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Tell me the national championship game was a rout…

without saying the national championship game was a rout.

Georgia played 15 true freshmen on Monday night, including one who started for the Bulldogs.

They totaled 163 snaps on offense and defense.  Yowsah!


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If you can’t beat ’em, hire ’em.

Hmmm… it turns out Buster Faulkner’s not the only former Smart assistant to join Brent Key’s staff on the Flats.

The six coaches new to the staff are offensive coordinator/tight ends coach Buster Faulkner, running backs coach/run-game coordinator Norval McKenzie, wide receivers coach Josh Crawford, offensive line coach Geep Wade, linebackers coach/co-defensive coordinator Kevin Sherrer and defensive line coach Marco Coleman.  [Emphasis added.]

… Key on Sherrer:

“We’re really fortunate to add a coach of Kevin’s caliber to our staff as linebackers coach and co-defensive coordinator. He has produced winners at every level that he has ever coached, from state championship high schools, all the way through to the NFL. His talent and experience as a coach, as well as his experience as a top recruiter of the state of Georgia, will be a huge asset for Georgia Tech. I couldn’t be more excited to have Kevin and his family here.”

If they make Tech just attractive enough as a recruiting destination to steal a few recruits away from the likes of Auburn and Tennessee, that’ll be good work as far as I’m concerned.  Without the promotional benefit of Waffle House coffee, though, that might prove to be a tall order.



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Masters of NIL

Oh, my Gawd.  As fantastic as it’s been watching the Gators completely screw the pooch with Jaden Rashada — he’s now reportedly asked Florida to release him from his national letter of intent after they reneged on their four-year, $13 million offer — this would be the absolute cherry on top of the sundae:

The situation could have long-term ramifications for Napier and the Gators. Rashada’s representatives could file a lawsuit against the Gator Collective and maybe the athletic department.

Go for it, folks!  After all those years of Spurrier’s smug superiority and Corch’s sleaziness, it would be refreshing to confirm that karma is still a beyotch.


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Don’t hate them because they’re pretty.

(You knew I was gonna post that sooner or later, right?)

Ari Wasserman ($$) gets a lovely question in his latest Mailbag:

Do we officially switch the nationwide hatred for Alabama with Georgia now? Georgia seems completely unbeatable right now. How many titles in a row will it win before finally being dethroned? — Jordan T.

First off, thanks for asking, Jordan.

Ari doesn’t use the “h” word to respond.  But his answer… well, if you don’t like the Dawgs, it’s not going to sooth your feelings.

Georgia is set up to be the king of this sport for a long time. It is in one of the deepest states for talent and it has the unique recruiting advantage of having the pick of the litter there, which will remain true as long as Georgia Tech is what it currently is. Georgia also can go national for top-rated players, which will only get increasingly easier as the Bulldogs’ reign atop the sport continues.

Look at what Georgia is already doing in the 2024 class. We aren’t even to the February signing period for 2023 and the Bulldogs already have commitments from six top-100 players in the 2024 cycle. If you don’t like how good Georgia has been, I have bad news for you. It’s going to be like this for a while because the amount of top-tier talent walking through those doors is unbelievable.

Boy, that must really suck.  For some people, that is.


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Toe meets dirt.

Looks like Noah Ruggles’ potential game winning kick in the Peach Bowl was foiled by poor mechanics.

In the immortal words of Coach 30, the moment might have been too big for him.


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In memoriam

I presume many of you would like to do something for the families of Devin Willock and Chandler LeCroy in the wake of their tragedies.  This, so far, is the only officially confirmed post I’ve seen with the information to do so.


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Sorry, not sorry

This may be the greatest dis of a media figure by a Georgia person since Mark Richt gave it to Chuck Oliver after the 2012 SECCG.

Nobody should ever have any fucks to give when it comes to Steak Shapiro, but if they handed out an MVP trophy for the celebration ceremony, Stetson would be walking out with even more hardware than he’s already toting around.  Legend — and by that I mean a bigger legend than he already was before Shapiro’s thumb-sucking tweet.


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