You lose 65-7, you should expect a little Dawgrading.

Well played, Terry.  It’s Dabo’s fault!



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27 responses to “You lose 65-7, you should expect a little Dawgrading.

  1. JDawgSicEm

    The offensive coordinator being distracted is why the defense gave up 65 points… 🙄

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  2. RangerRuss

    65-7? That’s like drinking a couple beers and eating two Quaaludes then passing out face first in your taters & gravy at grandma’s Thanksgiving dinner. There just ain’t no excuse that’s gonna work.

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    • archiecreek

      DAMN, that’s funny right there, RR!!
      I don’t care who you are!!

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    • Russ

      Sounds oddly specific, RR. Care to talk about anything?


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      • RangerRuss

        Shiiiiit why not, Russ. I never was a pill head but I knew the difference between those Chicom bootleg Rorer 714 wolf cookies and real Lemmon 714 luudes. It was substantial and the Lemmons were incapacitating, especially with alcohol. I had just got out the yankee Army and was glad to have a couple beers with my little brother. He knew a fellow who had been incarcerated for 5 years and had recently dug up an ammo box of luudes that had been underground the entire stretch. Lemmon 714. I figured they had to be weakened so I dumped two.
        I figured wrong. Was fine for thirty minutes or so. Sat down at the table, fixed my plate and then a gorilla jumped on my head and pushed it down into my plate. I knew it was happening but there was nothing I could do about it. Little brother made up some excuse about NyQuil and a cold. Apparently they cleaned me up, put a pillow under my watermelon head and let me sleep there at the table.
        Couple of things to take from this ladies and gentlemen. Family will believe most things when you have a sterling reputation. But not every excuse.
        Also, pharmaceuticals if properly stored in a cool dry place do not lose their potency.

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    • ciddawg

      2 Gorilla Biscuits at Granny’s was never a good idea…

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      • RangerRuss

        I’m just glad it was there. Most places back home I would’ve woke up with shaved eyebrows or an El Marko Fu Manchu mustache.
        Nobody else believed that lame ass excuse, but Mama D said let that man rest. And her words were iron.

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  3. If being distracted by another job was the reason TCU only put up 7, their defensive coordinator must have been negotiating to become NFL commissioner or prime minister of Italy or something.

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  4. whit1356

    Everybody has an excuse after the Dawgs whip their ass. Figure if he wasn’t distracted they might score 10. Might. Mights grow around a chicken’s ass.

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  5. This is so dumb. This is the kind of take you see when people just have to fill space and generate clicks. Riley was playing in the National Championship game. He would not be at the level in his profession that he is if he was “distracted” by the “negotiations” “before” the Natty. His involvement probably amounted to responding to the occasional text from his agent. I guess the marketplace of ideas requires a whole bunch of dumb things to get in.

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  6. gastr1

    Wonder if Riley told Duggan to hold the ball too long and miss receivers all night.


  7. olddawg22

    So that’s how UGA was able to squeak by in a Championship game where the other team had all their receivers!
    Now I get it!!

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  8. ugafidelis



  9. bmacdawg87

    I saw a commercial yesterday trying to market a book to commemorate TCU’s historic season. Wonder how they did the ending, or if it just ends after the Michigan game?

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  10. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)



  11. munsoning

    Couldn’t stop thinking about that waterslide. Happens to the best of us.