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At Texas A&M, roster management doesn’t mean what I think it means

Honestly, this just blows my mind ($$).

Texas A&M has lost 25 scholarship players in one offseason. Eighteen were blue-chip recruits. Eight were top-100 recruits, including five-stars Denver Harris and Chris Marshall. Seven were freshmen from their top-ranked 2022 recruiting class. Not one entered the portal, changed their mind and withdrew.

To their credit, the Aggies have picked up two touted transfers, North Carolina cornerback Tony Grimes and Florida State safety Sam McCall, and are pursuing several more. But if you want to compare this to turnover margin and put it in those terms, no other FBS program comes close to Texas A&M’s minus-23 transfer margin.

At least 16 of their departing players are going to be on Power 5 rosters in 2023.

On top of that, it’s not as if Jimbo pulled in another giant recruiting class this time.  TAMU’s bunch is rated 13th nationally, behind Florida, just to give you an idea.

Huge net loss of talent, but at least they’ve got Bobby Petrino coming in to make up that difference.



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Todd, in demand

As we like to say around the joint, “could” is doing a shit ton of heavy lifting here:

The franchise is a mess and by most accounts, Brady will be gone by the end of next season at the latest.  Not exactly a formula for stability.  So why would Monken want to walk into that?  To me, if he does, it’s certainly a tell that he prefers life in the NFL to college.

Then again, if he went and got canned after a year, it wouldn’t be the first time he was let go by Tampa Bay.


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“The tree has a little bit run out of branches.”

Pete Thamel says Nick Saban may have to go outside his comfort zone to hire his next defensive coordinator.

Part of the reason there isn’t a shoe-in candidate for the gig, Thamel said, is the pipeline of defensive assistants under Nick Saban has dried up, with talent getting plucked elsewhere. This leaves few names on staff in viable position to get promoted.

There is, notably, one exception, and the best part is that the moving expenses would be minimal.

“It would be interesting to see — does he go outside of his own tree? Never discount the people inside the building. Todd Grantham has been in the so-called ‘rehab program’ there.”

“And he’s coordinated a lot of good defenses in the SEC. He’s driven a lot of fans nuts along the way too but that’s the logical in-house candidate,” Thamel said.

And Nick Saban is a logical man, right?  Anyway, the folks at Roll Bama Roll are cool with Todd if that’s how Nick decides to roll.

And guess what? The Tide will still win if Grantham is the guy.

FAFO, my man.  Especially on third down.


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That was the year that was, part two

I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of the way this particular metric is framed (it’s how the NCAA does it, for what it’s worth), but still, there sits Georgia at the top:

Georgia had wins over seven teams ranked in the AP’s final top 25 pollSagarin ranked the Dawgs’ schedule as 12th hardest in the country.  So, yeah, nothing cheap there.


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That was the year that was, part one

Via Seth Emerson’s Mailbag ($$), this is pretty cool:

I struggled to research this on my own, and I’m hoping the crack staff at The Athletic can help. Is 2022 Georgia the first time a team beat another team from each Power 5 conference? I looked at past BCS and CFP champs and couldn’t find anyone else. It’s an interesting nugget that would counter the national narrative we often hear about out-of-conference scheduling. — Mark C.

You were on to something: Since the current Power 5/Group of 5 alignment debuted in 2014, Georgia is the only FBS team to beat teams from all five Power 5 conferences in the same season. The last FBS school to beat teams from at least five major conferences in the same season was 2001 Miami: Big East (its own conference), Big Ten (Penn State), ACC (Florida State), Pac-10 (Washington) and Nebraska (Big 12).

Given the schedule, it’s too bad we won’t be able to say the same about the 2023 team.


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