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Mr. Joyner, your fatal flaw is flawed.

On the surface, this sounds pretty grim: Georgia Bulldogs Fatal flaw: Inconsistent secondary play The Bulldogs are breaking in a new quarterback to replace Aaron Murray, and they have only two returning starters on the offensive line. Those are huge … Continue reading


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Observations from the 35, South Carolina edition

You didn’t have to be a very astute observer to see that something was off early on Saturday.  Blame it on whatever you like, but the visitors came into the game more focused than the home boys were and played … Continue reading


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Fabris Pool results, Week 5

Another week without a tiebreaker. STANDINGS for WEEK 5 Rank Selection Name Standings Adjustment W-L Pts Tie Breaker Game 27-26 1 wtjoyner Adj 9-1 9   24-26 All hail wtjoyner! As far as the seasonal race goes… SEASON STANDINGS through Week … Continue reading

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ESPN has some stats for you.

It’s time to trot out the preseason FPI rankings, everybody! The model comprises four major components: the last four seasons of performance on offense, defense and special teams, with the most recent season counting most; information on offensive and defensive … Continue reading


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Fabris Pool Week 3 results

It’s that rare bird:  a perfect 10-0. STANDINGS for WEEK 3 Rank Selection Name Standings Adjustment W-L Pts Tie Breaker Game 29-16 1 wtjoyner Adj 10-0 10   28-14 Congrats to wtjoyner.  And as you can probably guess, a 10-0 result … Continue reading


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Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

You guys know how I feel about ESPN’s KC Joyner. I’m not happy right now.


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I knew it was too good to last.

Damn it, KC Joyner.  First you give me hope, then you snatch it away.


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So he’s saying there’s a chance.

There are no guarantees in life, of course, and I’m not saying KC Joyner’s making one, but if you’re looking for a reason to think Georgia could have a good season in 2016, take that he’s guaranteeing the Dawgs have … Continue reading


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“How do you turn over the rocks in the Southeastern Conference, for instance, while owning the SEC Network?”

Admittedly, that’s a good question asked by ESPN’s former ombudsman in his farewell column (and at least ESPN had the decency to publish it).  A better question, though, would be to ask why anyone would expect the WWL to do … Continue reading


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Best news I’ve seen today.

KC Joyner labels Missouri the SEC East favorite.


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