Get thee to a bookmaker…

… and bet the ranch.

And then bet your momma’s ranch.



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31 responses to “Get thee to a bookmaker…

  1. I mean yea, anything can happen yada yada, ….but no fuckin’ way man.


  2. thenewandimprovedtronan

    Travis is a contrary indicator. Do the opposite of anything he says and you’ll do well for yourself.

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  3. MillyDawg

    Dammit Bobby you’re not gonna beat Georgia this year either.

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  4. godawgs1701

    Tennessee should send their complaints now to Auburn University because the Vols are screwed having to play UGA late in the season instead of early October when they would have if the SEC hadn’t capitulated to Auburn’s whining about having to play two tough games in three or four weeks. Georgia might have struggled mightily with the crowd noise at Neyland and a new quarterback if we played them in one of the first five ball games, but by the time we get to Knoxville the quarterback will be as seasoned as they can be without being a multiple year starter.

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    • godawgs1701

      Also, just out of curiosity I ran a Twitter search for Clay’s tweets about Georgia back in late October and early November, and not only did he also think that the Vols would predict on national television that Georgia in Athens last fall, he was also remarkably incorrect in his predictions on our Senate race and the national Congressional elections in general. So, I’m going to go ahead and take his predictions with a big ol’ block of salt.

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  5. Castleberry

    If it happens, it still may not be enough for the Vols to take the East. Their games against Bama and UF (close calls last year) are NOT on a neutral site.

    A&M is their other draw out of the West.

    Schedule diff.

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  6. Those hillbillies have to play at FU, at Bama, at Kentucky, at Mizzou long before UGA comes to town. Tenn will be the walking wounded by the time the Dawgs roll into Knoxville.

    10RC will have 3-4 losses before we play them…and tack 1 more loss for them after we play them

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  7. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Hope or delusion, or both, springs eternal in the CFB offseason for CFB fans.


  8. debbybalcer

    Now we just need Erik Ainge to chime in.

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  9. akascuba

    Who knew there were employment opportunities in always being wrong. Maybe Clay should offer his services to UT as their next AD.


  10. OK, I know I was wrong about the others, but I promise, guys, this rake is totally safe to step on!

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  11. David D

    If Clay and Lee Corso had a baby, it would be Desmond Howard.

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  12. Terry McCullers

    Let the off season happy talk begin! LOL


  13. uga97

    Our entire D & O coaching staff remain for next season (seems to be the case as of now).
    Most of UTs Offensive coaching staff has left.

    Good luck tick hounds.

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  14. NotMyCrossToBear

    Clay and Desmond probably talk about their picks on scrapbooking night.


  15. Russ

    Dangit Bobby!


  16. 69Dawg

    The only thing that scares me about UT is the damn stadium, that place is built for 90,000 but they just reduced the seat width to get 100,000+. I’ve been on the field during a game there at the height of UT’s success and it was like sticking my head in a jet engine. When them hillbillies are in full coon dog mode they make a lot of noise. The offense won’t be able to hear anything.

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    • originaluglydawg

      Bama fans will be looking to pay their asses back for that noisy debacle in Knoxville last year.

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    • uga97

      Their whisky & cornnuts smelling noise will extinguished by halftime.


    • If they have lost 2 or more games by the time we show up, I doubt it’s going to be intimidating.


    • jcdawg83

      Since 2010, Tennessee has beaten us exactly one time in Knoxville. That game was in 2015 when Pastor Poochkick was in his peak bed shitting form. Since 2000, the inbred toothless goobers have won a whopping 3 games in Knoxville. I’m sure the place has been loud to start every game we have played there. The mystique and intimidation of Neyland are vastly overrated.


  17. 123 Fake St

    Yeah, but what does Jim Cramer think????