TFW you’re discombobulated

Johnny Hodges’ candor about Georgia was refreshing.  His teammate, Dee Winters (whom you might remember as the blitzer Stetson Bennett outran to pick up a first down), well, not as much.

“They didn’t come out with any trick plays, nothing that we hadn’t seen or that they hadn’t shown on film, (but) they just completed a bunch of passes against misalignments,” Winters told DawgNation at Senior Bowl Media Day this week.

“It was the motions that discombobulated our secondary and got them confused.”

Don’t you just hate seeing a discombobulated secondary?

“They are a good team, there was talent there, but we could have saved ourselves a lot of those scores if we’d had gotten lined up,” Winters said.

It was 65-7, brother.  That’s a shitload of lining up.



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  1. So, you knew what was coming, and you just couldn’t stop it. Say you were outcoached and outplayed without… no wait, you just said it.

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  2. Remember the Quincy

    Dude, just shut up. You’re making yourself look even worse than you looked when losing by 58.

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  3. argondawg

    I always admired folks when they can admit “We just got our asses kicked today.” Because it happens to everyone every now and then. It’s the only way we learn anything.

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  4. Ran A

    Sincerely mean the following. Georgia’s 2nd unit would have boat raced these guys. Georgia’s third unit would have beat these guys.

    They did not belong in this game. It was a great story and a great season and I’m happy for them. Actually felt sorry for their fans, especially the one’s getting rained on in the 3rd and 4th quarter.

    But they didn’t belong there. If there was any doubt at all, it was erased when Georgia drove the ball ‘at will’ 92 yards to take it to 24-7 and there were over 8 minutes still left in the half. The only success their defense had – had was keeping the turnover to just a FG, instead of a TD. And if you really want to know the truth. If you were there just watching the two teams warm up – you knew this was over before it started. Georgia dwarfed TCU. Were bigger, stronger, faster and much better coached.

    This kid must live in a video game world. But that’s nowhere close to reality.


    TD 11:01
    Stetson Bennett 21 Yd Run (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    5 plays, 57 yards, 2:58
    0 7

    FG 6:51
    Jack Podlesny 24 Yd Field Goal
    6 plays, 27 yards, 2:39
    0 10

    TD 4:45
    Max Duggan 2 Yd Run (Griffin Kell Kick)
    5 plays, 75 yards, 2:06
    7 10

    TD 2:43
    Ladd McConkey 37 Yd pass from Stetson Bennett (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    4 plays, 70 yards, 2:02
    7 17

    TD 8:30
    Stetson Bennett 6 Yd Run (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    11 plays, 92 yards, 5:43
    7 24

    TD 1:19
    Kendall Milton 1 Yd Run (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    11 plays, 66 yards, 5:15
    7 31

    TD 0:26
    Adonai Mitchell 22 Yd pass from Stetson Bennett (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    2 plays, 22 yards, 0:10
    7 38

    TD 10:52
    Brock Bowers 22 Yd pass from Stetson Bennett (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    4 plays, 55 yards, 1:22
    7 45

    TD 2:17
    Ladd McConkey 14 Yd pass from Stetson Bennett (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    9 plays, 84 yards, 5:17
    7 52

    TD 9:24
    Branson Robinson 1 Yd Run (Jack Podlesny Kick)
    9 plays, 54 yards, 4:49
    7 59

    TD 7:23
    Branson Robinson 19 Yd Run (Jack Podlesny PAT failed)
    1 play, 19 yards, 0:07
    7 65
    Full Play-By-Play

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    • bmacdawg87

      “They didn’t belong there” is a dangerous game to play that I personally am not a fan of. They lost one game in OT in their conference championship all year. They beat Michigan in the semi’s who was undefeated at that point and had embarrassed OSU in the shoe who most certainly “belonged there”.

      By saying they didn’t belong… you are inferring that regardless of results of the games played all year, the playoff should only feature the most talented teams. That’s Bammer logic and renders the regular season more meaningless than the existing or future expanded playoff ever will. TCU took care of their business all year long and absolutely “belonged there”. Their only problem was, “Them Dawgs is Hell”.

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      • Ran A

        Respectfully.. They did not belong there. They were completely over-matched. This is not attempt to take away the wonderful season they had. They figured out ways to win. Much credit to them. But if that team played in the SEC, with a typical SEC schedule, they would have been playing in the Outback Bowl (best case). Sorry… They did not belong there.

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        • bmacdawg87

          Respectfully, I agree with most of what you’re saying. If your argument is that there weren’t 4 teams who deserved a shot at the Natty this year, I can get on board and honestly believe that’s the case most every year; however, we wouldn’t have gotten our first one in ’21 with that logic. But with the system we have in place, that 4th spot had to go to somebody, and nobody deserved it more than TCU (They were only ranked 3rd to avoid an all BIG semifinal). Therefore in my humble opinion, they did what they needed to do to belong. Tennessee, Bama, USC all had their shots and all of them blew it in spectacular fashion.


