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Rehabbing the Portal Master™

Matt Hayes has a question.

Why in the world would Dan Mullen jump back into the rat race that is college football coaching?

“He’s one of the most competitive guys I’ve ever met, that’s why,” a former assistant coach under Mullen told me. “He’ll race you from the counter at the (convenience) store to the car — and pull and grab and bang shoulders the whole way.”

Yet somehow, that competitiveness never worked its way into the recruiting process, even as Kirby Smart called him out on it.

The process of Smart building the monster at Georgia included a demoralizing beatdown of Florida in 2021, when Smart said players win games and no one can “outcoach talent” — a direct shot at Mullen and his “QB guru” and play-caller reputation.

Hayes takes that and, incredibly, gets to this:

Tide coach Nick Saban is in the market for a new OC and quarterbacks coach/play-caller, and of those on the market — or, really, at other colleges or in the NFL — he’s not going to get a better, more motivated candidate.

Kirby Smart, you see, knocked out Dan Mullen, too.

Forget about how it ended at Florida, with his inability to recruit at a high level colliding head on with an underachieving quarterback duo that couldn’t stop throwing interceptions.

I think Matt misspelled “unwillingness” there in his last sentence.  Or maybe he’s taking his own advice about forgetting.



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Gator Collective ain’t the only scam going in Gainesville.

How it started.

The Florida Gators have released the first-ever officially licensed athlete, school NFT. It’s only fitting that they made it of Florida legend Tim Tebow, one of the biggest icons in the school’s history.

The company that helped launch the NFT is named Campus Legends, a company co-founded by Tebow that is a marketplace for buying and selling “unique digital collectibles for collegiate athletes.”

How it’s going.

“NFT?  Shit, Gator, that’s all you had to say!”

I’m waiting for UF to announce its exciting foray into NIL crypto next.


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The 62nd row

Josh Brooks is thinking of a new way to honor Charlie Trippi and it sounds like it’ll be a pretty nice one.

As part of the phase one construction to Sanford Stadium to be completed by the start of the coming season, a 61st row is being added on the south 100 level where the concourse will be widened and new restrooms and concession areas will be added.

“We’re toying with calling it the 62nd row in honor of Charley Trippi,” Brooks said of the retired jersey number of the Bulldog great who also died in October at age 100. “Kind of like hotels don’t have a 13th floor. We don’t have a 61st row and just go straight to 62. It will be a special row with a seat with the back of it and it’s under the overhang so it will be very popular.”

I’m sure there won’t be any kind of premium for it either, right, Josh?


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TFW awards aren’t all they’re cracked up to be

He gets canned and Lanning, who should have won, gets a head coaching job.  Do I even need to mention how the Riley vs. Monken show down went?

Do better, Broyles folks.


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