Writing on the wall?

Per Dan Wolken,

Though Georgia rallied to win four in a row — none impressively and all against weak competition — the decision had been made. According to one person with knowledge of the situation, Georgia quietly made moves to start a coaching search over the last week. And McGarity, according to another person with knowledge of the situation, was not part of the locker room celebration after the Auburn win, which was noted by the coaching staff.

The next day, when Richt flew across the country for a very public meeting with the Bulldogs’ future starting quarterback, it signaled he knew sentiment of Georgia’s most prominent supporters had turned against him.

None of that surprises me.  I just hope McGarity’s been putting that time to good use.

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The Georgia Way hits the recruiting trail.

This is… awkward.

Jeremy Pruitt was recruiting to the bitter the end.

Georgia’s controversial defensive coordinator was in Elbert County with five-star recruit Mecole Hardman when the news broke that Bulldogs’ head coach Mark Richt had been fired.

“I’m here in Elbert County. I was in church with Mecole,” Pruitt said around 1 p.m. Sunday. “I’m just recruiting. Not sure what to tell you.”

Pruitt said he had bad service and the connection broken when he was asked if the news caught him by surprise or he knew it was coming.

If that’s awkward, this is just plain weird.

Georgia’s assistant coaches have been asked to remain with the program and continue coaching and recruiting through the bowl game. The Bulldogs are off for the next two weeks before resuming bowl practices.

Yeah, they’re still on the company dime.  I get that.  But without knowing who’s staying or coming, what exactly are they supposed to sell – hang on, something better’s coming than what we’ve been promising you for the last year?


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He’s gone.

This should get interesting.





You gotta admit it’s a novel way to sell bowl game tickets.


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A trend worth noting

I don’t think I have to delve into much deep analysis to make a point about the job Jeremy Pruitt’s done on the field, just recite a few numbers.

Total Defense

  • 2013:  375.5 ypg (45th nationally)
  • 2014:  337.2 ypg (17th nationally)
  • 2015:  298.0 ypg (10th 8th nationally)

Scoring Defense

  • 2013:  29.0 ppg (79th nationally)
  • 2014:  20.7 ppg (16th nationally)
  • 2015:  16.9 ppg (8th 10th nationally)

That, for want of a better phrase, is what a top ten defense looks like, folks.  And keep in mind that while some of the improvement in the 2014 numbers came from brilliant management of field position and turnover margin, both of those factors were not the case this season.


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As critical as I’ve been about Butts-Mehre of late, I have to admit that it could be worse.

They actually pay people to make decisions like that.


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It’s not too late to vote.

This isn’t scientific, or even particularly relevant to Mark Richt’s fate (unless it’s comprised of Georgia’s big donors, heh).

But it is an interesting data point, considering how convinced some of you are about how the fan base perceives Richt.


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Boom goes the Boom

Jeez, Dude.

There’s nothing like making yourself look like an out of control ass on national TV and costing your team three points in the process.


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