Sentence commuted.

For the next two years, at least.

The annual Georgia football game with Florida will continue to be played in Jacksonville.

At least for the next two years after this season’s matchup.

The schools announced Wednesday that, as expected, they have exercised the option to play the game for 2024 and 2025 in Jacksonville.

The schools were facing a June 30 deadline to notify the City of Jacksonville. That’s happening this week, according to an announcement by the schools.

  “We are pleased with the decision to exercise the option that will keep the game in Jacksonville for 2024 and 2025,” Georgia athletic director Josh Brooks said.  “We look forward to discussions that I’m sure will continue over the next couple years exploring all the options for 2026 and beyond. We continue to be appreciative of the working relationship we have with the University of Florida and the City of Jacksonville.”

Is the AJ-C putting Mike Griffith on suicide watch?



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34 responses to “Sentence commuted.

  1. Illini84

    Somewhere in Jacksonville? Where dat at?


    • Dawg in Austin

      Same Bat Place, Same Bat Channel.

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    • No change of venue until the stadium renovation starts. Supposedly that project would begin in earnest after the 2025 home season for the Jaguars ends. I would bet that the Jags will play the 26 and 27 seasons in Orlando or possibly Hogtown. I’m guessing they will play the Cocktail Party on campus for those 2 seasons or possibly sell the game to Atlanta and Orlando/Tampa for a year each. I believe the new contract for the Party in Jacksonville will be signed in 2025 when the stadium plan and the payouts are determined.

      It makes way too sense and cents to keep the game in Jacksonville.

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  2. Good – we can stop talking about it now. When Timmy Tears tries to bait Kirby into a discussion of the game at Media Days, he can just say we’re playing in Jacksonville for the next 2 years and I’m ok with playing the Gators in Jacksonville, Atlanta, Athens, Gainesville (would love for him to say Hogtown), or the median on I-75 outside of Ashburn.

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  3. Dawg in Austin



  4. ciddawg

    “Is the AJ-C putting Mike Griffith on suicide watch?”
    Tuff to find anyone that would stand that watch or care if it happened…FMG

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  5. Granthams Replacement

    Translation- Jax came up with the money.

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  6. otto1980

    I’d be fine with Grifith leaving the AJC. I tried to avoid anything Dawgnation.


  7. Catfish

    Hopefully they’re gonna pack his damn carpet bag and kick him to the curb.

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  8. jim1886

    I don’t give a s___t where the game is played as long as we beat the hell out of Florida

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  9. whb209

    Really, where will the game be played in Jax?
    Is it some high school field, or were they lying about fixing the Gator Bowl?


  10. munsonlarryfkajim

    Don’t worry. Just a temporary stay of execution while the appeals process runs its course. Jax is on death row and it’s just a matter of time


    • Evidence that the game is going to move? … if it was, they wouldn’t have exercised this 2 year option. It would be a clean break with the options plus the stadium renovation that the schools have been consistently informed about.

      This game isn’t going to move just because one person (albeit a powerful voice) is calling for it. President Morehead, Josh Brooks and the athletic board aren’t going to agree to the move just on Kirby’s demand without the data backing up the decision.

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      • munsonlarryfkajim

        Evidence the game is going to stay after the renovation? Once Kirby gets his home game recruiting for the Florida game that’s all she wrote

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        • Dawg in Austin

          Not a lot of evidence supporting either side, other than decades of money from the city into the schools’ coffers and the glorious tradition of the game there on one side, and an extremely successful coach’s stated preference on the other side.

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        • Granthams Replacement

          Except Florida sucks now. In a 17 year old recruit’s eyes Florida is equal to a mid tier ACC school.


          • munsonlarryfkajim

            I heard Kirby negotiated the withdrawal from Florida in his contract. Could have made $13m/yr but settled on $10m so UGA is net neutral on the move


            • If that’s true, that would have been discovered a long time ago because those contracts are publicly available since he’s a state employee.

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              • munsonlarryfkajim

                It was a handshake part of the agreement. Not in writing


                • Word of that handshake agreement would have gotten out to someone like Chip Towers. Once again, if that were the case, why did they decide to exercise the 2 year option on the contract? 2024 gave UGA in particular the ability to say “thanks, but no thanks,” but they didn’t.

                  The Cocktail Party may end. It isn’t ending on a wink and a handshake, and it doesn’t change a thing about the fallout from it if it does indeed occur.


        • That’s garbage. The deal is going to be made one way or the other before Jacksonville starts on the renovation of the stadium. The city is going to want assurances that the game is staying (everyone there says it’s the most important tourism weekend of the year) before they invest the money.

          What exactly is going to be better about recruiting than it is now? That’s the question no one seems to be able to answer. Has any blue chip who decided not to attend Georgia said that they would have come to Georgia if they could have attended the Florida game? If so, there is clearly no discernible trend of that. I don’t think Kirby is going to be very happy when a bunch of people decide to tailgate for that first Florida game after the Cocktail Party ends and then don’t enter the stadium in protest or don’t come to Athens, period. I also don’t think he’s going to like being held to a standard of winning the natty every year or the season is a failure that is going to happen if he ends the game in Jacksonville.

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  11. uga97

    the rivalry is intact regardless of the new SEC schedules!

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  12. RangerRuss

    What chaps my ass is MG has no ties to UGA yet continues his tirade as if he has a Dawg in the fight. I get Kirby’s motivation, whether it’s real or subterfuge to jack up J’ville’s payout. He’s as Georgia as anyone could possibly be.
    But Griffith? He needs to shut the fuck up.

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  13. Anon

    Kirby gonna have a hard time convincing anyone with a brain that recruiting is suffering with the game being in Jax annually after this next class signs…could be greatest class of all time?

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