Musical palate cleanser, trivia question edition

What was the only number one hit played at Woodstock?

(Answer in the comments.)


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53 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, trivia question edition

  1. Sly and the Family Stone’s “Everyday People”.

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  2. Illini84

    “”I-Feel-Like-I’m-Fixin’-to-Die Rag” saw a more commercial release on the group’s second album, I Feel Like I’m Fixin’ to Die, which was distributed in November 1967. Released as a single in 1969, this version reached number one on Tio i Topp in Sweden.”

    So there is that!


  3. Hobnail_Boot

    Country Joe and the Fish?

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    CCR perhaps?


  5. cowetadawg

    Was going to offer Joe Cocker and the Grease Band’s Little Help From My Friends.

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  6. beatarmy92

    Bunch of boomers

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  7. 79dawg

    SMH at the The Star Spangled Banner never being #1, this country is going to hell in a handbasket…..

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  8. originaluglydawg

    RR fill in the blanks for us, Sir.
    G_____ H______

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  9. Maybe not number one in the charts, but number one for Les Paul purists

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  10. fisheriesdawg

    My first guess was “Piece of my Heart,” which upon review only got to #12. I think that one is kind of the iconic Woodstock single in my mind.


  11. munsoning



  12. roterhals

    Fuck the charts, this is the real no. 1 with anything by Mr Cocker a close second!

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    • akascuba

      Nobody from Texas ever played the blues better than JDW3.

      I didn’t think WS was one of his finest moments. Of course personal mileage and taste varies.

      Other than Keith Richard he may have consumed more heroin than anyone of his time. Even Bill Tush covered JDW3’s heroin usage on TBS. Good times.

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  13. I thought it was going to be something trickier, like a selection from Sha Na Na’s set.

    Which of course begs the questions…. 1) why the hell were they on the bill, and 2) who gave them a TV show later on?

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