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Russ Mitchell gets his Richt on.

You know, other than its relentless back patting (hope nobody dislocated a shoulder), its repackaging of the obvious (who knew Georgia had a favorable schedule this year?  Go figure…) as profound, the omission of a link to this post predicting … Continue reading


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Russ Mitchell’s wild ride

When last we left the CFN blogger, he had Mark Richt getting canned after the Mississippi State game.  But Mitchell foresees better times ahead for Richt’s unnamed successor. … After that, it’s back out on the road once again to … Continue reading


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Concern troll expresses concern.

Russ Mitchell, who’s always been an enormous fan of the Georgia program, decides to ask the musical question, “How Much Will UGA Miss … Mason??“.  (Using two question marks is a nice touch, methinks.) He doesn’t really have an answer, … Continue reading


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Thursday morning buffet

Dig in. Last Saturday marked the sixth straight conference game in which Florida failed to score more than two touchdowns in regulation play. I know this is tongue in cheek, but it reads like some of the comments I see … Continue reading


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Wednesday morning buffet

The buffet line never ends. Russ Mitchell has always been a huge fan of Mark Richt.  Here’s his latest verse from the same song. Coming soon to a cut-out bin near you… Phil Steele’s top two running back groups for … Continue reading


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The key to predicting disappointment is to keep raising the bar.

Russ Mitchell, you may recall, is the CFN writer who predicted that Mark Richt would get canned in the middle of the 2011 season, then repeated his call for Richt’s departure after last season’s debacle in Columbia.  Last I checked, … Continue reading


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Nothin’ personal

Shorter Russ Mitchell:  Because Mark Richt had the unmitigated gall to suck me in to picking his team to beat South Carolina, he’s got to go.


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Some early, random thoughts about the next must-win game

No doubt to Russ Mitchell’s surprise, Mark Richt goes for his 100th career win as a Georgia head coach this Saturday night in Knoxville.  Here are some Tuesday tidbits to get you started thinking about it: There’s some definite potential … Continue reading


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Can a coach be Croom’d if Croom isn’t coaching?

CFN’s Russ Mitchell’s “outside-the-box” prediction has Mark Richt not even making the trip to Knoxville this year.


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Not their month

Russ Mitchell paints the prospects for a pretty bleak October for Florida this season.  And before you pooh-pooh his analysis, remember that the Gators were a timely turnover or two away from that happening last year.  Arguably, Florida has a … Continue reading


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