Mike Griffith’s Groundhog Day

Can somebody explain to me why this column exists in the first place?  Because I can’t find a single piece of new information in it.  It’s simply a rehashing of every tired bit he’s trotted out on moving the Cocktail Party out of Jax over the last year.

We get it, Mike.  Hell, we’ve gotten it for a while now.  Time to move on.



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25 responses to “Mike Griffith’s Groundhog Day

  1. leslie22h

    I freaking hate this guy. Why does the game being in Jacksonville offend this man’s fragile sensibilities?

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  2. Russ

    He had to write something while he was waiting on the latest surveillance video from Toppers.

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  3. Ran A

    The only thing worse than reading what he writes is hearing him talk. And the problem with that? He ends up on shows like Finebaum and it just makes you cringe.

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    • MagnusDawgus

      ..and he is happy to be Finebaum’s foil when he appears on the show. Finebaum dunks on him all the time, and Griffith just stammers and grins like a fool.

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    • Down Island Way

      Dude, you must be into some real sadistic pain in your life, reading and listening is more than a body can stand, we will pray for you…GO DAWGS!!


      • Ran A

        Honestly… I quit reading the dude… Was done with him anyway, but once the AJC put together yet another one-sided assault at UGA – I was done with him. I do not watch too much of the PFS – but have to say that I do watch him when he’s on, frankly just to see how ‘wrong’ his takes are going to be this time. That dude is NEVER right.

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  4. An online Twitter poll? I’m sure that’s scientific.

    Has anyone here who wanted the game in Jacksonville before Kirby Smart changed their mind about this?

    If the city makes it worth the schools’ while to keep the game in Jacksonville, it’s staying there. Kirby isn’t going to leave over this, and I don’t really think he wants the use his political capital with a large portion of the fan base (especially loyal donors who built those buildings and are ponying up for other upgrades around campus) on this issue – recruiting be damned.

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  5. reipar1

    Well if 75% of one thousand one hundred and forty four people on Twitter representing the average uga fan said the game should move there you have it! The people have spoken!!


  6. It’s his default when he has nothing else to discuss and unfortunately he has nothing else to discuss often, “a foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds”

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  7. SlobberKnocker

    I refuse to click on anything that man writes.

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  8. Granthams Replacement

    It’s better than his attempts to paint Scott StrickLin as a good baseball coach.

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    • Speaking of which, still no news to indicate Stricklin is on the unemployment line this morning. If it’s going to happen, there’s no need to wait because we aren’t going to snag an at-large bid in the NCAA tournament. I guess Brooks is waiting to make sure before making the decision.


  9. I’m waiting for Tony Barnhart’s hot take and insider analysis.


  10. whb209

    Politicians are paid to talk, and writers are paid to write.
    That is what they are going to do.
    Old stuff, let it go.


  11. otto1980

    I am not going to get it because I am not going to click on that hacks diarrhea on the key board.

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  12. Godawg

    Look on the bright side, we could have Clay Travis.

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  13. spur21

    Getting old doesn’t make me sad – seeing all great things from my youth (the cocktail party) go away makes me sad.

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  14. ciddawg


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  15. 81Dog

    I’m not surprised Florida fans want to keep the game in Jacksonville. If you’ve ever been to Gainesville, you’d get why Jacksonville is an upgrade to them.

    I like the tradition. I know the athletic dept likes the extra money (hey, we still have a reserve fund to fill). I wonder if Kirby hasn’t consciously Jimmy Sexton-ed the Jville crowd I to reaching for their checkbooks to keep the game there.


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