It’s not too late to vote.

This isn’t scientific, or even particularly relevant to Mark Richt’s fate (unless it’s comprised of Georgia’s big donors, heh).

But it is an interesting data point, considering how convinced some of you are about how the fan base perceives Richt.


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Boom goes the Boom

Jeez, Dude.

There’s nothing like making yourself look like an out of control ass on national TV and costing your team three points in the process.


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When the process matters as much as the results…

I wonder how many others share this guy’s view that certainty in the CFP semi-finals field is a bug, not a feature.


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“Oh I don’t need any clarity right now. I’m ready to recruit.”

Pruitt’s recruiting and the performance of his defense make him a hot commodity, but his strong personality – and Richt’s uncertain situation – has put Pruitt’s status in doubt as well. He was asked to what extent he and the staff had clarify on their status going forward.

“I want to be at Georgia and I think our whole staff wants to be at Georgia, so I hope that’s clarity enough,” Pruitt said.

Has he gotten any clarity from the decision-makers?

“No, I’m just a peon,” Pruitt said. “They don’t come to me about that. They just want me to stop them.”

We’re all just peons on this bus.

It’s take a shit or get off the pot time for Georgia’s athletic administration – or, if you want names named, Greg McGarity and Jere Morehead.

They didn’t get the easy way out from the coaching staff, as the Dawgs closed out the season on a four-game win streak and now have a legitimate shot at back-to-back 10-win seasons.

They didn’t get cover from LSU, as Joe Alleva made the decision, evidently during the win over Texas A&M, that Les Miles would remain the football coach there.

There’s pushback from recruits.  As excuses to keep a coach who you believe isn’t working out go, no, that’s not a good one, but it’s hard to shut that kind of noise out at a time like this.

Speaking of recruiting, that’s the real reason it’s time to bring things to a head one way or the other.  Pruitt’s going out today.

Pruitt said his plan was to hit the recruiting trail on Sunday, just as Richt would say a few minutes later in his postgame press conference. Georgia has the nation’s fourth-ranked class right now, per the 247SportsComposite rankings of committed players.

“We’ve got a chance to bring in a really good class to go along with what we have here,” Pruitt said. “So that’s what I’m concerned with.”

Did he think he and his staff had definitely earned the right to another season?

“That’s not my decision,” Pruitt said. “What do you think?”

This reporter replied that he didn’t matter.

“I don’t either,” Pruitt said.

Richt has in-home visits scheduled this week and hits the road tomorrow. And just like Miles, he’s heard nothing but crickets from his bosses.

Prior to leaving, McGarity again declined to say anything about his coach’s status going forward. Richt, for his part, made clear that his intention was to return in 2016. He said there had been “no conversation whatsoever” with McGarity or UGA president Jere Morehead about his future, and that “there is nothing schedule right now” as far as a post-regular season meeting.

So it’s either step up and do the right thing by letting the coaches know where they stand now, or let everyone keep twisting in the wind until… hell, I don’t know.  The sad thing is I’m not sure everyone in Butts-Mehre knows, either.


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We run this state. Again.


Georgia players carried a “G” flag near midfield but outside linebacker Leonard Floyd ended up carrying it down near the end zone closest to the Georgia locker room.

Floyd and Jordan Jenkins placed it in the ground near the end zone.

“The idea came from watching the video last year of them destroying our hedges, take the hedges off to where the fence was exposed,” Floyd said of the 30-24 overtime win by Georgia Tech in Athens. “What they did last year was unacceptable. We really wanted to send a message. We were originally going to plan to take it to the GT in the middle and plant a real Georgia G in that field, but it didn’t work out. We just really felt disrespected on what they did last year and we decided to plant the ‘G’ to get even.”

Georgia Tech players wore “state champs” on rings this offseason.

“We don’t need rings to show that we’re the state champs,” Jenkins said. “We proved it with the way we played on the field.”

As enjoyable as that was to see, this is the cherry on top of the sundae.


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“I’m not saying (critics) shouldn’t take shots…”

He’s just sayin’.

“It’s not the critic who counts. It’s not the man who points out where the strong man stumbled or whether the doer of deeds could’ve done them better,” Richt said, quoting Roosevelt. “The credit belongs to the man who’s actually in the arena, who’s been devoured. Win or lose, at least he wasn’t one of those timid souls that know neither victory nor defeat.”

When in doubt, go to the arena.


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Order is restored. 

They don’t call it Mark Richt Field for nothing. 


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