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“It’s crazy what some kids are asking for.”

Honestly, I’m trying to picture this scene and I’m having a hard time doing it, because I’m laughing so hard.

When asked about the portal, Curtis confirmed that Saban said this: “We lost 10 players and one starter to the portal this year. One of them wanted $500,000 and for us to get his girlfriend into law school at Alabama and pay for it. I showed him the door.”

Can you imagine having the stones to stroll into Saban’s office and demand that he get your girlfriend into law school?  I mean, Bryce Young, maybe.  But someone off of that offensive line?



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TFW you can’t tell the coaches without a scorecard

Damn, Sam.

For the second time in three offseasons, Sam Pittman has turned over half of his coaching staff. If you’re having a hard time keeping track of all the changes, here’s a rundown:

  • OC: Kendal Briles (TCU OC) —> Dan Enos
  • STC: Scott Fountain
  • RB: Jimmy Smith
  • DC: Barry Odom (UNLV HC) —> Travis Williams
  • WR: Justin Stepp (South Carolina WR) —> Kenny Guiton
  • TE: Jon Cooper (fired) —> Cody Kennedy (Arkansas OL) —> Dowell Loggains (South Carolina OC) —> Morgan Turner
  • OL: Brady Davis (LSU OL) —> Cody Kennedy
  • DL: Derrick LeBlanc (fired) —> Jermial Ashley (fired) —> Deke Adams
  • LB: Rion Rhoades (fired) —> Michael Scherer (UNLV DC) —> Marcus Woodson (co-DC/likely secondary)
  • CB: Sam Carter (Ole Miss CB) —> Dominique Bowman (not retained) —> Deron Wilson

That’s chaotic.

With the turnover, the Hogs are set to pay their assistant coaches almost 10% less this year than the 2022 staff made.  Thrifty!  I didn’t realize Greg McGarity had a consulting gig on the side.  (I keed, I keed… I think.)


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Your Daily Gator, hypothetically speaking

Not saying this is gonna happen…

… but if it did, how much of Gator Nation do you think is prepared to live vicariously through ‘Bama football next season?


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“Now, obviously there’s a lot of others out there we’d like to have too …” Napier said.


Barring another signing day shocker next week, Florida’s Big Three will hit a new low for in-state recruiting — at least by one measure.

The Gators, Seminoles and Hurricanes are on track to sign only three Florida natives who are ranked among the nation’s top 100 prospects, according to the 247Sports composite. That’s the lowest number of the modern recruiting era; they landed four in three of the past four cycles.


Another concerning figure: Georgia will end up signing more of the state’s top recruits (six) than the Big Three combined.

Looks like we run that state, too.


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