Something to look forward to

This could be fun ($$).

Next year’s schedule looks tougher, so what is the realistic expectation for Gators football: on-field improvements or a better record? — Lester L.

The Gators figure to be underdogs against seven opponents next fall — Utah, Tennessee, Kentucky, South Carolina, Georgia, LSU and Florida State — and I consider games against Arkansas and Mizzou as toss-ups. That’s a bleak outlook for a program that hasn’t endured three consecutive losing seasons since 1945-47[Emphasis added.]

Of course, since Florida’s fan base doesn’t believe the Gators started playing football until 1990, that particular three-peat would make for the program’s first time ever.



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23 responses to “Something to look forward to

  1. kingcmo2000

    Would be pretty epic if UGA could pull off a three peat at the same time UF has three straight losing seasons.

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  2. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

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  3. I love this new reality where in the preseason, FU fans consider themselves underdogs to Kentucky and S. Carolina.

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    • practicaldawg

      At Williams Brice now looks like an unwinnable game for them

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      • It’s crazy…also, FU had like a 31 year win streak vs UK…but not in the last couple of years 🧐

        FU is a shell of their glory days…and I’m loving it

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        • practicaldawg

          It’s not rocket science either. UF enjoyed a run when they had superior talent to those teams. They don’t anymore, and the on-field results support it. Their new normal is rock fighting with mid-tier SEC programs and hoping to be .500 against them.

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  4. fisheriesdawg

    I took note of their proficiency in punting and kicking off in the comments. Reps matter.


  5. David D

    Ahhhhh. What a beautiful article to start my Friday morning. ‘Tis better than that first cup of coffee…

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  6. jim1886

    Hate to relish in the failure of others, but can make an exception for Florida

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  7. 79dawg

    If it makes them feel any better (and I hope it doesn’t), they have as many losing season since 1990 as we do….


    • siskey

      I would have thought that they have more. We had our last one in 2010 and they have had what 3-4 since then?

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      • RangerRuss

        Siskey, when I met you at the end of ‘97 or beginning of ‘98 I was in a good mood as that was the first time the Dawgs had beat the gators since ‘89. I figured the Dawgs had turned the corner and Donnan had them on the right path.
        Then I met Quincy Carter and Drew Cronic next door smoking that chronic and I knew that Mark Richt had lost control 3 years before he became HC. It was another 20 years before Smart tightened that shit up.
        Where the fuck did 25 years go? Tell me what you been doing, please?

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  8. biggusrickus

    Florida being in roughly pick’em territory with the rest of the middle of the conference is beautiful. They’d have to win every 50-50 game and pull an upset just to get to 8-4. And based on what I saw in year one, 5-7 seems a lot more likely.


    • Down Island Way

      Should FU never win another football event in 100 years will never cure my Bulldog soul, until, UGA footbaal goes into hogtown , throws 50 plus on that fucking scoreboard, takes the prom queen and leaves that shit hole in burning pile of DAWG squeeze…#FTMF


  9. practicaldawg

    I don’t often literally lol, but that last line made me.

    2023 is going to be brutal for them. No way Napier survives, even if it’s not his fault.


  10. Russ

    What a shame.


  11. Harold Miller

    #FTMF. I needed saying.

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  12. I don’t pay much attention to the 5th place team in our division…or is it 6th? Bwahahahaha

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