Look what the Waffle House coffee cup drug in

I have so many questions…


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  1. southgadawg1

    What in the cornbread hel?

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  2. ben

    Take your kid to work day.

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  3. Hungarian Moonshine

    He wanted to see what a D1 college football team practice looked like.

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  4. debbybalcer

    It makes you wonder.

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  5. ApalachDawg aux Bruxelles

    I don’t want that man anywhere near our players.
    Assuming Kirby brought him to teach the players as an example of what not to do in life or football.
    Fuck Tech.

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  6. Derek

    He’s there as an illustration for a coaching point from Kirby:


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  7. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Hope it’s just a courtesy and not an analyst interview.

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    • I can’t imagine what possible value-add Collins would provide, unless Kirby thinks we need more of our punts to get blocked.

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      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Of course it was intended as humor, but now that you mention it, ask yourself what Butch Jones provided Saban. Maybe Kirby wants to emulate the Great Rehabilitator.


  8. silvercreekdawg

    I got nuthin’…

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  9. Ran A

    Before Tech, he had a solid reputation. Will be interesting to see what, if anything, comes of this. Dawgs just hired Clemson’s former OC as an analyst.

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  10. David K

    Kirby just wanted to reiterate in person how unprepared they were when they played us.

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  11. prosticutor

    Well, that’s one way to see what Athens looks like

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  12. practicaldawg

    I’m guessing he won a tour at a Rotary golf tournament silent auction

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  13. originaluglydawg

    Odd thing.


  14. Corch Irvin Meyers, Former Jags Corch (2021)

    Senator, a coach like Kirby is always on the look-out for teachable moments, not only for his players, but for his staff, too.

    Gee-Off is a perfect example of what not to do for the coaches on Kirby’s staff who want to become head coaches in their own right in the near future.

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  15. UGADawgGuy



  16. Catfish

    He wants to touch our trophies.


  17. mg4life0331

    Oh boy a bama player got arrested. Too bad we banned the troll. This would have been great.

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  18. godawgs1701

    As long as none of the answers to your questions have the word “consultant” in them, I’m good.


  19. He doesn’t have Capri pants on. That seems to be a step up.

    I wonder if Kirby had him jump around on the sideline holding up a money down sign.

    Good to see a post for a 2nd day in a row.

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  20. …and this is our weight room.

    You’re what?

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  21. 3rdandGrantham

    Relax everyone. He simply had never been to Athens and wanted to scope it out for himself.

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  22. Nil Butron is a Pud

    “Coach, this right here is the 40 yard line. Your teams never crossed it.”

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  23. jim1886

    Let’s give him a break.
    No one will win a Tech.
    Choose your jobs carefully.
    Hope Schumann does, when the time comes.


  24. cowetadawg

    If Saban can get Butch to wash his car who knows what Kirby has in mind for the fella.

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  25. winodawg

    “Now Geoff, here’s how to not coach like a pussy…..”


  26. spur21

    That pic is deserving of a creative title – one only GTP folks can provide.

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  27. Granthams Replacement

    The dude in the grey sweatshirt is telling Collins either wear shorts like Kirby or pants that touch your shoes. No fucking capri pants, sends the wrong message on multiple levels.

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  28. NotMyCrossToBear

    They cut off the bottom of the picture.

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  29. rigger92

    like others say, CKS doesn’t keep his recipe secret. He wants all coaches that want success to get it and does all he can to provide access to those who want it.

    If you are good at your job you don’t keep “secrets”, you lead by example and help others to achieve. It’s the ultimate power move, “ok, come see, replicate it and take us on, ain’t scared”.

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    • Knowing how and doing it are completely different things – ex. I know how Stevie Ray Vaughn plays guitar, me doing it is a whole different thing.

      All that to say, Kirby’s formula (recruit like a mad man, genuinely care about the payers, coach ’em up, etc.) isn’t some great secret, but implementing it may be difficult.

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  30. moe pritchett

    I’d like to have seen/heard his reactions


  31. Somebody needs to get that fella a red hat. He’s stinking up the place with that blue shit.


  32. rowedawg11

    Waffle House delivers now?

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  33. Harold Miller

    First we had “Saban House” the home for wayward coaches. Are we now seeing the “Smart Method” a 12 step program for resuscitating your coaching career?

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  34. If you can’t beat the best, go and learn from them. I’m assuming he’s not done coaching, so one the other side of SWAG and HYPE is talent development and tactics. Definitely needs to amend his PR ways to remain relevant.

    Also shows the flex of Kirby Smart…no smoke and mirrors here, just taking the best to be the best and he’ll welcome all comers to almost dare them to try to out-recruit and out-coach talent.


    • RangerRuss

      Ahhhh yessss! That’s what happens when pretty good team just-glad-to-be-here meets up with good-as-it-gets team who almost let it get away the week before. Focus, intensity and aggressive play. The biggest surprise is TCU scored at all.
      I waited 42 fuckn years to see the Dawgs put it all together and there they did on the biggest college football stage.
      How them Dawgs!!

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  35. whybotherdude

    Agent Geoff checks in to see what program he is wreck next. Kirby is just trolling the three tech fans left.


  36. RangerRuss

    You’re either tough or you ain’t. Geoff is not tough. Kirby Smart is tough and rough as they come. Kirby can show Geoff how he does it and give him a minute by minute instruction manual and it won’t help him. Collins just doesn’t have the personality or background to inspire players as the former All-SEC DB and National Champion HC.
    Ok, I’ll say it. Geoff Collins is a pussy and a bunch of pussies hired him and he let down legions of piss-their-pants-yellow pussy fans.
    I love the UGA HC.

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  37. Dawg19

    Speaking of Waffle House…

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    • RangerRuss

      LMFO! Again. I actually watched the entire 90 minutes of that SNL, Dawg19. First time I did that in a long while. Last few years the show has simply been a mean-spirited mouthpiece for the far left or worse, just not funny. The musical guest wasn’t so bad I didn’t have to change the channel either. Tuned it out though.
      I’ve been involved in a few late night WH shenanigans. The freaks come out at night.

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    • Catfish

      Denny’s in Anchorage at 3am on Saturday. Absolute FREAK SHOW.

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    • whb209

      Been there.


  38. Anon

    Butch Jones Lite


  39. Comin' Down The Track

    Welp, now I have “Angel” by Sarah McLachlan stuck in my head. So, I guess, thanks for that, Senator.


  40. fisheriesdawg

    Y’all are all focusing on the wrong role he held at tech, coaching. I think maybe we’re recruiting him for the other role he held at tech: scout team linebacker. I imagine he was a lot better at that job.


  41. Remember how Tom Crean kept talking when he got hired with us about how he went around for a year visiting all these successful organizations and supposedly learned so much? I’m guessing Collins is doing something similar (and will probably learn about as much as Crean did).

    That being said, he did coach some good defenses back in the day. We could do far worse than him as an analyst, if that’s the route it goes. In Kirby we trust.


    • godawgs1701

      We could do far worse than him as an analyst, if that’s the route it goes.

      You mean like if we just hired people from the comments as analysts?


  42. pansythedawg

    “See? This is how we kicked your ass.”


  43. whb209

    The second article about the G is exactly what Coach Russel said about the “Red hat” and what an honor it is to wear.


  44. Hobnail_Boot

    So this is what a morphine drip feels like.


  45. gotthepicture

    Sorry to threadjack this post, but if you haven’t heard the interview with Ben Jones on the show hosted by Blaine, TK & Kowshown, you really should listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEleROjDX9c&t=2s

    Good stuff. DGDs!

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  46. Godawg

    “So we never stood a chance, did we?”