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Sour grapes on steroids

OMFG:  “Steve Says: Lack of transparency on targeting call brings credibility of national title into question“.

I really don’t want to excerpt from the piece, because the whole thing needs to be taken in its entirety to be fully appreciated.  Suffice to say it makes some of Finebaum’s tin hat callers seem rational.

A classic of the genre, in other words.  Make sure you read to the finish.  The last three paragraphs are perfection.



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Back to the future in Tuscaloosa



I’m going to try and be as fair as possible here, but the data are what the data are. And analytically, the decision is beyond baffling: it’s downright awful.

At best, Rees has proven to be just a guy. For him to morph into some wunderkind will require Alabama to pay millions for a learning curve, and grow into an offensive mind that three years experience suggest do not exist. At worst, it’s a calamitous hire on paper, with a far worse CV than anyone Nick Saban has ever brought into Tuscaloosa to run the offense.

Yes, yes, Daboll. I know. But Brian Kelly is hardly Bill Belichick, the offense Notre Dame runs is is no way similar to what Alabama has had in place for over half a decade. It is a deliberative, slower paced one that does not move the ball vertically. It has little explosion beyond broken tackles by the running backs. It is a scheme that relies heavily on a powerful interior offensive line (that Alabama does not have), and game-breaking athletic tight ends (that Alabama also has not shown to possess — or at least do not employ). And it simply does not put world-class speed and skill into space.

Sounds promising, Erik.


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TFW practice is harder than the games


So, you think kicking in front of a bunch of NFL scouts can be nerve-wracking? Try kicking in practice every day in front of Kirby Smart.

Former Georgia kicker Jack Podlesny joked that both can be fairly difficult.

“Kicking in front of the scouts is kind of like kicking in front of Kirby who is on a microphone, there’s just as much pressure, maybe even a little less sometimes,” Podlesny said. “I just tell myself I’ve been here before, I’ve done it before, in front of 93,000 fans in Sanford Stadium, so why can’t I do it in front of some scouts?”

Nevertheless, kicking in front of Smart during any number of the Bulldogs’ intense practice sessions can sometimes fray the nerves.

“It’s not so much the yelling, but the hat. He’d always take the visor off and just kind of throw it at me,” Podlesny laughed. “That would get me.”


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The perfect epitaph

It’s rare that you find an article provides its own tl;dr summary, but such is the case with Ross Dellenger’s lengthy exploration of the story behind why Oklahoma and Texas won’t be leaving the Big 12 early for the SEC (the gist being that the schools and the Big 12 have worked out a departure deal, but Fox and ESPN are in a pissing match).  Read it all, or settle for the one-sentence conclusion that not only nails this particular situation, but all of college football for the past quarter-century:

“We’ve sold our souls to the devil,” says one athletic director, “but we love our paycheck.”

Nothing more needs to be said, does it?


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A record that may never be broken

This ($$), via Seth Emerson, is pretty remarkable:

QB JT Daniels (Rice): So much for the idea, expressed in some parts (including here) that Daniels’ and Stetson Bennett’s seasons would be constantly compared last year. Daniels passed for 2,107 yards in 10 games for West Virginia but couldn’t secure the starting job so he moved on to Rice, which will be his fourth school. Daniels never has used the one-time transfer exemption: He got a waiver to go from USC to Georgia, and the past two transfers have been via the graduate exemption.  [Emphasis added.]

He’s gonna run out of regular eligibility before he runs out of transfer eligibility.


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