“He’s just not been very consistent.”

If you wonder what a wake up call from Mark Richt sounds like, here you go.


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Mmmm… cupcakes, SEC-style

Given he’s writing about a conference in which its coaches regularly bitch about how the cross-division rivalries aren’t fair and would sooner cut off an arm that go to a nine-game conference schedule, I’m not really sure why Ed Aschoff is indignant about the relative weakness of the SEC’s non-conference scheduling over the next few seasons.

Although I have to concede this is pretty special:

… Florida’s 2017 matchup with Michigan at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas, will mark the first time the Gators have left their home state to play a regular-season nonconference game since going to Syracuse in 1991.

Go, Gata!

And how much of Missouri’s recent success is due to Gary Pinkel’s greatness as a coach and how much to his shrewdness as a scheduler?

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Name that caption, working out edition

In all good conscience, I simply couldn’t let this one go by.

Tracy Glantz/tglantz@thestate.com

Neither should you.


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Saturday morning buffet

A few odds and ends to get your weekend going:


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#3 signs with Nike…

… which is nice.

But it’s the promotion there that’s interesting.  He’s being shown in a Georgia jersey, on the Georgia football twitter feed.  Is the school getting a cut?


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Not much on their plate

Brian Schottenheimer’s got quite the “honey, do” list this summer:

Tight end Jay Rome, speaking after Tuesday’s practice, said the uncertainty shouldn’t be a problem.

“We have a three-way battle for quarterback, and for past years I kind of knew who our quarterback was going to be,” he said. “I think the competition is good for the guys that are going through it, because it’s going to put pressure on them, for whoever does get the starting position. And we need some of that.”

As for the center spot, rising sophomore Isaiah Wynn got the first-team snaps in all three scrimmages. But Kublanow has been getting a heavy look there this week. Hunter Long, a fifth-year senior who was last year’s top backup, remains in the mix.

“We don’t know who the center’s going to be. That’s the question,” Richt said. “Kublanow’s capable. Isaiah Wynn is capable; I think Hunter Long is capable right now. Are they game ready right this second? Probably not.”

It’s yet another item on the summer and preseason to-do list, along with finding capable receivers other than Mitchell, and continuing to install Schottenheimer’s playbook…

Okay, maybe it’s not quite as daunting a set of tasks as this…

… but if Schottenheimer manages to pull off making all the parts fit come the opener, he’ll have had a helluvan offseason.


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The perfect is the enemy of the deep passing game.

Interesting quote from the head dude:

On how important it is for UGA QBs to throw the ball down field …

“Very important. We’ve got guys who can run, really. Malcolm (Mitchell) is fast. Reggie (Davis) is fast. Isaiah (McKenzie) is fast. Justin Scott-Wesley can really run. We’ll see how these other kids run who come in. We’ve got guys who have enough speed. All three (quarterbacks) have the arm to throw it deep. There’s no doubt in my mind on that. I think we miss too many balls by throwing it too far, actually — just all Spring long. You didn’t have to tell (Aaron) Murray to back-shoulder a guy. Murray was going to keep it in play and put it where we could get it. Very few times did Murray lay it out and have them go get it. It would have to be very evident that our guy got ahead and really stacked the guy for him to lay it out. If it was two guys side-by-side, he was going to rip it on the backside of that guy and complete it. He completed a bunch of balls because he kept them in play. We’ve got young guys who want to throw that perfect, long bomb but when you throw it too flat and too far, you’ll never complete a ball that’s thrown too far. You’ve got to throw the ball, usually, a little shorter but outside. You’ll complete more balls that are short and outside than balls that are too far down the field.”

Aaron Murray?  Aaron Murray?  Doesn’t Richt remember that glorious G-Day game when Zach Mettenberger won the day?


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