There are business decisions, and then there are business decisions.

Just ask MJ Sherman’s sister.

It’s a shame, because from all reports, he’s been a great teammate.  I don’t know if this was a rare case of misevaluation, or if he simply couldn’t make it back from injury to where he was, but it is what it is, as cold as that sounds.  Hope he finds a good place where he can be a real contributor.



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    The portal works both ways. Best of luck to Sherman.

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  2. gastr1

    They owe it to the players to be honest and help them find other opportunities when desired.

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    • bmacdawg87

      This is essentially what I came here to say. I would rather see this honesty from the coaches (brutal as it may seem) rather than withholding this information for the sake of everyone’s feelings until it’s too late for the player to perhaps go make a name for himself elsewhere if that’s what he wishes to do. Best of luck young man.

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  3. Ozam

    Nobody likes to see how the sausage gets made.

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  4. timphd

    Wish him nothing but the best. Don’t imagine he will have too much trouble finding a new home. People don’t typically give up on 5 stars so they will give him a try.

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  5. NotMyCrossToBear

    He has been injured every year I believe.

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  6. Dawg in Austin

    Really unfortunate he couldn’t get over the hump, but there’s certainly some rosters out there on which he should be able to find starting role. Good luck, MJ.


  7. jim1886

    As much as I enjoy college football, it is a cold hard business, let’s not kid ourselves.
    This is why the kids need and deserve a piece of the pie.
    All of this whining about the transfer portal NIL, and the BULLSHIT about pressure on coaches, etc, is just that BULLSHIT.
    Good Luck to Sherman, a DGD

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  8. voxdawg

    Whether they think they can, or they can’t – they’re right.

    If they can’t crack the rotation, then it might be best if they took their talents elsewhere. Athens is officially a pressure cooker.


  9. Terry McCullers

    Give the coaches credit. They call them as they see them. Truth is always the best policy.


  10. akascuba

    As cold as it sounds it’s unfair to the player or his teammates to sugar coat it. If you want PT beyond ST this is probably not the place.

    He wasn’t cut or told take medical that would be cold blooded. This is just being upfront and honest.

    Another option stay around like Stetson and prove their wrong.

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    • jim1886

      At the same time the NCAA is changing the rules on the transfer portal to require a waiver on the 2nd transfer.
      Screwing the players while coaches have contracts and free movements.
      Players need CONTRACTS. This is where it is going and hopefully will happen soon.


  11. southgadawg1

    Wow. Different level of football.


  12. ZeroPOINTzero

    How the sausage is made. Not doing this is partly how we lost those close games under Richt. Player goes down and depth wasn’t there to slide in. Only get 85. Have to make all 85 count if you want to heft the trophy in mid January. Depth. Over 4 years you can essentially bring in an extra class if you make the sausage well. Even the best evaluations are wrong on some kids and injuries take a toll, etc. Not here to slander Richt, just pointing out how the Process works (double meaning of works)

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  13. dawgman3000

    Hope nothing for the best for MJ. This is the ugly, but necessary side of roster management. Coaches get paid the big bucks to make decisions like this, and nobody at the moment is doing it better than Kirby.

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  14. RangerRuss

    Not everyone can be elite and just because you’re elite today doesn’t guarantee that status tomorrow. That’s the definition of elite. It’s tough and it sucks but it’s the way things work (h/t 0.0).
    Injury or age age changes e’rbody’s status and you’re better off moving to somewhere more your speed where you can excel there.
    I know.
    Best of luck to Sherman. He’s a Damn Good Dawg.

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    • 86bone

      RR there are a lot of DGD’s hitting the portal. I feel like they could field a top ten team just with the UGA players leaving! Brutal honesty is the only way our coaches know how to roll, and that’s alright by me!
      BTW…sorry I missed Bonnie in LA…the tailgate for $280/person was a joke, the weather was a joke, but the corporate suite with food and drink was the BOMB💥☄️🔥!


      • RangerRuss

        Knowing you were a text away eased my mind even though there was no credible threat. I appreciate you taking the time to text her.
        All y’all that went out to that pisshole and cheered the Dawgs to a resounding victory deserve a hardy Bravo Zulu!

