Nick Saban is not – repeat, NOT – having a very good week.

Tyren Jones gets the unceremonious boot from Tuscaloosa, which, if memory serves, just about wipes out that much ballyhooed 2013 running back class Saban signed.

Yeah, I know.  Shit happens.  Kids will be kids.  I’m not pointing any fingers at Saban for running an out of control program.

But I can’t help but wonder why nobody of national prominence *** cough *** Herbstreit *** cough *** is either.

Just sayin’.


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“More than ever, the best defense is a good offense.”

After reading Matt Hinton’s excellent piece on the effect of John Chavis’ change of programs, I’m not sure whether it says more about Texas A&M’s immediate future, or LSU’s.

In any event, 2015 looks to be shaping up as interesting times for the SEC West.


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“Football is our common currency.”

If there’s anything that puzzles me about our infrequent, yet oft-heated debates over politics here at the blog, it’s that some of you confess that your awareness of the political leanings of other folks colors your perception of them as football fans.

Honestly, that’s weird to me.  I have close friends who run the gamut of the political spectrum.  We may differ; we may argue.  But our friendships are never affected by that.  And I look at all the commenters here the same way.  Nobody is coming to GTP for our insightful political commentary.  We’re here because we love college football.  And that’s how I take everyone, no matter the political insults thrown my way.

That’s why I recommend you take a couple of minutes to read this essay that appears in the current issue of Garden and Gun about what it means to be a football fan in the South.  And maybe take it to heart the next time you go back and forth with somebody of a different political persuasion in a comment thread here.  ‘Cause that’s really why I’m here.


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BREAKING: The NCAA admits it’s not omnipotent.

In a shocking development, the organization acknowledges that, when it comes to regulating its member schools, there exists “conduct the NCAA did not and could not control.”

Unfortunately, the conduct in question is academic fraud.  Which you would think, after all the blather about its academic mission given in the testimony in O’Bannon, would be something of rather significant importance to it.


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“… someone who philosophically lined up with the things we believe in here at Georgia…”

Georgia Sports has a video up with Brian Schottenheimer mic’d at spring practice, along with some comments from him about his coaching philosophy, as well as some observations from Thomas Brown and Mark Richt.  It’s worth a watch.


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Quarterback rotation? What quarterback rotation?

You guys know I’m not a program insider.  Nor do I have any particular claim to a direct line on what’s going on inside Mark Richt’s head.  All I can go on is what the man has to say, until events otherwise prove that to be wrong.

So I didn’t read anything into the quarterback rotation at Georgia’s first scrimmage, because Richt and the quarterbacks have all said they’re being rotated equally around the three teams.

And guess what? It turns out that’s exactly what happened at the scrimmage.

Quarterback Jacob Park. His numbers Saturday were good — four of seven for 187 yards and a touchdown — but it came with the third string offense against the third string defense.

Is that a sure-sign he’s trailing Brice Ramsey and Faton Bauta in the QB race? Not necessarily because Ramsey said that the practice by practice QB rotation was set for the order Saturday to be Ramsey, Bauta, Park.

There’s nothing to indicate that Richt has made his mind up about a starter yet.  (In fact, Seth Emerson’s been harping on a couple of reasons why Richt may be in no real hurry to make that call.)  But if you’re into playing armchair psychiatrist, I doubt anything like that will sound convincing.  Meanwhile, the rest of us will wait.  There’s plenty of time.


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Awkward moments in corporate sponsorship

I bet Coke is thrilled with its product placement at yesterday’s Nick Saban press conference.



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