“What is Brittney doing with her life?”

If you’re a Georgia fan, the news that Mike Patrick is retiring from broadcasting should bring one moment immediately to mind.

Todd Blackledge’s reaction is classic.



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Today, in why we can’t have nice things

Answering the question of why there aren’t more home-and-home series with quality opponents on Georgia’s schedule, Seth Emerson delivers an explanation that is both succinct and depressing.

So why doesn’t Georgia do more? Frankly, at this point it doesn’t need to. There isn’t much competitive or economic motivation for Georgia to change its scheduling strategy.

All the rest is commentary.


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Studs er’rewhere

Let’s face it:  it’s basically impossible to write a best-of-recruiting piece about the 2018 class without having Georgia’s footprint all over it.


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Alex, I’ll take potential train wrecks for $200.

Tennessee returns the SEC’s worst offense, brings in a new offensive staff with a different scheme in mind and has personnel questions up and down the roster.  Not exactly a recipe for success in 2018.  Then again, if Pruitt’s defense can shut out every opponent, there’s not much to worry about, amirite?


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Mississippi (still) Burning

Shots fired.

Florida’s Dan Mullen and Scott Stricklin, both formerly of Mississippi State, NCAA investigator Mike Sheridan and the NCAA itself have been throw into the Rebel Rags legal saga.

Rebel Rags, the Oxford-based outlet store, filed a lawsuit against Mullen, Stricklin, Sheridan, the NCAA, Mississippi State’s Leo Lewis and Kobe Jones, and Lindsey Miller, Laremy Tunsil’s estranged stepfather, in Lafayette County Circuit Court on Tuesday.

Talk about your motley crew.

The complaint is centered on defamation, civil conspiracy and commercial disparagement. Those are the same allegations the original case, which was filed last June against Lewis, Jones and Miller, are based on. That stems from statements those three provided to the NCAA during its investigation into Ole Miss’ football program.

Rebel Rags alleges that Mullen, Stricklin, Sheridan and the NCAA were a part of an overarching conspiracy, which impacted the outlet store when it was named in the Notice of Allegations.

Well, it’s a theory.

As I like to say, America is a great country — anybody can sue anybody over anything.  Making it stick is a horse of an entirely different color, though.  Still… hey, can you pass that bag of popcorn over this way?


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The road map to the 2019 signing class

Here’s a nice summary from Jeff Sentell about where Kirby Smart is headed with Georgia’s next class, not from the perspective of individual recruits, but overall needs for the roster.  The staff has already sent out 192 (!) offers, broken down by position as follows:

  • QB: 10 (5 Dual-threats, 5 Pro-Style)
  • RB: 9
  • WR: 28 (Already with a pair of 5-star commits)
  • TE: 5 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • OT: 22 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • OG: 7
  • OC: 1
  • K: 0
  • DE: 33 (Both strong-side and weak-side DEs)
  • DT: 16
  • OLB: 14 (Already with a 5-star commit)
  • ILB: 2 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • CB: 18 (Already with a 4-star commit)
  • S: 11
  • ATH: 16
  • Total: 192

It’s interesting to see the points of emphasis at this early stage.  Apparently, somebody has figured out that you can never have enough offensive tackles.  That’s a refreshing change.


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Pigskin Disney World

I don’t know how to take this.

Texas athletics director Chris Del Conte wants to make some major changes to the game day experience for fans during football season in order to improve attendance.

The new AD told ESPN Radio’s Freddie and Fitzsimmons that his staff is working on ways to make attending football games more attractive during a time when college football attendance is down across the country. Del Conte said he believes it starts with improving the atmosphere and fanfare around the game itself.

“Whenever we have a football game, it’s truly a chance for us to celebrate our university,” Del Conte said. “And that means not only just the game, but all the pomp and circumstance that goes around that game. These stadiums are 60, 70, 80, 100,000-seat stadiums. Things have changed. With television, the kids, how they view their content. … So we have to look at different ways we purpose that in-game experience as well as that out-of-game experience.”

Del Conte said the school needs to improve wireless access for fans who want to use their phones and participate in the experience on social media during games. He also emphasized a need to “repurpose” in-game entertainment during timeouts and television breaks.

The Texas AD pointed to Disney World as an example of a fan experience that goes beyond the main attraction. He wants to create that same sort of atmosphere around Texas football games.

“If you look at Disney, the experience of your children going to Disney starts when they receive that ticket,” Del Conte said. “And they fly to Orlando. You get in the hotel and [you get] all that [Disney] experience until you get to the gate. Then you wait in line for three hours to get on the Matterhorn. Right? Three hours. And then you get on the ride for 40 seconds, and you’re going, ‘Oh my God.’ Then we do it again.

“But what happens when you get back to the hotel? Your kids [say], ‘Dad, that was awesome! Can we do it again?’ We’ve got to create that same experience all the way around our venues.”

On the one hand, it sounds like a classic example of “talk is cheap”.  (Although if any program can afford to simulate what Disney does to create that experience, it’s Texas.)

On the other hand, it’s more of an acknowledgement about what an athletic department needs to do to improve the game day experience than we’re likely to hear out of Butts-Mehre.


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