          • Ran A

            I don’t think we are that far apart. Belonged and deserved are a little different. Did TCU deserve to be there based on how the system was set up and how they pulled off some spectacular wins (especially against Michigan). You bet. And you’re right, UTjr., Bama and USC all blew it in different ways. In fact, UTjr. got smoked by South Carolina. Bama lost two games that they should have won and won one game they should have lost (Texas) and USC flat out choked against Utah (again) and then lost to Tulane in the Cotton Bowl. So it is more than fair to ask, if not TCU – then who. And honestly – “you got me”.

            But did they belong on the same field with Georgia? I can’t bring myself to say yes. Not sure if you attended the game, but as bad as it looked on TV, it was much worse in person. I’m not sure who were more shell shocked – their players and coaches or their fans. It was a baby seal clubbing..

            Respect and appreciate your perspective. You make a lot of great points.


            • bmacdawg87

              Same. Ultimately deserve vs. belong isn’t going to matter much longer. Once it goes to 12, there will be several teams who don’t deserve or belong in the mix every year.

              The way Kirby and crew are recruiting and developing, there just aren’t many teams out there who belong on the same field with Georgia (Damn it feels good just typing that). Go Dawgs!


    • fisheriesdawg

      Early in the 4th quarter, TCU got a couple of first downs against our backups and looked like they might have a chance to score again. A TCU fan behind me (in the Georgia section) said “please, just let us get to double digits.” TCU punted after that next set of downs. That is all I need to say to explain how that game went to anyone who didn’t watch it.

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    • Texas Dawg

      Our 2nd unit DID boatrace these guys. After Kirby pulled Stetson and company, you could hardly notice any difference until Kirby called off the DAWGS.


  5. otto1980

    So basically a 3-3-5 is a misalignment against UGA.

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  6. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Losers always offer excuses instead of admitting the other team was better. I wouldn’t draft this loser if he paid me. So expect the Falcons to draft him.

    By the way, Saban is the King of Excuses when his team loses.

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  7. Somewhere Grantham nods in agreement

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  8. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    was third and grantham an analyst for the frogs? asking for Erik


  9. I am gonna give him a little more credit than some of you are. I have seen a couple of breakdowns that highlighted Georgia running sugar huddles or late motion causing confusion.

    I think he is right about confusion, but I think we also saw on film that they might have issues adjusting late, and exploited it.

    When they got behind, they panicked.


  10. chicagodawgfan

    If it’s the 15th game of the season and you still can’t line up by the snap, then you’ve got bigger issues than “just lining up” to win.


  11. originaluglydawg

    Kid is just trying to salve his hurt pride a little.
    But it is a bad look.
    TCU is a bunch of good folks. Best of luck to them next year.
    I hope they beat GT in some minor bowl somewhere, 66 -7.

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  12. southgadawg1

    If only they could have just gotten lined up that would have made all the difference.

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  13. SlobberKnocker

    The second TD (the 37 yarder to McConkey) was just a beautiful design by Monken and a clear example of them being discombobulated. We came out of a sugar huddle giving them little time to recognize. Edwards was part of a trips left set and immediately went in motion right. They looked like they were in man and the LBs didn’t communicate the switch so they both went with Edwards. Then Kenny runs a swing to the left, essentially meaning we once again had trips left. And there were now only two defenders. The CB either thought he had safety help deep or made the poor decision to leave McConkey and drop to Kenny.

    I would classify that as a forced discombobulation

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  14. ugafidelis

    “I think you zigged when you should have zagged on that play ” – Bobby Boucher


  15. Anon

    Discombobulated is the Kirby fake punt against whoever it was…..66 points is a mismatch in talent and coaching

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  16. If not hypno frog had worked.


  17. Harold Miller

    Was he Herbstreit that said toward the end of the first half, “I just don’t know what to say.”?

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    • mddawg

      It was pretty funny when all of the talking heads were trying to fill time saying “What does TCU need to do to get back in this game?” and everyone was like “I got nothin’.”

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  18. uga97

    We discombobulated our way out of scoring 100 on them dangit.


  19. biggity ben

    They wouldn’t have beaten us if they didn’t beat us.

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  20. munsoning

    Custer was just discombobulated at Little Bighorn. The Sioux didn’t run any trick plays, nothing they hadn’t shown on film.

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  21. KingMackeral

    “It was 65-7, brother. That’s a shitload of lining up.”

    I busted out laughing. Thank you for that.

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  22. Catfish

    Those discombobulated secondaries will cost you a natty.

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  23. Hogbody Spradlin

    That reminds me of Corch’s boys saying Climps’n wasn’t nothing after getting skunked 34-zip.


  24. TripleB

    Five or six pick sixes and they would have been right there with us. Got to work on that alignment.


  25. Comin' Down The Track

    Him trying to say that Georgia was nothing special is him actually saying that Georgia beat them very badly straight up by not doing anything special.
    This is not the burn he thinks it is.


  26. Dawg19

    “Hey, Dee Winters!! Stop stealing my moves!!”

    Ryan Day