TFW spell check isn’t an editor

Big Ten dude at Saturday Down South has this observation in a piece about how Monken’s departure could open the natty doors for Michigan and Ohio State:

Yeah, dumb typo, and all.  But I’m not sure that harping on the departures at ‘Bama and Georgia, while downplaying Stroud’s departure at OSU, is that much smarter.



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  1. AN fans make Bama fans think, “Good grief. What an entitled bunch of arrogant, spoiled brats.”

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  2. Dawgfan1995

    And this quote, parroting people who forgot what college football in 2019 looked like:

    And that new quarterback will be guided by offensive coordinator Mike Bobo, who could end up being Kirby Smart’s first hiring boo-boo.

    As you’ve said, Senator, Kirby already had a hiring boo-boo, and his name was Offensive Coordinator James Coley.

    If Bobo doesn’t work out this year, it will be just as many of us said last year with Searels: Kirby will fix it, quickly, if things do not work as planned or as well as they could and should.

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  3. In his defense , the Dawg who blocked that field goal attempt was invisible.

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  4. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    i was so concerned that we weren’t going to have any “us against the world” ammunition left but this is playing out perfectly. haters keep hating!!!

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  5. ZeroPOINTzero

    Bulletin board material right there! I can see Kirby’s locker room speech now. “They disrespected us, they said our offense was invisible… I want to be seen, do you want to be seen? Get out there and punch those MFs right in the teeth. We’ll show them what GA football looks like!”

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  6. Ran A

    It’s fun being the standard.

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    • Down Island Way

      Your standard is invisible, your collection of hardware, …no where to be seen, your back2back swag is nothing to the naked eye, this is the hilarious part…should UGA football pull another trophy out of the Houston city limits, all UGA football can tell those misfits from troll city…YOU CAN’T SEE US!!!


  7. stoopnagle

    OSU was one play away last year, so they’re right there. Hard to believe they keep losing to Michigan given the relative levels of talent and coaching.

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  8. mommanevernamedme

    Michigan? That Michigan? The same Michigan that lost to TCU? Then us by 30 the year before? hahahahahahahahahahahhaa. OSU, I could believe. MICHIGAN? no.

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    • Michigan ain’t ever beating us in any worthwhile game

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      • Down Island Way

        Concerning meeshigun, stating they wanted some of UGA football this past year, after that Orange Bowl ass kicking really makes you wonder where their collective football manners are…my bad, it was sitting on the couch watching UGA football smoke the team that sent meeshigun home…hey meeshigun, continue believing in a guy who is trying his best to get the fuck out of meeshigun…

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  9. David D

    Currently, the Gators are close to invisible.

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  10. W Cobb Dawg

    Unfortunately I agree. We’ve taken a big step back into the pack with the departure of Monken. And I’d include the loss of Faulkner as contributing to the problem too.


  11. californiadawg

    Oh man we’re barely into talking season and I’m already exhausted.

    Certainly the expectations for Bobo are sky-high, but I do wonder if he’s going to receive an unfair amount of early blame if our offense isn’t humming right out the gate a la Oregon last year. Hope I’m wrong, but I think there would have been early teething pains even if Monken had stayed. Breaking in a new QB and losing a blocking machine in Darnell is production that’s not easy to replace right away.

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    • Odontodawg

      Truth. Breaking in a new QB not to mention new skill positions (WR) on offense would cause growing pains for Monken or Einstein in the early season.


  12. MGW

    It almost works if you replace Georgia with Florida.


  13. Man, between the Tennessee article yesterday and this one today, I am absolutely loving the hopes and dreams of rival fanbases relying on “well… MAYBE we could surprise them?”

    You wanna shot at the king you gotta have more than hopes and dreams.


  14. southgadawg1

    If y’all haven’t watched Goede and Ratledge’s podcast you ought to check it out. The episode they had Brooks Austin on is great as far as hearing about things we the fans just don’t hear about. They don’t necessarily talk about Kirby a ton but what they do say snapped me out of my issue with Bobo. Dude is on it about everything. All the time. Ratledge’s comments about Kirby chewing his ass are hilarious. And talking about Searles yelling at him “You dumbass! Why’d you do that?”made me laugh too. Their comments about practice for the NC are Dawg porn. Goede said, “They had our scout team fired up! And those early enrollees? Those new linebackers, they are killers. I’ve seen Roquan Smith and Nakobe. They’re all like that.”

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  15. rigger92

    What they need to be concerned with are the players on the field. I’m more concerned about our new QB than anything else, just because it’s an unknown.


  16. uga97

    Vince brought in the rain 2nd half vs UT


  17. practicaldawg

    Ryan Day will still be calling plays for OSU in the 4th quarter next season last time I checked

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  18. originaluglydawg

    Here’s the dummy’s error.
    Comparing MI an anOSU’s stats (compiled in the B1G) with UGA and Bama’s stats (compiled in the SEC).
    MI, who has owned Ohio State recently, was literally embarrassed by TCU.
    We all know what kept OSU in the game against UGA.


  19. Yeah, it sure is strange how these so-called CFB expert-journalists just assume that also-ran OSU will just automatically be the favorite in the annual CFB playoff picture…even though they will be starting over with a new QB1 and a bunch of other starters all over the field.
    Gimme a break.


  20. Hogbody Spradlin

    His use of the word “interlopers” was revealing.