Rara, we hardly knew ye.

From the transfer portal into the fire…

This has all the makings of a short-lived Georgia career.  At the least.


UPDATE:  This, shall we say, doesn’t sound promising.

Georgia athletics released a statement Monday afternoon on the arrest.

“We are aware of a reported incident involving conduct by one of our student-athletes,” it said. “While we are limited in what we can say about the incident, the report is disappointing and not reflective of the high standards we have for our student-athletes on and off the field. In addition to following internal Athletic Association policies, we will be working closely with our administration to ensure we cooperate fully with all law enforcement and campus protocols.”


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49 responses to “Rara, we hardly knew ye.

  1. beatarmy92

    But was he at Toppers?

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  2. MillyDawg

    RaRa? ByeBye.

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  3. munsonlarryfkajim

    Bet Chip Towers is pissed that Seth broke this story. Chip was probably too busy patting himself on the back…

    What’s incredible to me is that, while I’d love to have RaRa next season, it doesn’t change my outlook for the team one bit

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  4. The Truth

    More catches for everyone else.


  5. 3rdandGrantham

    There is a receiver at Texas named something like AD Mitchell who apparently has Georgia connections and may be a good replacement. Should consider a bit of tampering at spring ball time snd see if we can snag him.

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  6. Derek

    Better now than August I suppose.

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  7. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    he gone

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  8. Gospel Dawg

    And Dawgnation is all over . . . Oh. Sorry, still not posted there yet. All available resources may still be at Toppers.

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  9. aim260

    Kirby prioritizes kids with good character and good families in recruiting. Who knows the backstory on RaX2 but Kirby is probably thinking to himself, “and this is why the portal will only be for supplementing areas of need”.

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  10. Gospel Dawg

    It’s 08:41, and still nothing at Dawgnation, bless their hearts.


  11. Ran A

    Kirby does not play when it comes to abusing woman. This guy is GONE.


    • Derek

      Kirby was at alabama when Jonathan Taylor showed up wasn’t he?

      I would assume, but don’t know, that he could have put a kibosh on that.


  12. I’m not concerned about losing his potential production but I am worried about this really bad start to the off-season. Not even a month out from the end of the last one, too.


  13. Terry McCullers

    Said it time and time again, most portal kids are misfits. Again most. Sorry to RA RA but Kirby doesn’t play this game. Bye!


  14. fisheriesdawg

    Good news for Hugh Freeze?

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    • bmacdawg87

      I’d bet my house he’s at Auburn before spring practice starts.


      • JoeDashDawg

        I get that these are Auburn jokes, but I’m genuinely interested to see what happens with guys that puddle jump like this. If he started classes at UGA, he will need to sit out a year, right? He used his free transfer?

        Not making a judgement about his guilt/innocence, but wouldn’t be surprised if we never see him suited up in Athens.


  15. whb209

    Go get AD back !

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  16. stoopnagle

    People start at Mississippi State for a reason.

    I hope it’s all a big misunderstanding, but if not then he’ll need to find a new home.


  17. moe pritchett

    What’s the Vegas line on him being gone?


  18. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    This is why it is best to use the transfer portal judiciously or not at all.


  19. cowetadawg

    Mark Richt’s lost control of . . . I mean Kirby’s lost control of . . . ah, screw it.


  20. vidaliadawg

    Rara ree, kickem in the knee; Rara rass, kickem in the other knee.

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  21. So you should hold judgement till you know the details. Like RaRa has custody of his brother and that is what this is related to and not a woman. You should know the UGA police is infamous for trumping up charges and mis-charging false imprisonment even in a case where someone was just blocking a door. This could get a pre-trial diversion and settled and the case end up being dropped if not dismissed. You should never relay on some BS reporting from anyone AJC related to provide the real story or the truth.

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  22. practicaldawg

    Decades of experience have taught me to never expect the WR room to be available all at once. Ever.

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    • Derek

      We had a decent run with Reggie and Fred. But yes, having 2 healthy, go to guys at wr almost never happens. We generally have to make do with 1. Or none.


  23. archmartyr

    I guess we now know what they mean by the Georgia way. Bunch of thugs


  24. gurkhadawg

    UGA police safeguarding our students! We don’t need him. Fuck’em.

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  25. dman2020

    And Georgia just scored on TCU again.


  26. puffdawg

    Do we get Fulmer Cup points for this?

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  27. tiredofidsearch

    Assuming it’s true (we all.know how ACCPD operates) and he is booted from the team how would this work regarding transfer? He already used his 1 time no penalty transfer to come to UGA.


  28. Morris Day

    uga.rivals.com has posted the police report, it was a female. Just damn.


  29. Texas Dawg

    Blaylock is still in the portal and could withdraw his name and stay. There is now apparently an open spot at WR.


  30. 123 Fake St

    C’mon RaRa- everyone knows you don’t bring sand to the beach.

    Why in the world did you bring your gurl from Starkvegas to Athens???

    He gone and should be.


  31. ciddawg

    What if she drops the charges? – Devonte Wyatt


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