know and love.


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Writing checks with your mouth that your Gator ass can’t cash.

Shot ($$).

 Eddie Rojas, CEO of the Gator Collective, which he launched in August 2021. A former Florida baseball player who entered the NIL space with a crowdsourcing platform, Rojas hoped to make his alma mater known as “NIL U.”

He said of his collective in April: “I would venture to say the Gator Collective is paying more guaranteed money than any group in the country. When I write a contract, I want to make sure that we actually have the money in our account.”


Dec. 7: Rojas sends a termination letter regarding the $13 million contract, according to a program source close to the situation. There are conflicting accounts about why the deal crumbled and who pledged to pay what. Multiple conversations ensue between donors and athletic department members, including Castro-Walker and Stricklin. Some within the administration are only now getting up to speed on what was promised — the program aiming to keep these third-party NIL dealings at arm’s length. Yet these conversations ultimately focus on finding contingencies for keeping the class’ highest-profile recruit in the fold.

Leave the damned bottle on the table.

Is this a one-off misstep, or have the Gators completely flubbed their first swing at NIL? Why haven’t we heard of Alabama, Georgia or other SEC schools suffering such public embarrassments?

Anybody wanna tell him?


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Stingtalk isn’t ready to quit Stetson Bennett.

So, I don’t know when this “Stetson Bennett’s 25 and that ain’t fair!” narrative hit, but the Tech boys are ready to run with it.

Gotta love ’em.


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“The fact that something is beloved does not make it permanent.”

Baylor president Linda Livingstone, who chairs the NCAA Board of Governors, the organization’s highest governing body:

“We face a choice in this moment in time. Either we can oversee college sports’ modernization ourselves, or others will modernize and transform it for us.”

Also Baylor president Linda Livingstone:

“Congress is really the only entity that can affirm student-athletes’ unique status. We have to ensure that Congress understands what’s at stake and motivate them to act. Second, we need a safe harbor for a certain degree of antitrust complaints. We’re not looking for nor do we actually need broad antitrust exemption; we do need the ability to make common-sense rules without limitless threats of litigation.”

I don’t think “oversee” means what she thinks it means.


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Today, in speciesism

Oh, look.  PETA’s back doing some attention whoring.

The group claims that the school’s use of Uga “drives demand for breathing-impaired breeds (BIBs),” like pugs, boxers, and English and French bulldogs.

Aren’t there some animals being tortured in lab tests you people should be worried about?  This dog lives one pampered life.


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Dabo goes in the transfer portal.

But not for a player.

What do you call it when you reach out to someone who’s active with another football program?  Oh right, tampering.  But that’s only when a college athlete is involved.  When it’s a coach, it’s called a new opportunity.


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