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“He’s got a B in a class and he’s never made a B before.”

I don’t know if I’m more impressed with Nakobe Dean pursuing an engineering degree or with the coaching staff letting him pursue an engineering degree.

Well played, all concerned.



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Today, in “free agency”

So, Dennis Dodd is reporting that Proposal 2018-106, which would require any program accepting a graduate transfer in football, men’s basketball or women’s basketball to commit to a scholarship for two years rather than one, is meeting some resistance.

Color me surprised.  After all, how could anyone object to its noble concerns?

“This [proposal] has been in the works for a while,” said Gregg Clifton, a Phoenix-based attorney. “The concern, frankly, is you’re seeing kids not doing it for the right reason. They’re not doing anything to pursue a degree…”

Pay no attention to those one-and-done youngsters dribbling over there.

This is a joke, of course.  The concern isn’t over academics.  It’s the mid-majors pissed off by bigger programs raiding their kids that are driving this.  I don’t know who wins this fight ultimately, but you can bet that whoever emerges victorious will label it a big win for student-athletes.


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“Makes no sense.”

Man, and we thought SEC bag men were state of the art.

They’re probably taking notes, though.


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Those that can, do.

Those that can’t, teach about what the others did.


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So easy, even an athletic director can do it.

You may think this is obvious.

But you’re not paid hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to run a P5 athletic program, like Lynn Swann is.

I’d say they’re stealing money, but it’s not like their victims have a problem with it.


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Professor Air Raid

That Mike Leach leadership seminar is gonna be lit.

As part of the application process, students will be asked to address the following two essay questions, which will be reviewed by Leach and Baumgartner. There is a 200‑word limit for each of the essay question responses.

  1. Can the British strategy in the Malaya insurgency be used today?
  2. Is the wishbone a potentially viable offense for the NFL? Why or Why not?

I am assuming that’s the first time those two questions have ever been pitched in the same course.

Oh, and best of all…

The seminar’s final session will take place April 23 and will be livestreamed online for public viewing. The livestreamed lecture will summarize the four previous lectures and will culminate in a live question-and-answer session.  [Emphasis added.]

You’d best watch.  There will be a test at the blog afterwards.


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Take it to the bank.

Non-snarky question:  does anyone buy this ($$)?

Four-star cornerback Henry Gray feels as if he’s next on the Cook plan. Maybe he’ll get a house like the one on his coach’s wall one day, too. But as he walked outside of Smith’s office and turned the corner for an interview this week, he gave an odd guarantee you wouldn’t otherwise hear from a four-star cornerback who is one of the top five players at his position and a national top-60 prospect overall.

“I’m going to college for all four years, no matter what happens,” Gray told The Athletic.

Is that a guarantee?

“That’s a guarantee,” he said.

What if you’re a first-round pick?

“No matter what,” he said. “Even if I’m a first-rounder, I am staying all four years.”


“My mom. She is really big on school and she is really emphasizing to me that anything can happen in football, so she really ingrained in me that I need to get my education,” he said. “But I am staying all four years.”

Skip the obvious “he’s a seventeen-year old kid” take here — anything can indeed happen, so if you’re a first-rounder after your junior year, why would you risk losing a big pay day by getting injured in your last season in college?  You can always come back later to get that degree.

The author presents this as making Gray more valuable to the colleges recruiting him.  I can’t imagine many coaches factoring that into the equation, but maybe that’s just me.


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