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And now, another word from your sponsor

I cannot begin to tell you all how much the tidal wave of well wishes I’ve received over the past week plus have meant.  It’s been inspiring.

But I probably need to make clear that the last few days have been more of a respite than a resolution to my health situation.  In fact, as you read this, I will be undergoing what I hope is a final resolution of that.  It’s pretty substantial and I expect I’ll be out of commission for at least a week afterwards.

I promise I’ll return to blogging as soon as it’s feasible, so bear with me.  And, thanks again.



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There’s depth. And then there’s depth.

Is there an argument to be made that we may be looking at a second generational-type defense in Athens in three seasons?  Seth Emerson ($$) ponders that question and amasses some stats that suggest it’s not a far fetched question.


Snap counts: Georgia returns seven of its top 10 and 14 of its top 18 and a total of 19 players who had more than 100 snaps. That doesn’t include former five-star recruits Xavian Sorey Jr. (87 snaps) and Marvin Jones Jr. (64) or potential new starting cornerback Nyland Green (38 snaps, mainly due to missing a lot of games).


Tackles: Georgia returns players who accounted for 75.2 percent of its tackles last season, including the top three (Smael Mondon Jr.Jamon Dumas-Johnson and Malaki Starks) and nine of the top 11.

Sacks: Georgia has back 70 percent of its sack production from last year (24.5 out of 35), including the top three, Mykel Williams (4.5), Dumas-Johnson (four) and Javon Bullard (3.5).

Interceptions: Gone are playmakers Christopher Smith (three picks last year and a high-profile one in 2021) and Kelee Ringo (two picks last year and a national championship-clinching pick six the year before). But Bullard, Starks, Dan Jackson and Mondon combined for six interceptions last year.

That, quite simply, is nuts, especially when you consider this:

Among just defensive players, Georgia will have 10 players who were five-star recruits this upcoming season. It will have 29 more who were four-star prospects. So for the non-math inclined, that adds up to 39 total blue-chip players on the defense.

All that after losing a record number of players in last year’s NFL draft, and Smith, Ringo, Smith and Carter in this one.  It’s what stacking top three recruiting classes on top of each other will do for a program.


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Elite facilitatin’

Thought this was kind of interesting.

Back in January, before the All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas, participants in the game were asked to fill out a survey that asked them to name which school had the best athletic facilities. Ninety-four players anonymously filled out the survey and while some gave multiple answers and one refused, the results were revealing.

And the winner?  Glad you asked.

Sitting atop the list is Georgia, a program that’s won consecutive national championships and is the favorite to win a third in 2023. Georgia is looking to solidify its spot as college football’s next dynasty and have worked toward that goal with remarkable recruiting.

Crawford: “May 2022 marked the completion of Georgia’s $80 million upgrade, which included 136,300 square feet of new space including a locker room, a player’s lounge, a plunge pool, a nutrition bar, a barbershop, a sensory deprivation tank and a weight room with a double-sided video board. According to a press release by HOK, which helped design the facility per Dawgs247, the design creates three floors of high-performance training experiences for student-athletes and coaches. The modern, amenity-filled space will also support UGA’s efforts to continue to recruit and retain top talent.”

We’ve come a long way from that silly halfassed IPF Richt was saddled with, baby.  That’s one way to keep the recruits coming.


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