Class of ’23

If you’re looking for a down and dirty signing class summary by conference, here you go.

One funky note:  “The Big Ten signed none of the top 34 overall recruits and only two top-50 prospects.”  Playoff expansion can’t come soon enough for those guys.


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10 responses to “Class of ’23

  1. I guess high-level blue chip recruits don’t care about that shiny TV contract, Big 10.

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  2. dawginsga

    Wonder how much Saban had to pay for that number one recruiting class. No OC or DC and pulls in the top class. If I were Jimbo I think I would ask.

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  3. Derek

    Texas and Oklahoma are looking SEC worthy there.

    Looks like the SEC Championship will remain the more difficult challenge than the National.

    I wonder if Ole Miss will make the playoff field before they make it to Atlanta…

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  4. godawgs1701

    That Big Ten stat is wild. I really wonder just what the hell Jim Harbaugh is thinking with this annual Aaron Rodgers impersonation he’s so determined to pull. The guy interviewed again for the Broncos job after he’d already publicly announced that he’d flirted yet again with the NFL but was once again fully committed to Michigan. Why in the world would any top flight prospect go to the Wolverines when you’re certain that his heart isn’t in it and will in fact be leaving before your eligibility is done? What he’s accomplished there is remarkable, he brought them back from the depths to be relevant again. But he’s also actively sabotaging his future success – and this petty business about how he hasn’t even spoken to his boss since last May? He has to have the university president act as a go-between? Wow.

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  5. fisheriesdawg

    They might need to think about spending some of that money they generate from their huge alumni bases to try to get their high school football programs in the region to play better football with more kids. Maybe they can also do something about the weather, as well.


  6. uga97

    B10 is just fine, besides Ryan Day & Jim Harbaugh are sitting 1st class on the Titanic.


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Dawgs landed one helluva great class. A large chunk were already at cfp practices and now attending classes. Other HCs must look upon Kirby with awe!

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