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  15. classiccitycanine

    I thought it was odd that his family nixed the transfer rumours last week only to see him transfer. Now we know that was encouraged by the coaches. Total bummer for him but I’m glad they were honest without doing something unethical like yanking his scholly. It sucks that we picked this guy over Will Anderson but that’s football.


    • He was likely getting good reps during Bowl Practices, feeling good, thinking he had a good chance moving forward… then in post-season, found out he wasn’t quite tracking with their expectations. It’s hard honesty – the kind that serves people the best. I think the presentation is interesting – he had a decision to make, and they didn’t project him as more than a special teamer. The decision is, if you do all you can do, and stay only on Special Teams, can you handle that? Can you push yourself to prove us wrong (Stet) and be ok with the results if we’re right….or do you feel it’s in your best interest to go compete elsewhere?

      Man, that is a hard line to draw for yourself. That takes the kind of hard stare in the mirror for which most folks don’t have the grapes.

      And now he’ll test the open market and see if he believes there is a place where he can position himself better than in the UGA meat grinder. He could very well be the cream of the crop on another roster… because we’ve seen just how much better UGA’s talent is than most other programs.

      Good luck to him, whatever his final decision.

      Go Dawgs.

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  16. William Ferguson

    Don’t get the big deal here one way or the other. They did not take a scholarship away. He just got told his growth was done in their opinion and he can stay or try the portal.


  17. Ran A

    This conversation is being had with every player. They are telling them where they stand within the program. An honest discussion.

    No BS. Then the kids make a decision to stay or go. The difference here is that baby sister has decided to take it public.

    Transfer portal changes everything. Much clearer to a kid of who else is out there, who their competition is, and for the coaches as well. Georgia players are going to get picked up and picked up quickly. Some of these kids leaving with one ring, many of them with two. How many players can say they were on a two-time defending National Champion?

    Life could be worse.

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  18. Live report from Lumpkin and Baxter … our fan base isn’t complacent

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  19. Tim B

    Beal was dead in the water too….glad he stayed.

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  20. Texas Dawg

    There will be more of these to come. If you are in your 2nd or 3rd year and you are not a meaningful contributor, then in most cases you don’t have a real future at UGA. The best players are in the 2 deep rotation regardless of initial star rating or class. Unless you are in a really stacked group (ie QB) and you are past your red shirt freshman or sophomore year you need to evaluate where you stand. We can only keep 85. We have some transfers in along with a stacked recruiting class. As bad as is sucks some really good players are going to have to move on to make way for some potentially some even better players. When we STOP having this problem is when I will start worrying. You could probably field a top 10 team every year by just taking the transfer portal players from UGA, BAMA, and TAMU (but for a different reason and with more years of eligibility left).


    • 81Dog

      I’m friends with the family of a guy who played at Bama about 10 years ago. Great kid, 3 year starter. His dad told me that signees were told they had two years to show Nick they could play/contribute, or they’d be encouraged to move on. It’s a hard world out there. Sherman seems like a good kid and a good player, hope he lands on his feet


  21. dman2020

    He could go to Florida.Don’t they still have that imaginary 13 million in NIL money leftover?


  22. Illini84

    Awful WSB announcer screaming at players on the Dawg Walk and mostly being ignored.

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  23. mg4life0331

    At least they were honest with him and up front. I doubt Saban has that character, since he like to recruit women beaters.


  24. rugbydawg79

    Not a very classy comment mg


  25. Our staff did not run him off by telling him they weren’t renewing his scholarship. They made it clear that MJ could stay, but he would be a special teams guy who may get in the game on defense in relief. These are the guys who the transfer portal is meant for – get a fresh start for a player who has been nothing but a quality teammate during his time here. Injuries made it difficult for him especially early in his time in Athens.

    Good luck, MJ. Hope you get an opportunity that gives you a chance to shine while at the same time not having to play against us.

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  26. CB

    That was a bad evaluation any way you look at it considering we slow played and eventually missed out on future top 5 pick Will Anderson who was an in state 5 star in the same class at the same position. Not to mention that Anderson apparently grew up a Georgia fan.