The weirdest stat from yesterday

Things that make you go “wait, wut?”:

Georgia was a mere 18 percent on third down, going 3 of 17, but they were still better than the Crimson Tide in that respect, who went 1 of 12.

Like I said, this is a game that should have finished with a combined score of under forty points.


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A model of consistency

What do these numbers have in common?

  • 220.37
  • 98.78
  • 246.48
  • 278.64
  • 63.44

Why, they’re Greyson Lambert’s 2015 game by game passer ratings.

A couple of quick notes in passing… first, yesterday’s number is worse than any number Lambert posted as the Virginia starter last season.  So, again, maybe everything about his performance can’t be explained by context.

Second, those wild swings aren’t totally unprecedented.  Aaron Murray and Joe Cox both had seasons where they posted two sub-100 passer ratings.  That being said, Murray and Cox didn’t have more than two of those clunkers in a year.  I’m not so sure Lambert’s used up his quota.


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Showing up “not showing up”

I see from the comments to my in-game post that some of you took exception to my use of “not showing up” to describe Georgia’s face plant yesterday.  That’s cool; it’s merely an expression and not a specific term of art.

But it seems to me that if you’re going to insist that a four-touchdown loss wasn’t evidence of another Mark Richt team not being ready to play, then you’re either arguing that this year’s Alabama team ranks among the greatest college football teams of all time, or this Georgia team is much worse than we thought.

Because yesterday’s whipping wasn’t just any whipping.  It was a whipping of historic proportion.

So if you think the Dawgs came out fully prepared to handle the Tide, let me know what that says about the two teams.


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Ladies and gentlemen, your SEC East today…

… is a very different neighborhood.

2015 SEC Standings

Florida 5-0 3-0
Georgia 4-1 2-1
Kentucky 4-1 2-1
Missouri 4-1 1-1
Tennessee 2-3 0-2
Vanderbilt 2-3 0-2
South Carolina 2-3 0-3

Just like that, Georgia’s margin for error to get back to the Dome this season – if I can be allowed to go there this morning – has completely dissipated.  Any chance that Georgia could survive a loss in Jacksonville is nonexistent.  Not to mention which team is likely to be playing with more confidence over the next couple of months.

At least Georgia under Richt is used to playing from behind like this.


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On the bright side this morning…

At least we can stop worrying about Tennessee being a let down game.

Jesus, I hate blogging on days like today.


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Now we know what Alabama’s best shot looks like. 

Today wasn’t a case of a desperate team pulling out a win.

It was simply another game where Georgia didn’t show up.  That’s both sad and incomprehensible.


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Last thoughts on a rainy morning

I’ll be heading out the door shortly.  The only thing I know for sure is that I’ll be getting wet.

Obviously, a win would be fantastic.  But there’s something I want even more than that.

I want a moment of clarity.

I want that flash again that went through my head in the second quarter of the 2002 Florida game, when I saw Georgia’s defensive front not only holding its own against a team that had dominated it for years, but actually whipping ass on the line of scrimmage, that flash of “holy crap, they can play with that team!”.  That was the moment when I knew Richt had the program back to a point of being a relevant player in the SEC again.

That’s been lost.  I want it back.  And today provides the perfect opponent for it.

Yes, I know how that Florida game ended.  But I also know that flash in my brain resonates more strongly than DJ’s pick six or whatever the hell it was George Foster was doing when he drew that untimely penalty ever has.

That’s been lost.  I want it back.  And today provides the perfect opponent for it.

And, yes, I know there have been blips over the years – the last part of the 2007 season, the first half of the 2011 SECCG, the marvelous effort the team gave in Atlanta the following year – when we were tantalized with possibilities, but blips were all they turned out to be.  They weren’t what I felt that day in Jacksonville.

That’s been lost.  I want it back.  And today provides the perfect opponent for it.

Give me that, Dawgs, and I’ll be the first to say there’s no shame in losing, if that’s what’s in the cards in the end today.  Just give me that and I’ll be more optimistic about where this program is headed than I’ve been in a while.

Feel free to post your game day thoughts in the comments.  Hopefully, they’ll be happy ones.


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