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Looking for Second Chance U

Jeremiah Holloman has placed his name in the NCAA transfer portal.


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When you’re your own Second Chance U

Mississippi State finally gets around to dismissing a player after his third arrest in a month. Man, bowl prep must have been a real distraction, Coach Mullen.


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The ultimate “Second Chance U” candidate?

After all, you know how some coaches love offensive linemen with a nasty streak.


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Running out of chances at Second Chance U

The Duke has been escorted off the Gus Bus. Auburn has dismissed receiver Duke Williams, coach Gus Malzahn announced Monday night. “When individuals fail to meet the expectations of our program, there has to be consequences,” Malzahn said. “I gave … Continue reading


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A shopping list for Second Chance U

Obviously this is mixing quantity with quality to some extent, but, still, you gotta be impressed with any list that has eight SEC teams in its top twelve. Top 25 college football teams for most player arrests in the last … Continue reading


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Latest edition to the Second Chance U recruiting class

And best of all, Boom signed him once already.


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Attrition in the Second Chance U recruiting pool

The defense never rests in Gainesville and Knoxville.


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Competing to see who can be the best Second Chance U.

Petrino on recruits w/history of domestic violence: "We evaluate everything, what's best for the university. Is it a 2nd-chance opportunity" — Jeff Greer (@jeffgreer_cj) September 25, 2014 At least he’s honest about it.


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Majoring in delusion at Second Chance U

I mentioned the other week hearing rumors that Auburn was recruiting former Georgia defensive lineman Jonathan Taylor.  Well, it sounds like shit’s gettin’ real now. While his legal issues have yet to be resolved, Taylor is currently on the road … Continue reading


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Second Chance Portal

LOL. Florida State OL Landon Dickerson has reentered the NCAA transfer portal. Originally went in Feb. 13Withdrew Feb. 18 Now back in. — Cole Cubelic (@colecubelic) May 22, 2019 Maybe he thought he left something behind the first time.


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