The weirdest story of the offseason so far

Really, I hardly know where to go with this.

I certainly don’t have a dog in this hunt, but it seems like somebody needs to consider following the First Rule of Holes.



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And up at those places where all those Dawg people have got those condominiums for four days…

One of the arguments I see frequently marshaled against the Georgia-Florida game remaining in Jacksonville is that by allowing it to be played there, we’re depriving the Georgia economy of funds our fan base spends going to the game.

What that really boils down to is a complaint about Athens’ economy specifically — at least I think it does, because last time I checked, St. Simons was still located in this state.

A roughly $600,000 project to improve drainage in the Pier Village district on St. Simons Island will get underway in November, immediately following the last major event of the 2018 tourist season, county commissions decided Tuesday.

The project to improve the flow of stormwater and increase retention capacity will kick off after the Oct. 27 Georgia-Florida college football game in Jacksonville, an annual event that draws thousands of mostly Georgia Bulldog fans to the island for that weekend.  [Emphasis added.]

South Georgia essentially gets one game a year.  Evidently that’s too much for some folks.

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“He said I’d be a perfect fit at an ACC school.”

Georgia Tech just offered a quarterback who (1) doesn’t have a rating from any of the recruiting services; (2) has one other offer from Tennessee Tech, an FCS team that hasn’t had a winning season since 2011; and (3) plays at a program that in 12 years of existence has yet to see one of its kids play at either the FBS or FCS level.

Either this turns out to be one of the greatest recruiting underdog stories of all time, or the perfect encapsulation of Paul Johnson’s mad recruiting skillz.


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Current CFP odds

Right now, Vegas likes Georgia’s chances to return.

LSU at 12-1?  That’s… interesting.


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Five-star buyout

Booch, still on UT’s dime, lets loose with a “Roll Tide”.


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Check out the big brain on Brad.

Interesting trend depicted here…

Maybe kids have just gotten smarter.  Or maybe there’s a growing realization among football student-athletes that there’s a path to having some control over their collegiate careers.  I wonder which… damn, I hate these Occam’s razor puzzles!


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Er’rebody gets paid.

Not exactly, but…

Will Murray’s offensive linemen be able to overcome their resentment and block for him this season?  I’ll be on pins and needles waiting to see.


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