The Georgia Way vs. The Process: oh, it’s on now.

Needless to say, I’ll be awfully curious to see how this plays out.

Jimmy Williamson strenuously objects.


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Uncle Verne’s Farewell Tour starts now.

Just because we knew this was coming doesn’t make it any less sad.

Verne Lundquist, the voice of the SEC ON CBS since 2000, has decided to step down from his lead college football role at CBS Sports following the 2016 season. Lundquist, who is celebrating his 53rd year in television, will continue calling regular-season college basketball, the NCAA Tournament and golf, including the Masters® and the PGA Championship for the Network.

Brad Nessler will succeed Lundquist as the lead play-by-play announcer for the SEC ON CBS, joining lead analyst Gary Danielson and reporter Allie LaForce beginning with the 2017 season. Additionally, Nessler will begin calling select SEC games this season in the weeks that CBS Sports broadcasts two SEC football games, as well as the 2016 Hyundai Sun Bowl and select college basketball games…

No complaints about Brad Nessler as his successor, but, damn, just like when Jackson and Munson left the stage, Saturday’s won’t be the same.


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The SEC East just got a lot tougher.

Booch wouldn’t be bullshitting us now, would he?


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Job One, June 1

Sounds like summer “voluntary” work outs are going to be considerably more regimented.

NCAA rules now allow for coaches to have limited summer meeting time with players before preseason practices.

“We’ve got some freshmen coming in, probably 14 to 20 guys counting walk-ons, that we’re going to say these guys have to get as much attention as possible,” coach Kirby Smart said. “Reps, reps, reps and reps. We got to see what we had in spring. We had 15 practices to see guys practice. And we told them, this is your opportunity to show us what you can do.”

Said Smart: “In the summer when these guys go out there, they get to be around the coaches, they get to be around the strength coaches and we want to see what they can do. We want to find out early on who can help our team. I think that’s where a lot of college coaches miss out because a freshman that comes on June 1 can pass up a sophomore or junior by midseason if you give him the opportunity. You’ve got to be able to recognize that talent and recognize that work ethic to figure out who’s going to  make your team better.”

“Reps, reps, reps and reps.”  Well, as long as they’re volunteering for it, who can complain?  It’s not like it’s a job, right?

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“But I’m not going to cheat. I’m not. I’ll lose but I’m not going to cheat.”

If Tony Barnhart didn’t exist, Hugh Freeze would have to invent him.


UPDATE:  Hugh’s just getting warmed up for this week.  How’s this for parsing?

“The four under the previous staff, we can’t do anything about those,” Freeze said. “There are nine under me, and as I said, I own them. But when you step back and look at what’s in the report, three of the four Level I violations since I’ve been here didn’t involve anybody on our staff, and the five secondary violations are things we’ve already served penalties for…”

This one’s my favorite:  “We’re not going to terminate a guy who makes a mistake and didn’t have any intent to go out and cheat…”.  I wonder how the NCAA will take an “our hearts were pure, fellas” defense.


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“Still, Georgia didn’t lose. Everybody else did.”

You can probably guess that advanced stats aren’t that impressed with the 1980 national champions.  Or, as Bill Connelly puts it,

Vince Dooley’s Georgia Bulldogs were coming off of a 6-5 season and based their hopes on a freshman running back. That is not a sentence that should ever be followed with “…and then they won the national title.”

Still, as the quote in the header says, 12-0, baby.  And, really, about what other season can you say that?

So, no, I don’t have any problem debating that.  I just wish somebody would make the advanced stats case that Herschel was robbed of the Heisman Trophy that season.


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Before we get too excited…

Chip Towers looks at the offensive line and goes full Debbie Downer on us.  A random sampling:

  • “The reality is, Georgia is unstable at tackle and therefore uncertain at guard. Some of the Bulldogs’ best guards were getting looks at tackle, the latter being a more critical position for pass protection. But each attempt to get better on the outside caused ripple effects throughout the line.

    Isaiah Wynn, the Bulldogs’ best left guard, also has proven to be their best left tackle. The same could be said of Greg Pyke and right guard and tackle.”

  • Center:  “The positive here is that Kublanow is rock solid as the starter coming out of spring practice, which wasn’t necessarily a certainty going in. The negative is that Georgia is really shaky behind him. There are plenty of good linemen to move into the position should Kublanow be needed at guard, like he was at the end of last season, or Uga forbid, have to come out of the game. But nobody else has come close to earning the coaches’ trust to make line calls and deliver on-target shotgun snaps without fail.”
  • “Meanwhile, Georgia’s two best guards overall, Wynn and Greg Pyke, were both playing tackle at the end of the spring.”

If Towers is correct about this, and I can’t really argue otherwise with him right now, then it’s hard to understate the importance of Tyler Catalina’s arrival.

The Bulldogs brought in a huge X factor at tackle when they secured the commitment of Catalina, a graduate transfer from Rhode Island. Georgia beat out the likes of Auburn and Florida for this 6-6, 235-pound FCS player who is said to be ready to step in and play in the SEC. As Smart said himself, you don’t recruit such a veteran player to “come be fourth spring.” So Catalina will figure into the competition at either left or right tackle. If Catalina can proves himself their best option at left tackle, it will allow the Bulldogs to move Wynn back to guard and possibly solve a lot of problems. If not, the shuffling may continue well into the fall.

I’m not saying Catalina’s the most crucial piece of Georgia’s puzzle to contend for the SEC East in Smart’s first season – after all, look at what Florida did last season with an even more discombobulated offensive line – but it sure would be nice if he could step in and plug a hole.  Considering the other question marks the staff faces in August, the less shuffling, the better.


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