Steele’s 2018 unit rankings

As promised, here we go.  To start with and establish a baseline, let’s go back and look at Steele’s 2017 state of affairs first:

  • Quarterbacks:  24th
  • Running backs:  2nd
  • Receivers:  21st
  • Offensive line:  46th
  • Defensive line:  11th
  • Linebackers:  6th
  • Defensive backs:  16th
  • Special teams:  Unranked (Steele ranked the top 55)

Add it all up and it didn’t look particularly exceptional, but then again, after an 8-5 2016, nobody thought this team was particularly exceptional going into the season.

Anyway, here’s the story from Steele for this season:

  • Quarterbacks:  6th
  • Running backs:  11th
  • Receivers:  8th
  • Offensive line:  2nd
  • Defensive line:  15th
  • Linebackers:  16th
  • Defensive backs:  16th
  • Special teams:  8th

Things are looking up, I’d say.  For a little more context, I’ll list the SEC teams he ranks higher than Georgia at each unit.

  • Quarterbacks:  Auburn, Missouri
  • Running backs:  Alabama
  • Receivers:  Ole Miss
  • Offensive line:  None
  • Defensive line:  Mississippi State, Alabama, Auburn, Florida
  • Linebackers:  Alabama, LSU, Auburn
  • Defensive backs:  LSU, Alabama
  • Special teams:  None

When you’re ranked ahead of Alabama in as many categories as Alabama’s ranked ahead of you, that’s pretty solid.

The quirky thing about his unit rankings is at quarterback, where Georgia ranks several spots higher than ‘Bama.  Go to Steele’s preseason all-SEC teams, though, you’ll find Tua at third-team and you won’t find Fromm mentioned at all.  Only thing I can draw from that is that Steele really, really likes Fields.



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Multiple is the new balanced.

Really, if Mike Bobo and Mark Richt had come along about fifteen years later, I swear this is what we’d be hearing about.

“We’re going to be multiple on offense,” is probably the most common response you hear from offensive coaches at new stops when asked if their scheme will be “pro-style” or “spread.” When a coach hears that question he knows that it basically amounts to “will you use more than one TE or FB at a time and run at people or play three or more WRs all the time and fling it around?” In response, many want to say “well, we want to do both.”

To some degree nearly everyone wants to be “multiple” on offense.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that, of course.


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Fun times in Gainesville

This Brian Edwards preview of Florida is worth reading simply for the nickname he bestows upon Jim McElwain:  ‘The Swamp Donkey’.  No, it’s not a compliment.

Neither is what he has to say about Jeremy Foley.

Foley’s failed hires have decimated the program. This space has been explaining to loyal readers what a moron Foley has always been for decades. We were right the entire time and have never looked more accurate than we do today.

If there’s been anything more enjoyable about this offseason than the way Gator fans have looked at their program, I’m hard-pressed to come up with it.


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The Fromm abides.

Forget the seven stages of grief.  Jake Fromm knows how to cope after losing the natty on the last play of the game.

“It was a super tough game, but I went duck hunting the next weekend and I got over it pretty quick,” Fromm said, via “I was good to go, back home with my family, and ready to move on and prepare for the next season.”

If Georgia ever plays Oregon while Fromm’s the starting quarterback, the quotes will write themselves.

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Best. Game. Ever.

I’m not trying to be critical here about Bill King’s list of the ten best Georgia games ever, as I’m in agreement with plenty there, including the past Rose Bowl game being at the top, but how in the world do you compile such a list and leave the 1980 Georgia-Florida game off entirely?

It’s such a strange omission I had to go back and check it again to make sure.

What do you guys think?


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Maybe he’s just getting warmed up.

Hey, remember that whole “don’t judge Dan Mullen’s recruiting by MSU, ’cause Starkville” narrative?  Well…

I know it’s a long way to December/February, but don’t you think a few Gator Nation assholes are puckering just a wee bit over that news, especially since Florida sits 29th in those same rankings?

Maybe Mullen’s better than he showed at his old gig, but is he better than FSU or Miami?  Great recruits are more plentiful in the Sunshine State, but so are the great recruiters.


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Steele is back, baby.

For me, the summer doesn’t officially get underway until I have my Steele preseason mag in hand.  That day came yesterday.  352 pages.  The print is still small and the abbreviations flow.  I love it all.

I’ll post several in the weeds items about Georgia during the week, but for now, I thought I’d share a few things more in an overview sense.

  • By far, the funniest thing I’ve read so far is Steele’s reaction to his inaccuracy predicting the outcome of the 2017 season.  I’m sure most of you know he touts himself as being the most accurate of all the preview mags on those.  Last season, he finished seventh, poorly enough that it dragged down his three year average from first to third.  He’s pissed.  And he’s not hiding it, either — it starts on the very first page.
  • If you want intentional humor, here’s something he writes about Georgia Tech:  “GT was the toast of college football at the end of 2014… In 2015 they opened up 2-0, but then were just ‘toast’ after that, going 1-9.”  He’ll be here all week, folks, try the veal.
  • His playoff field this season is pretty standard stuff — Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington.
  • For those of you who sense that Alabama is in the very early stages of some decline, he couldn’t disagree more strongly.  He sees the Tide being ridiculously dominant in 2018.  One example, his Plus/Minus power ratings:  Georgia’s 126.45 would top every conference in the country, with the exceptions of the ACC and Big Ten, where the Dawgs would trail Clemson and Ohio State by about a point.  Oh yeah, and the SEC, where Alabama betters Georgia’s number by almost thirteen points.

Tomorrow I’ll look at the group position ratings.  (SPOILER ALERT:  You’ll like ’em.)


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