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The comedic stylings of Mark Emmert

Shot. Mark Emmert on big coaching contracts: "The marketplace for people in sports is hard to articulate but it's the marketplace. As long as people have resources, they're going to pay them." — Ross Dellenger (@RossDellenger) December 8, 2021 Chaser. … Continue reading


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Emmert’s way of saying you have too much money

I mean, what can you say? If approved, this would mean that plaintiffs' lawyers in the O'Bannon and Alston cases will have come away with a combined total of $79 million in fees and costs, some of which was offset … Continue reading


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This program was made possible by support/contributions to plaintiffs’ counsel by Mark Emmert.

Shot. Lawyers for the plaintiffs in the House/Prince antitrust case against the NCAA have filed an amended complaint in which they cite, among other developments, the Supreme Court's decision in the Alston case, early NIL deal details and administrators' comments … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert… and a pony

Shot. In 2nd sentence of written testimony for today’s Senate Commerce Committee hearing, NCAA’s Mark Emmert says: “There is nothing we do as an Association that is more important than promoting and ensuring the well-being of college athletes.” — Steve … Continue reading


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Emmert fiddles while amateurism burns.

Your NCAA, hard at work. Set to pass NIL at its virtual convention in mid-January, the NCAA delayed the decision, citing a letter from the Department of Justice. However, a more practical reason has emerged. The governing body of college … Continue reading


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What a week Mark Emmert’s having…

The NCAA has completely botched the women’s basketball tourney. Amid mounting pressure from players, coaches and administrators over differences between the men’s and women’s basketball tournaments, NCAA President Mark Emmert on Tuesday wrote that he would be calling for “an … Continue reading


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Dear Mr. Emmert

If you think you had a bad day yesterday, just think what it must have been like around NCAA headquarters. The Justice Department’s antitrust division leader sent a letter to NCAA President Mark Emmert on Friday that expresses strong concerns … Continue reading


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Your move, Emmert.

I’ve got to give credit where credit’s due.  The NCAA’s plan for college athletes’ NIL rights in the face of legislative action has been, shall we say, lukewarm at best, so what does California, where the first such statutory challenge … Continue reading


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Mark Emmert says the “B” word.

He’s talking bubbles, and not in the sense of which basketball teams are looking to make the tournament field in late February. Color me surprised.  Pleasantly so, but still. NCAA president Mark Emmert endorsed the idea of potentially using bubbles … Continue reading

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On The Ball, with Mark Emmert

The guy who allegedly runs the organization that runs a college football playoff had this to say about it yesterday: “An individual contest — a football game, a basketball game — that’s quite different,” he said. “In the case of … Continue reading


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